Juliana Kanyamozi posts emotional message after close friend dies in tragic Lake Victoria boat accident 

Uganda singer and entertainer Juliana Kanyamozi is among hundreds of others in the country mourning after a tragic boat accident in Lake Victoria that killed at least 29.

Kanyamozi took to social media to share losing her close friend, Brian Salvator, who was among 29 other people who lost their lives on the ill fated Saturday, November 24, Mpatta sub-county in Mukono district.

She posted a message mourning Salvator saying that he had to cancel a wedding after receiving the devastating news about his death.

“My bestie, I’ve been trying not to believe the news. I’ve been hoping you’ll txt me at some point and tell me yo alright. But I can’t run away from the truth no more. Last time we spoke not too long ago you wanted to buy me a drink, I had to perform at a wedding and I said I can’t make it, but I told you to “have one on me”… I wish I’d come and atleast hang out one last time. Thank you for making me look and feel fabulous with every outfit you hand picked for me, but most of all thank you for being my friend. I’m gonna miss you terribly Chucky. As you chill out in heaven, please have one on me. Till we meet again. I love you. RIP.” She said.


Ugandan police reported more than 50 survivor were rescued by the marines who also recovered 29 bodies after the accident. It is estimated close to 100 people were on the ill-fated vessel at the time of the accident.


Singer Juliana Kanyomozi pens sad emotional message late son Keron, on fourth death anniversary

Ugandan singer Juliana Kanyamozi recently penned a very emotional message remembering her late son Keron, on his fourth death anniversary.

The singer lost her son in 2014 after he succumbed to asthma. on her post, she confessed that even though time has passed, she has not healed yet and missed him.

“Today my angel has made four years in heaven. And it never gets any easier. I remember your silly jokes, your sense of humor, your charm, your ability to make friends of all ages and somehow engage all of them with such ease,” she said.

“You were just so perfect. I miss your hugs and the foot massages. You always told me I’m “THE BEST MUM EVER”, I don’t know what I did to deserve this compliment , I jus know I did the thing that I loved the most in the world, be your mother. God surely blessed me when he gave me you. On this day I can’t help but think about other parents who’ve just lost a child. Death may be a part of us yes, but the heartache of the loss of a child is immeasurable. May God continue to strengthen us all. RIP Keron Raphael Kabugo Atwooki #ForeverLoveKeron

Brenda Wairimu shares why she had to ditch Ebru TV

Ebru TV lost an additional two important hosts after Pierra Makena and Brenda Wairimu left the station. This came just days after popular DJ, Creme Dela Creme and Ofweneke left the show for KTN.

Wairimu, while speaking on “Let’s Talk Show” on K24 TV opened up on her reason of leaving saying that she found it hard to balance acting and working for the station.

“It was overwhelming for me because of just trying to find that balance. Niko acting set and I’m getting late for work, it’s eating into my character and I end up doing a terrible job there. I end up getting there (work), being flashed and not ready. I have always wanted to be an actor so hosting kind of comes after,”  She said.

Time to focus on one

Unlike Makena who left to focus on her personal stuff, Brenda had to choose between acting and hosting. She posted the announcement days after fans started asking why she’s no longer on the show.

“I’m sad to announce that I have decided I will no longer be on the ‘Let’s Talk Show’ and neither will I be working with the station. Sometimes in life, you feel that your happiness needs to be a priority and you take necessary steps to achieve that.” Read part of her post.

“Ni tabia yake ya kutoa lugha ya dharau” Diamond’s father calls on him to apology to Information Minister

Diamond Platnumz has been embroiled in a war of words with the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports. He lashed out at the deputy minister Juliana Shonza.

Diamond took shots at Juliana Shonza on twitter. He says the deputy minister only brags about banning songs on social media yet she didn’t follow due procedure in blacklisting the songs from airplay.

The singer’s hard tackled prompted Information minister Harrison Mwakyembe to come out strongly to defend his deputy Juliana Shonza.

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Tanzania’s Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Juliana Shonza

Diamond’s deadbeat dad Abdul Juma has shared his thought about his son’s quarrel with the ministers. Mzee Abdul says that Diamond should apologize for lashing out at Juliana Shonza.

“Nimesikia yale mahojiano redioni yote na niseme kama mzazi sijapendezwa hata kidogo, kitendo chakumshambulia Shonza si kizuri hata kidogo na sijui kwa nini aliamua kutoa lugha kali kiasi kile,” says Mzee Abdul.

Abdul Juma also reveals that he has been a victim of Diamond’s rage. He says that he once disowned Diamond after he ranted at him.

Abdul Juma

Mzee Abdul supports Information minister Harrison Mwakyembe’s calls for Diamond to apologize to Juliana Shonza.

“Tabia kama hii ya kutoa lugha ya dharau hajaianza jana wala leo, nakumbuka kabisa alishawahi kunifanyia kipindi cha nyuma hadi nikakata tamaa na kujihisi sina mtotokama unakumbuka ilifi kia kipindi nikasema hata nikifa asinizike, ameendeleza tabia hiyohiyo kwa waziri.

“Haya na waziri Mwakyembe ameingilia kati na kusema hakufurahishwa na kitendo hicho, naungana naye kabisa si busara Diamond kushindana na serikali na kama ana ushauri basi autoe kistaarabu.“Kama mzazi amenikwaza sana na sijafurahishwa hata kidogo, ninachomuomba kwa sasa amfuate Shonza na amuombe msamaha,atambue yeye ni sehemu ya kioo kinachoangaliwa na jamii,” Abdul Juma told Global Publishers.





Diamond angrily tears into Tanzanian deputy minister of Information Juliana Shonza

Diamond Platnumz is not taking it lightly that his songs were banned by a minister who is too keen to please president John Magufuli.

In December 2017 president Magufuli warned musicians who display obscenities in their videos. And in early March 2018 several Bongo songs were banned for not adhering to accepted moral standards.

Diamond’s international collaborations ‘Waka’ and ‘Hallelujah’ were among songs banned. A total of 15 songs by were blacklisted from airplay in Tanzania.

The beef

Diamond is angry at Tanzanian deputy minister of Information Juliana Shonza for banning his songs without serving him with official letter explaining her decision in detail.

Tanzanian Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Juliana Shonza

The ‘African Beauty’ hit maker took shots at Juliana Shonza on twitter. He says the deputy minister only brags about banning songs on social media yet she didn’t follow due procedure in banning the songs.

“Swala la Barua Unalijua leo baada ya Kukosa Point sahihi? Ungekuwa unajua kama taratibu sahihi ni Kuandika Barua, Mbona hukuwatumia pia Wasanii barua zakuwa unafungia kazi zao?… kwakuwa Uliyapeleka Social Media na Radio, nami nikakupelekea huko ili uenjoy Zaidi…❤” Diamond tweeted.