Actress Brenda Wairimu and Juliani’s daughter all grown up

It has been a while since actress Brenda Wairimu shared a photo of her daughter on social media.

Brenda Wairimu’s daughter

However just like most local celebrities Brenda Wairimu has been keeping her daughter’s face a secret until this past weekend when she shared a new photo unveiling her baby’s face.

Brenda Wairimu with her daughter

Just by looking at the two it’s evident that the young lady got her looks from her mummy but her daddy’s skin tone that gives her extra beauty!

Unveiling Brenda Wairimu’s daughter

Through her Instagram page Brenda captioned the photo saying;

I can finally post this!!! Swipe to see the picture she made ????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤

Brenda Wairimu’s daughter

This comes about 4 years since the baby girl was born. However, all we know is that the actress and her baby daddy continue to co-parent with their on and off relationship!

Brenda Wairimu lights up social media while trying to figure out which ‘Kikuyu’ car to buy

The year 2018 was one good year for actress Brenda Wairimu in terms of her career opening up and landing major acting roles.

The actress also won several awards including best lead actress in the film category for her role in the film Subira at Kalasha Awards.

With such a lovely year, perhaps it was time for the mother of one to upgrade her ride. Brenda took to social media to make a rather funny announcement that she’s thinking of acquiring a brand new Toyota Harrier which costs about Ksh 3.3 million.

The actress confessed that she has been using a Probox she inherited from her late mum who passed away in 2015. She nicknamed the car Spider but shared that it has been proving rather undependable a reason why she needs a new one.

“You guys know I’ve been driving my late mum’s Probox for the longest. My bomb car, and I call her spider…coz it’s raised, akaekewa ma broad…But now lol… should I go full entrepreneur Kikuyu aunt in her 30’s with this…” she said. 

She then went ahead to make fun of the two cars while trying to solicit advice on which she should buy.

Here are the screenshots:


Brenda Wairimu opens up on Juliani meeting her dad

We know how Juliani and Brenda Wairimu met, how Juliani proposed and how their relationship has fared over the years.

Though we know so much about the couple, we have never known how they two met each other parents. Wairimu has now shed some light on that sharing that Juliani met her parents just before they passed.

Met differently

Brenda is an orphan after her mum passed on 2012 and her dad on 2015 after kidney failure.

“Actually we meet my dad a different day from when he met my mum. He met my dad when I had bought my dad shoes and I remember I was taking them to him. I used to have this hustle of ‘I don’t know how i would get all the way from Thika road where he used to stay to those sides of Mombasa road’. So Juliani actually took me. They meet and had a long chat. I have no idea what they talked about to date.”

She also said that Juliani met her mum when he visited her in Mombasa.


Brenda Wairimu shares why she had to ditch Ebru TV

Ebru TV lost an additional two important hosts after Pierra Makena and Brenda Wairimu left the station. This came just days after popular DJ, Creme Dela Creme and Ofweneke left the show for KTN.

Wairimu, while speaking on “Let’s Talk Show” on K24 TV opened up on her reason of leaving saying that she found it hard to balance acting and working for the station.

“It was overwhelming for me because of just trying to find that balance. Niko acting set and I’m getting late for work, it’s eating into my character and I end up doing a terrible job there. I end up getting there (work), being flashed and not ready. I have always wanted to be an actor so hosting kind of comes after,”  She said.

Time to focus on one

Unlike Makena who left to focus on her personal stuff, Brenda had to choose between acting and hosting. She posted the announcement days after fans started asking why she’s no longer on the show.

“I’m sad to announce that I have decided I will no longer be on the ‘Let’s Talk Show’ and neither will I be working with the station. Sometimes in life, you feel that your happiness needs to be a priority and you take necessary steps to achieve that.” Read part of her post.

Brenda Wairimu’s dress steals the show at premiere of Kenyan movie ‘Disconnect’ (photos)

Celebs and the who’s who of Kenyan entertainment industry gathered on Sunday at Diamond Plaza in Nairobi to launch the highly anticipated romantic comedy, “Disconnect”.

Top names in the industry flocked to the venue to witness the movie which features renowned names such as Brenda Wairimu, Catherine Kamau, Bridget Shighadi, Nick Mutuma, Patricia Kihoro and Pascal Tokodi.

The celebs looked marvelous at the red carpet but Brenda Wairimu, who is a leading cast in the film, looked like a true princess after rocking a red gown. Others celebs who attended the pompous event include Janet Mbugua, Pierra Makena, Anita Nderu, Talia Oyando among others.

Here are the photos:

Juliani and Brenda Wairimu’s daughter finally joins preschool, check out her adorable photo

A couple of celebrities in the Kenyan entertainment industry are experiencing the joy and tears of seeing their babies join school. About a week ago we witnessed Size 8 and DJ MO’s daughter join school but the couple was not ready to part ways with their baby even for the few hours.

Another couple, Juliani and his fiancé Brenda Wairimu have now enrolled their 3 year old daughter to an unknown preschool. According to Brenda, this has been one of the hardest experiences she has had to deal with.

Brenda Wairimu too attached to her baby

After sharing a photo of her all grown daughter the popular actress went on to write saying;


First day of school…lemme go cry I’ll be right back.

In yet another post the lady went on to say;

This however proves how much the lady loves her baby but it’s just the beginning of parenting!

Never before seen photo of Juliani with his daughter

Gospel singer Juliani has lately been keeping a low profile. He has taken time to release new projects however looking at his social media pages – the fella seems to be up to something.

Away from his musical career, lately the singer has been letting his fans know how much he loves his fiancé, Brenda Wairimu. Just the other day he wrote her a moving poem pouring out his heart in powerful bars that left fans admiring his skills of writing.

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The two are said to have dated for some years now. However, sometime back things between the two seemed impossible but word has it that they are set to wed soon.

Their daughter

Juliani and Brenda Wairimu were blessed with a baby girl about 3 years ago. The couple has however made sure to keep her off their social media pages at all costs. Brenda Wairimu once revealed that she was not ready to put her daughter in the hands of merciless social media critics.

Juliani with his baby girl