Julie Gichuru shares how she was left homeless after her parents divorced

Former TV presenter Julie Gichuru has revealed how her parents breaking up left her depressed and at the lowest point in her life.

Taking to social media, Julie shared an emotional post of how she was left devastated at 21-years old when her father broke up with her mother and decided to remarry.

After her parents divorced, her dad decided to remarry, forcing her mother to move to another country.

“1995 – 21 years old. 2nd year of LLB Law, in University in Cardiff Wales, UWCC.

“I was in the throes of deep depression. My parents divorced, Dad remarried and Mum emigrated. I had no home to go back to. I didn’t have enough money to complete my degree. I was frightened and anxious. I lamented with God, I told Him I was so angry with Him, but I still loved Him and I asked Him to hold me tight and never let me go,” she said. 

Two jobs

Julie confessed that after the breakup, she pushed herself to read and work harder to mask the stress.

“I found two jobs at this point and studied hard. I didn’t know where I would end up but I knew knowledge would get me there. As long as I had breath in my body, I was going to get there.
#Excelsior #NoLimits #AwesomeLord
Never doubt that you can get there.
Never stop moving forward.

Lots of love ❤❤❤” she said. 



In just a bra and a tiny little short, 45-year-old Julie Gichuru shows what her mama gave her(photo)

Former news anchor Julie Gichuru might be having kids as old as me but she still looks as hot as any other 25-year-old lady out here.

The mother of four recently visited the beach and well, got a chance to remind her fans that she’s can still be featured in Ethic’s music videos.


In a blue booty shorts and a string bra, Gichuru flaunted her body giving Kenyans a clear look at her back.

“Ending the day the way I want to live my whole life ❤ #Earth #Water #Strength #Currents#Being #Ukunda #Kenya” she captioned the photo. 

Her Bikini post of course rattled many from team Mafisi who thronged the comments section with endless remarks.