In just a bra and a tiny little short, 45-year-old Julie Gichuru shows what her mama gave her(photo)

Former news anchor Julie Gichuru might be having kids as old as me but she still looks as hot as any other 25-year-old lady out here.

The mother of four recently visited the beach and well, got a chance to remind her fans that she’s can still be featured in Ethic’s music videos.


In a blue booty shorts and a string bra, Gichuru flaunted her body giving Kenyans a clear look at her back.

“Ending the day the way I want to live my whole life ❤ #Earth #Water #Strength #Currents#Being #Ukunda #Kenya” she captioned the photo. 

Her Bikini post of course rattled many from team Mafisi who thronged the comments section with endless remarks.

Julie Gichuru: Account warning Kenyan women to stay away from gym because of sex is fake 

Julie Gichuru has come out to shoot down ongoing debate claimed to have been started by her that women should avoid going to the gym without their man because they’ll end up being “feasted” by the well-built gym instructors.

A fake Facebook account going by the name Julie Gichuru posted a long message warning men of a thing called “warm down” which involves stretching after a workout. It’s here that women get to be touched and submit to the gym instructors.

If you are married, and your wife goes to the
gym but you don’t, I have to tell you something.
At the end of the gym session, there is
something some gyms call “warm down”, while
others simply call it “stretch”. Your wife will lie
on the ground facing up, her arms spread in
surrender, while the gym instructor stands
between her legs. He will then take one of her
legs and streeeeeeetch it to the extreme end
until she unleashes some sound that I can
guarantee you has nothing to do with pain. He
will then do the same to the other leg.” posted the account.


Gichuru took to instagram to deny she posted the message, warning Kenyans not to fall for these fake accounts that many have been duped by recently.

“Please be warned and aware of FAKE Facebook pages in my name. My only official facebook page is Julie Gichuru Fanpage. This happens to a large number of people so be smart about how you use FB and who you follow. Don’t be duped. Stay safe online pals ❤”

Photos: Julie Gichuru and Adelle Onyango attend Beyonce and Jay Z’ concert 

Journalists Julie Gichuru and Kiss FM radio presenter Adelle Onyango were part of 70,000 people gathered at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg on Sunday for the Global Citizens Festival.

The event saw artists such as Ed Sheeran, Jay-Z , Beyonce, Usher, Pharelle among others.

Kenya’s Wawira Njiru won the 2018 Global Citizen Prize for Youth Leadership in the event for her Food for Education organisation.

The prize honours an activist or changemaker between the ages of 18 and 30 who has contributed meaningfully towards the goal of ending global poverty.

Wawira won Ksh. 25,000,000 ($250,000) and will also receive networking and development opportunities to support her work. It is sponsored by Cisco.


Adele and Julie posted a flurry of photos on social media having fun while waiting for Beyonce and Jay Z to take stage later in the night.

“The Global Citizen Festival in Soweto yesterday was absolutely magical, pic here with the wonderful,” said Julie. 

“To end a spectacular festival Jay Z and Beyonce blew our socks off… literally (I saw so many people just take off their shoes and let go) ?” said Adele. 

Here are the photos:

AWWW! Julie Gichuru marks anniversary with special post on social media 

It’s been almost two decades now since former Citizen TV news anchor Julie Gichuru fell in love with her hubby Anthony Gichuru.

Since this is the month their eyes glowed after staring at each other way back when they were just young and carefree, the mother of four has decided to make it special.

She took to Instagram to share a lovely photo while they were young and to mark 19 years of being in love. Yes, 19 years socialites not one month.

“Anniversary loading…Me and my boo ❤❤❤ 19 years of LOVE. 15 years of MARRIAGE ??#AnniversaryMonth #ThankfulSpirit#AwesomeLord ???” she said. 


Last year, Julie had a lovely message for her husband during their 18th year. She a penned a sweet poem for him thanking him for the great journey.

“18 years of love and friendship,
14 years of blessed marriage ?

And still my love,
The approach of your footsteps excites me,
The sound of your voice makes my heart soar… Still my precious,
Butterflies flit away within at the mere thought of you,
Your presence makes me giddy & breathless… Oh yes… Still,
My King,
You make me feel like GIRL, a WOMAN and a QUEEN all at once ?
You. Make. Me. Feel. LOVE. ?

I thank the LORD for you, my Simba.
I honour you, my love…
I pray for many more years to come, by HIS grace.

Your loving tiger, ??” she said. 


Julie Gichuru addresses on going Pusha T VS Drake beef and it’s just funny

At 44 years, veteran journalist Julie Gichuru knows what to tackle in her field and target audience. However, when it comes to some of these trending things young kids are so into, she’s usually forced to ask for some help.

Who is Pusha T

Gichuru has left her fans in stitches after finally catching up on the ongoing beef between rappers Drake and Pusha T. She needed a lot of help to understand why two grown men are calling out each other in songs.

She took to Facebook to share the whole incident, saying she wasn’t even aware Pusha T was a man.

Here’s the conversation they had at home:

Julie Gichuru’s post telling her kids she wants to fart leaves social media in stitches

Julie Gichuru might be the woman of the house but she recently learnt she’s not in control. In a rather unexpected post, the veteran journalist shared how her kids are claiming her space and she can’t do much to change things.

She shared a rather funny post saying that she even threatened them with a fart but it didn’t work.

The post left social media in a light mood. Here’s what her followers had to say:

They are here mama! My father thought i’ll never get married because I didn’t know how to cook – Julie Gichuru 

Julie Gichuru has been married to Anthony Gichuru for almost two decades now. Her father, however, never thought it would happen and the reason is one that might make feminists frown with anger and disappointment.

The former news anchor took to Facebook to narrate how her father never thought she’ll get a spouse because of her poor cooking skills.

“My father was reading the newspaper but stopped to contribute to a debate I was having with my mother,” went Gichuru’s post. 

“He interjected firmly, “But Julie, you must learn how to cook!” He was perturbed but I could tell it came from a place of love. So here’s the low down. I was a teenager & I had pointedly refused to learn how to cook. As the only daughter in the family it was obvious & apparently a source of social embarrassment. “

Wanted to read and hated cooking

According to Julie who is now a mother of five, she never bothered to learn the art of cooking and this shocked her parents.

“Indeed, in an African – Asian home this was unheard of, girls should know their place & the kitchen was part of that. But I was adamant, I was disinterested in the art of cooking & had better things to do with my time. I wanted to read, I wanted to learn & grow. I was fascinated by the history of great nations. Modern history too captivated me. I just wanted to read and learn.

“My Dadima (my paternal grandmother) was a wonderful cook, my Mum too. But I had pointedly informed them both that I had no interest in the kitchen. I would help where required, pounding garlic & ginger, cutting onions & tomatoes, grating coconuts & squeezing the fresh coconut milk from the pith, washing dishes even, but the minute I finished what I had to do I was out of the kitchen. No, I didn’t want to learn how to cook.

Julie during her wedding in 2003

“Dad,” I asked in a typical teenage ‘matter of fact’ manner, “why is it is important for me to learn how to cook.”

“Julie ” he started to respond… a military man, he could be stern & unwavering but with me he tended to be indulgent. He responded softly & patiently, “how will you survive when you are on your own? You won’t always have someone to cook for you.”

I tried not to laugh. Most people in the house knew that I survived on bread & tea & had very little interest in anything other than Elliot’s Bread, KCC butter, tea & books, books, books.

“I’ll be fine Dad. I can survive on bread & tea or noodles.”

Exasperated now, he looked straight at me,

“Well, you will have to cook for your husband! What will you do when you have a family? No man wants a wife who cannot cook.”

A-ha. Now we were getting to the heart of the matter. I wondered, how could we be so close together & yet such world’s apart?

“I smiled, lowered my voice & answered,

“Well Dad, I don’t want to marry a man who wants me for my cooking. If that’s what he expects me to do then he won’t be marrying me.”

“At that moment my fathers intense gaze would have prickled even the toughest soldier. But I held steady looking innocently & directly back at him. It felt like a lifetime went by… Then without another word he picked up his newspaper & continued reading.”

Julie Gichuru joins the #JuliusMalemaChallenge as she honors Winnie Mandela

Julie Gichuru has also jumped on the funny yet insightful #JuliusMalemaChallenge hashtag that has taken over Africans the past two days after leader of South Africa’s leftist party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, attacked fellow Africans who betrayed Winnie Nomzamon Mandela.

Gichuru posted a section of a speech showing that women pay dearly for things men easily get away with. She was speaking in honor of Winnie who was buried two days ago.

“Yes, our mothers slog & strive then are blamed, accused, abused & abandoned when they are no longer needed, when they have already set a foundation. Men get away with everything but women are held accountable for anything. No one is perfect. No one. But women are held to a different standard,” Gichuru posted. 

Winnie Mandela

She added:

“As a mother of many sons I could not be more proud of Malema. I think Mama Nomzamo must be smiling. “Mama, you never told me how we must treat them when they come here. I am waiting for a signal Ma… Mama. Nomzamo.
Mama Nomzamo,
They are here, in the funeral of a person they wanted to humiliate in front of the whole world.
They are here Mama… Ma,
I’m waiting for a signal on how we should treat them.”

Here is the viral speech


Julie Gichuru addresses rumors claiming she has been physically abused by her husband before!

When you are a media personality, many will always look for something negative to say about you. And for this reason, I believe many have heard stories claiming that Julie Gichuru once had a tough phase in her marriage…. where she was being beaten by her husband, Tony Gichuru.

Julie Gichuru with her husband, Tony Gichuru

However speaking to Kalekye Mumo on Talk Central – Julie Gichuru for the first time came out to brush off the stories by saying that the allegations were baseless and cooked up just to keep people talking about her marriage. She said,

“Are we still in that one? (Rumor) for real? Let me let down those who wanted me to be battered, not a day in his life. That is number one. Number two, you hit me one time, you will never see the front of my face again, you will see the back of me for a few seconds, and that’s it! I don’t believe that any woman should accept any kind of violence; let alone physical violence, talk to me wrong! Talk to me wrong. No No No!”

She went on to add that she has been happily married to Tony Gichuru for 18 years and has not regretted ever being with him.

According to her Mr Gichuru treats her like a queen and since her love towards him has never changed – she sees him as the king of her heart

“Let me say something else. I love and respect my husband. In my home, my husband is the king. He will come home and feel happy and feel comfortable and he will make me feel like a queen. If you are in a family where two people are not getting along, sometimes the difficult decision, especially for children is to say maybe we don’t jump maybe we need to step back”

The two continue to remain as one of the most influential couple we have come across in the entertainment industry.