Is this why she is single? Jalang’o left disappointed after watching Kamene Goro cook Ugali (Video)

Kamane Goro is hot. But I feel like she needs to shed off her current weight as she is starting to look a bit too big; but again – come to think of it, she prefers to order in food every now and then…. and the results are starting to show.

Away from that, Kamene Goro recently revealed that she is not so good in the kitchen and we’re not surprised. I mean, she is from group of schools and judging from how neat her nails look; Kamene is definitely not the type to wash or clean.

Speaking to Jalang’o in a new clip shared by the comedian cum radio king; Kamene is heard confessing that she has only made ugali twice in her life; and in those two times – her guests complained that the ugali was uncooked.

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Jalango schools Kamene in the kitchen

Unless the clip was rehearsed or scripted, it’s obvious to see that honestly Kamane d doesn’t know her way around the kitchen.

This is after she tried to show Jalang’o how she makes her ugali; and the reaction we get from Jalas – is that of a disappointed man. Seeing how horrible his cohost is at cooking; Jalas takes it upon himself to teach the lady some of the tips used to make ugali; and trust, Kamene wasn’t the only benefiting from Jalang’os lesson.

But again, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; so does this explain why Kamene is still single – despite being so fine? Watch the video below.