Khaligraph Jones: Shooting music videos abroad is cheaper

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has surprised many after sharing the amount he used in his latest music video “Leave me Alone”.

According to the rapper, shooting music videos abroad is way cheaper than in Kenya where you are required to pay for a lot of things and permits. In the US, Jones spent only 100k.

“‘Leave Me Alone’ was shot in Dallas and Houston, Texas, a day before I came back to Kenya,” Khaligraph said.

“I spent less than Sh100,000 because unlike Kenya, where if want to shoot a video, I have to pass through so many limitations, but in the US, I did it freely, with no one asking you to pay them for the places you are shooting at,” he added.


In Kenya, shooting such a video would have cost at least a million shillings. Shooting normal videos in Kenya costs about 300K.


Exclusive: Khaligraph Jones declares to marry Georgina after blessing him with a baby girl, his flesh and blood

Rapper, Khaligraph Jones becomes the newest daddy in town, being his first as he gets emotional, speaking in reference to his little one and baby mama.

Bouncing baby girl, Amina Jones Ouko comes as a blessing to mom, Georgina and dad, Papa Jones.

The news broke on Friday evening soon after the Georgina delivered on Thursday which has been treated as top secret.

Coming home to his new bundle of joy after spending a week on his USA tour, Superman speaks exclusively to ´Pulser´ in an in-depth interview.

Lovingly expressing:

There is nothing I have wanted more in life than to have a baby, my baby, flesh and blood.

I am happy and excited. I am in my zone now. I am a very happy person…

Khaligraph has not been known to get emotional as such and especially to little ones but seems his baby girl, means much more to him than just any ordinary being.

Additionally, speaking about his wife-to-be; Georgina is one of a kind to him, redefining life and one lady he swears to take care of for as long as he lives.

My girl (Georgina) whom I should soon pronounce my wife, accepts me for who I am.

Whatever people say does not matter to me anymore. I am taking care of her the way I should.

When you find someone you love, she gives you real discipline and gives life a different meaning.

It is definitely an emotional moment for the award-winning rapper as blessings trickle in, in doubles.