Khaligraph Jones baby mama flaunts her body 1 month after giving birth

Georgina Muteti who is Khaligraph Jones girlfriend and baby mama has left many dying with envy after parading her slim body one month after welcoming their daughter, Amali Jones.

The lady recently shared a video parading her baby fat free body just a few weeks after giving birth.

Khaligraph’s girlfriend

Well, unlike most ladies who prefer to stay on the low until the baby turns 3 months; the Ouko’s seem to be sharing every detail of their journey with their adorable baby on social media.


Avril’s snatch back!

Among the lucky celebrity mums who managed to get back their old bodies before pregnancy is Avril Nyambura.

The lass snatched back into her old size thanks to breastfeeding which she says is a great method to lose unwanted weight for new mums. Speaking during an interview the lass opened up saying;

“You know what happened, I gave birth to a baby boy who has been breastfeeding. I chose to exclusively breastfeed my baby up to now he is 8 months still breastfeeding. I started weaning him at 6 months he loves his mashed bananas and bla bla bla but he still breastfeeds.There is a whole science behind it, there is a chemical in the brain called oxytocin. So when it’s generated from the brain to the abdomen muscles it tells the body you need to contract… So when you are breastfeeding that chemical goes down and causes contractions and the contraction leave you snatched,”

For the gram! Khaligraph Jones attacked for shaking weeks old baby pretending to put her to sleep

New dad Khaligraph Jones apparently still has a lot to learn about fatherhood.

Jones, who is yet to spend more than a month with his baby, posted a video on social media swinging the baby left right and center pretending to put it to sleep.


Jones was blasting his new jam Leave Me alone while shaking the baby and didn’t care much about the dangers it comes with..

For those who don’t know, shaking a baby is very dangerous.

It can cause bleeding in the brain (subdural hemorrhages) or bleeding in the retinas (retinal hemorrhages). Additional injury happens when the shaken baby is thrown down onto a surface, resulting in shaken impact syndrome.

When a child is shaken, the brain bounces back and forth against the sides of the skull.

Jones however didn’t care. And when a fan tried to correct him. He blasted the fan asking him to leave him alone.

“Give birth to your own kid and leave other people’s children alone,” he bellowed.

Young OG incoming! Khaligraph Jones´ heavily expectant wifey set to deliver soon

The OG, Khaligraph Jones is set to be a father for the first time after flaunting a photo of his wifey, heavily expectant.

The award-winning rapper shared a photo of him and his baby mama, all eyes and hands on her grown belly but faces hidden captioning:

This comes after Khali promised ex, Ms Cashy, who is now a mother, to make a comeback with his own look alike and looks like he meant his word.

The International rapper however, hardly shares pics nor shows his baby mama´s face to the public.

Comment section

Well, the Kenyan fraternity came out loudly to applause the ´Superman´ hitmaker for making this step in his other side of life.

Congratulations ????????????


???????????????? congratulations


Omollo Junior ????????


Congratulations OG


Young OG incoming ????????????



Congratulations King
If you reading this may the Lord bless you to be a millionaire in 5yrs to come ????
Congrats big brother ????

Congratulations Sir ????????

Mungu awalinde ndugu yangu na Mkeo mpate mtoto mwenye Afya njema na mcha mungu ????????????????????????

Congratulations you two

Well, for those that made fun out of it all:
OG nilidhani wewe ni Virgo
Huyu ndo ulpiga airport kaquick juu anakaa tu mzungu
All in all, Congratulation to the OG and his beloved!