Pinye fires back after Khaligraph claimed he blocked his music from playing on TV 

Khaligraph Jones recently brought back the Play Kenyan music conversion in a rather unexpected way. Jones took to social media to share an old photo of himself while broke and share how Pinye used to ignore his music.

“Izi ndio Zile Siku Dj Pinye Hakua anataka Kucheza Wimbo Zangu kwa the Beat, Maisha ilikua imeenda vibaya mpaka nikarudi Bondo kuedesha Blacky Na kuuza Rabuoni. Akwende uko mbali sana,” he wrote on Instagram.

Not concerned

The post brought about a lot of mixed reactions online as many artists agreed with Jones that they were frustrated a lot by the DJ.

Pinye spoke to Word Is about the post and seemed not to be bothered about it any.

“Those things don’t move me and I don’t want to comment about the whole issue,” Pinye told Word Is yesterday.

Several artists have come out to bash the veteran DJ saying he killed Kenyan music by not playing it on his show The Beat.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones pins down DJ Pinye for his pride

Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones did not start off with fame and money surrounding his every move and slams popular DJ Pinye for disregarding him when he struggled to make ends meet.

Khaligraph shares a TBT photo of himself on a bicycle, back in the days when his pockets weren´t getting in as much money.

´Hustler´ would best define the ´Superman´ hitmaker whose music at the time wasn´t as successful and disk jockeys like DJ Pinye stayed away from such music.

Papa Jones exposes DJ Pinye for having been too proud to air his music on the famous music show ´The Beat´.

The OG tells off the veteran DJ as he captions:


If anyone is to recall, this is not the first time these two are gracing the battlefield, previously, DJ Pinye had expressed that he wouldn´t play Khaligraph´s and DNA´s music.

However, the DJ has had it rough because we must admit, these two artists´ growth is at another level.

In response, Khaligraph expressed:

I used to make mediocre music so he couldn´t play my mediocre music on his TV show.

Buda ukona bahati siku hizi nimekua mpole kiasi na nina ka heshima flani otherwise diss track ingekua ishatembea sai.

Watu wana sing along mbaya sana, mazishi ni ile ile.