Breeder LW comes through on ‘Kitu Nono Remix’ alongside Ssaru, Maandy and Boutross (Video)

The much-anticipated Kitu Nono Remix by Breeder LW, Ssaru, Maandy, Boutross Munene, Denzel Kong and Mastar VK is finally out and it’s a big tune.

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If you thought the original version, which was released in December 2019, was dope then you haven’t seen anything yet because the remix is out of this word, quite literally.

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Boutross Munene

To be honest, I’ve listened to Kitu Nono Remix a couple of times and the more I play it is the more I love it because it is so infectious.

All the artists who were featured on this track brought their A-Games and I find it hard to decide whose verse I loved the most because they all nailed it.

Take for instance Breeder LW who is on the first verse. His flow and wordplay skills are so dope and you just want to keep listening to him as he does his thing because it sounds so pleasant to the ears.


The two ladies on this jam i.e. Maandy and Ssaru also killed it. They both have good lyrical skills and I would not be surprised if either of them becomes Kenya’s next biggest femcee.

I’m a huge fan of Boutross Munene, who is one third of the Alliance Domini Family (ADF), so naturally you’d expect me to say that he did a good job but believe you me, he really came through on this one.

Denzel Kong and Mastar VK did not disappoint either. Both of them have some great punchlines that will leave you scratching your head as you try to make sense of it all and that is not a bad thing or is it?

I really love the beat on this jam. If you ask me, the producer deserves a pat on the back for the good work. The video is also awesome, with some impeccable shots.

Watch Kitu Nono below and tell us what you think.