Queen of Covers Wambui Katee releases second single

Wambui Katee, the now proclaimed queen of covers is  now out to make her own music.  When we first featured her story about doing covers we thought that was just it.Covers and nothing more.

However, as time went by she got out of the comfort zone and did her first song Mahabuba that did ok. I say that because the views on Youtube stand at 55k .That shows how far the song has reached. Support Kenyan Music Kenyans!!! Just like we did Harambee stars against Tanzania.


Anyway that did not quench Wambui’s desire to make good music, she is back on the scene with a new audio song dubbed “You”.


This is a love song.A story of a girl expressing her love to her man.The man she has loved for the longest time possible.

She describes him as her ‘….African King….”

Any man wishes to be called King even as they walk around with egos around their necks.

Katee, has been keen to keep her audience in sync with her concept of  love. But this time the tempo in her song is upbeat making the song worth dancing too. I believe with this pace she will get better by the day.


From her lyrics you would feel the energy she puts in her music.From the first Stanza she clearly show us how much she craves for her man.

She says,

I like the way I combo you,the way you give it to me,

I give it to you, (Baby) My African King Unanibebaba juu juu ….

Nipe nife kama mapenzi sumu,

Hatari anayonipa tena hodari,

Nyama Choma kwa Kachumbari……..

She expresses her love so intensely in the lyrics.The mix is beautiful.But we must appreciate her effort of artistry.

Further, She goes on tho the chorus that has the”You” in it, Basically, telling us why the love she feels is all about you.

….You you you you..

I want you you you…

I need you you you you….

No one can satisfy me….you you you Baby……….

Clearly in the chorus she brings out that aspect of always having that same person makes you feel special in every moment.Good or bad.


In every aspect of love this song poses that strong sense of appreciating love for what it is.Letting love win in us.That is what Wambui has managed to achieve in this jam.

As we wait for the video of this jam we hope for a more Music from Katee. Female musicians in the industry are not doing so well and we wish that such talents be embraced and pushed to better heights.Lets support our own!

For rating I go for 7/10.What do you think ?


Queen of covers Wambui Katee now unveils her own Song ‘Mahabuba”

When Wambui Katee finally gets on the Trend, Ten over Ten, Mseto East Africa or any other  interview platform what we can be sure is we shall have a different answer to the obvious question  how did you start singing?

Her answer, I hope will not be as boring as the shower…church choir or even the music festival no, hers should be I started by doing covers of other songs then as time went by I could do my own music.

It was just a matter of time and we had to have this conversation of musicians doing covers, a direction not widely embraced by the East African music scene but on the world stage it is usual with proper procedures.


Listening to the lyrics, you already pick there is no nerve wrecking kind of words but the rendition of it makes it tick.

It’s a love song yes, with obvious lines like “I Need you….” Which have been heard over and over and even form titles to other love songs but lots of gratitude goes to the technical aspect of production of the song.

The melody is auspicious the producer did do lots of justice to the rhythm. The song curves its niches not because it’s a love song but because of fantastic studio work.


As you listen to the song , you’d pull back  and be like is that it?  I mean what about love is wambui Katee talking about or does the song capture the essence of the word MAHABUBA? Had she released this song before doing her “SUH DIFFERENT” by Patoranking will the audience still have accepted her?

Wambu Katee of Mahabuba Song

MAHABUBA should just the song that introduces us to the musical prowess of Katee far from the world of covers. Her story telling technique through music, will she keep up?

Rather will she also go the usual way of people doing music that is not written but still called hit singles, when the actual truth is that they are hits that only hit the studios from where they were produced.

If you tube is something to go by then her original production should compete well with her cover in terms of views hits and likes.


Technical aspect is the video production and at this point we stop and ask, can we still notice the song or better yet would we have noticed the song were it not for the video? On a scale of one to ten I bet three.

Nice picture good location scouting and off course  the editor created the perfect  sequence by the magic of the simple but powerful cinematic blink editors call a cut.

However, lets give credit where its due.Big congratulations to Katee for reminding the Tanzanian cover maestro Bosco Tones. Next on line Ms. Wambui, call Michael Bundi tell him you just did an original composition and its doing well.

Not forgetting to pass accolade to Mzazi Willy M Tuva for  his continuous support to upcoming artists. For this he was the executive producer.

I give her rating of 6/10.

Below is the video enjoy and let us know what you think!