A wounded Wambui Katee opens up on being vulnerable to her step-fathers, who took advantage

Kenyan fast-rising songbird, Wambui Katee has opened up on having deadbeat stepfathers who only took advantage of her, instead of being father figures.

Sharing this on social media, the mellow-voiced singer bashed:

All the fathers who leave their kids intentionally, and those who rape their kids, should be hanged.

Because for her, a father should be a parent, regardless of a blood connection or not. What disgusts her most is how fathers conduct themselves around their young, innocent daughters.

Whether father or step father. You are a FATHER. FATHER YOUR CHILD and stop touching her or asking unnecessary stuff.

FATHER YOUR CHILD – Wambui Katee shouts


Giving an example of her childhood, the performing artist shared:

I´ve never met my dad but the step dads I ever had, ruined my life. I hate father figures. Soo I can´t do sponsors. They take me back in time. But ladies, survive though. This Nairobi ain´t easy????.

For her, men´s reputation might have been damaged by the blunders her step-fathers made while she was still young and vulnerable.

Wambui Katee dismisses sponsors – I hate father figures, so do I not do sponsors

Before admitting that sponsors have been knocking insistently on her door but to spare them the energy:

Anyway, sponsors, am only 46 kgs, you will kill me ooh???? stop it with me.


¨I used to cut my thighs to feel pain¨ Queen of covers, Wambui Katee opens up on battling depression

Beautiful Kenyan voice behind most viral covers, Wambui Katee has opened up on depression that left her with cuts and bruises on her thighs.

Sharing this on her Insta updates, she started off:

Heads up, I stopped cutting myself. Helping people helped me too. Depression is recurring so sometimes you lose it.. But over time, you learn how to fight it.

Helping people, helped me through depression – Wambui Katee

Depression can take a toll on you if you lose control of it and for her, her best cure was helping similar individuals through their own states, first.

However, she admitted that helping people was never her intention because all she ever wanted was to find her ´look-alikes´ and join in the bandwagon, to feel she actually belonged.

I had not intention to be of help to anyone when the group started. I was simply looking for people who felt as crazy as I did.. People who enjoyed pain.????

Fast rising Kenyan artist, Wambui Katee speaks on battling depression

WhatsApp group

While on a mission to find people going through the same, a WhatsApp group was formed, where a lot was shared.

In the process of finding people who felt mentally unstable????, a whatsapp group came up and slowly people who shared their weirdest moments of depression and suicide trials started being helped by people in the group. Suggestions, opinions and meeting.. To stop people from committing suicide became more.

We came up with a WhatsApp group to help people go through depression successfully – Wambui Katee

It became fruitful to her surprise and great numbers were assisted. This eventually led to the creation of an Instagram platform @depressionanxietkenya that seeks to address a larger audience.

Ms Katee goes ahead to reveal:

I show skin in most of my dress codes????. So if you are keen you´ve seen bruises and cuts on my thighs. I used to cut myself to feel pain and have a reason to be mentally stable.

I have bruises and cuts on my thighs – Wambui Katee reveals


Queen of Covers Wambui Katee releases second single

Wambui Katee, the now proclaimed queen of covers is  now out to make her own music.  When we first featured her story about doing covers we thought that was just it.Covers and nothing more.

However, as time went by she got out of the comfort zone and did her first song Mahabuba that did ok. I say that because the views on Youtube stand at 55k .That shows how far the song has reached. Support Kenyan Music Kenyans!!! Just like we did Harambee stars against Tanzania.


Anyway that did not quench Wambui’s desire to make good music, she is back on the scene with a new audio song dubbed “You”.


This is a love song.A story of a girl expressing her love to her man.The man she has loved for the longest time possible.

She describes him as her ‘….African King….”

Any man wishes to be called King even as they walk around with egos around their necks.

Katee, has been keen to keep her audience in sync with her concept of  love. But this time the tempo in her song is upbeat making the song worth dancing too. I believe with this pace she will get better by the day.


From her lyrics you would feel the energy she puts in her music.From the first Stanza she clearly show us how much she craves for her man.

She says,

I like the way I combo you,the way you give it to me,

I give it to you, (Baby) My African King Unanibebaba juu juu ….

Nipe nife kama mapenzi sumu,

Hatari anayonipa tena hodari,

Nyama Choma kwa Kachumbari……..

She expresses her love so intensely in the lyrics.The mix is beautiful.But we must appreciate her effort of artistry.

Further, She goes on tho the chorus that has the”You” in it, Basically, telling us why the love she feels is all about you.

….You you you you..

I want you you you…

I need you you you you….

No one can satisfy me….you you you Baby……….

Clearly in the chorus she brings out that aspect of always having that same person makes you feel special in every moment.Good or bad.


In every aspect of love this song poses that strong sense of appreciating love for what it is.Letting love win in us.That is what Wambui has managed to achieve in this jam.

As we wait for the video of this jam we hope for a more Music from Katee. Female musicians in the industry are not doing so well and we wish that such talents be embraced and pushed to better heights.Lets support our own!

For rating I go for 7/10.What do you think ?


Wambui Katee, the beautiful voice behind viral song covers (Video)

Wambui Katee’s cover of Patoranking’s Suh Different went viral late last year. At the time of publishing this article, the song had 457,132 views on YouTube. That’s no mean feat!

But this does not come as a surprise, the cover was meant to gain traction from the get go. Everything was executed above par. From the instruments, the arrangement, down to her vocals. Nothing was out of place.

Her rendition was so good so much so that many people felt that it was way better than the original. And I agree, this is one of those few cases when a cover is better than the original.

The song’s success has made Wambui more aggressive in doing covers. In the last few months, she has uploaded covers of various songs including; Najua Hutaniacha by Makena, Hazipo by Nandy, Toast by Koffee among others.

All her covers are so well-executed. I’d dare say that she is the Kenyan queen of song covers. I’m sure you are noding your head in agreement.

A few days ago, she uploaded a cover of Harmonize’s Kainama and, as expected, Wambui’s rendition was so good that I had to hit the replay button a couple of times.

Watch it below and tell us what you think.