Maureen Waititu reveals why she moved out of her mum’s house at 18 years

Maureen Waititu recently sat down with media personality Terryanne Chebet for a candid interview; allowing fans to learn one or more things about the popular vblogger.

Well for those who didn’t know, Maureen Waititu was born a hustler; and unlike most young women who depend on their parents for everything; Ms Mo says she started working at the age of 16 years – inorder to make a little extra something for herself.

Maureen Waititu and Terryanne Chebet

By the time she was 18 years; Maureen Waititu goes on to reveal that she had already started her first official job as a waitress. Which made her independent and I’m guessing at the time she wasn’t getting paid much; but despite the little she made – this enabled her to  stand on her two feet.

I started working when I was 16 and moved out of home at 18. At first, I would volunteer at our church office, you should have seen my CV back then.

Life as a waitress

Although Maureen Waititu didn’t get into details about her first job, the lass says this job opened an opportunity for her to own her first ‘apartment.’

Young Maureen Waititu

Speaking to Terryanne, Maureen opened up saying;

When I was moving I had saved some money working as I waitress. My first house was in Mathare North, it had a small sink, a bathroom and a restroom. I had a budget and I remember a friend referring me to Mathare North.

Well, just to prove how much of a hustler she has always been; Ms Waititu made it known that by the time she was 19 years – she had already bagged a new job as a PA.

And just like that, her story to success began overnight….