Prezzo’s ex Michelle Yola expecting baby number two!

Michelle Yola and her French husband are now expecting their second baby as seen on the lady’s latest photo.

The Former Nairobi Diaries who welcome her first child in March 2018 now joins the likes of Bahati’s wife who have decided to waste time in expanding their families.

However Michelle Yola’s first pregnancy was not so easy as she struggled with a swollen face which gave her a hard time when talking; and that she would wake up several times to go to the toilet during the pregnancy.

Baby number two

However, the mother of one has not said anything about her second pregnancy – which could mean that she is having it easy; except for the usual struggles all women face.

Yola has been receiving congratulatory messages from her Instagram fans and some couldn’t help but compliment her for maintaining a low profiled life unlike before when she was a socialite in Kenya.

Michelle Yola: “I am so sad but I had to do what’s best for my daughter” 

Prezzo’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Yola has been a mother for just one month now and she can tell you, it’s not easy.

She recently opened up on how tough her month has been and breastfeeding her new born baby is becoming one hell of a job.

In a lot of pain

Taking to Instagram, Michelle disclosed that she had resorted to the bottle after all attempts to make her baby latch failed.

“I am so sad but I had to do what’s best for my daughter. After trying and trying different positions and failing to properly breastfeed her today I had to pump and introduced her to the bottle, I was in a lot of pain and she couldn’t latch. I will take a break and give it another try in a few weeks,” she said in the post. 

Michelle Yola continues to parade her soon to pop grown baby bump

Former Nairobi Diaries actress, pregnant Michelle Yola can’t wait to meet her daughter. And for this reason she continues to share beautiful photos of grown baby bump that is due early this year.

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In her recent photos, Michelle Yola is seen in a bikini which left her huge bump out in the open. Judging from her Instagram stories we also learn that she is currently vacationing with her baby daddy somewhere in Europe.

According to the lady he took her to meet his family, a clear indication that things between them are serious. She is however grateful to have met her new man since she had been struggling in  toxic relationship with Prezzo.

Michelle Yola’s baby arriving soon

Now that she is already in her last trimester, Yola’s baby might be arriving between January and February.

We however wish her all the best as she waits to meet her baby.

Is Michelle Yola expecting a baby girl? Checkout her latest photo

Michelle Yola who is popularly known from Nairobi Diaries and of course as rapper Prezzo’s ex girlfriend is pregnant with her first child as revealed on her gram.

A few hours ago, she shared photos showing off her growing baby bump to announce that she was expecting a child with her Caucasian boyfriend who she has been dating for the past 6 months.

Michelle Yola pregnant

Apart from that she also happened to share a photo of a small girl sleeping which has led many to assume that she could be expecting a baby girl or rather is craving for a baby girl.

Yola’ post

Before announcing she had kept her pregnancy on the low to reasons best known to herself but now that it is out – some social media users have been questioning why she did not conceive when she was with Prezzo since the two had dated for some years.

Anyway, these are just some of the questions she can alone answer but all in all we wish her all the best on this new journey that will see her become a mum in a few months.

Baby onboard: Prezzo’s ex girlfriend flaunts her growing baby bump for the first time

One of Nairobi Diaries star Michelle Yola is with child as revealed previously by several news outlets a few weeks ago. Apparently, many were claiming that the father of the soon to be born baby is Prezzo but the rapper came out to brush off the rumors saying that he was not responsible.

Michelle Yola on the other hand maintained her silence until just recently when she shared new photos to show off the growing bump through her gram. She however did not say much on the caption – just to keep her fans talking.

From the comments many seemed happy that she has now settled down and is no longer involving herself with fights and dramas like seen in the past.

She is definitely rocking her baby bump and the photos below can show it. Congratulations to the lady and her new found love.

Is Michelle Yola pregnant with Prezzo’s child or is she expecting her first baby with her Caucasian boyfriend?

Word making rounds on social media is that Michelle Yola is heavy with her first child. And if there is any truth to these rumors then who could be responsible… Prezzo or the German man currently dating the lass?

Well, a close source to Michelle Yola says that the lady is indeed pregnant and goes on to add that this is the main reason Prezzo has been seen chasing her all over social media as he believes that the baby could be his!

However the problem is that Michelle Yola has been dating her new man for about 5 months making it hard to believe that Prezzo could be respond for the pregnancy.

Yola with her new man

On the other hand, Yola has not responded to the rumor but all we know is that she doesn’t want anything to do with the rapper as revealed by a reliable Kenyan entertainment blog.

Anyway…for now let us wait and see what Yola has to say about this!