“My face is so swollen” Michelle Yola cries a few days before welcoming her baby girl!

Soon to be mum Michelle Yola says she is tired of carrying her pregnancy! Well having reached the last weeks of her pregnancy, the lady has revealed that she is giving up!

According to Michelle Yola she has been having body issues especially now that she is getting swollen. Through her Instagram story the former Nairobi Diaries actress revealed saying;

She went on to add that her weight is making it hard for her to move around. So far she finds it hard to get out of  car; something that she really wants to be done with.

In another post she added that at the moment she cannot hold pee as the baby’s weight is pressing her bladder.

Yola’s pregnancy

From what we know is that Michelle Yola got pregnant immediately after splitting with Prezzo. Her relationship with the Caucasian man was however a secret until she introduced her pregnancy.

The two are now expecting a baby girl who is dee anytime from now.