Susan Kaitanny continues to rant how Betty Kyalo messed her by always being greedy for attention

Betty Kyalo’s former close friend and business partner Susan Kaitanny has come out to reveal that Betty Kyalo loves cheap attention from the blogs a reason why the two are not alike.

Speaking in an interview with, Susan said that she doesn’t want to speak much about Betty because she likes online hype from blogs.

“I did not want to keep dragging things in the mud. I mourned the end of the relationship same as you do with friendship… Be careful of the people you bring into your life. Some things are just but a learning curve. You go through stuff for a reason.”


Susan further added that she was supportive of Betty when she was undergoing a lot of stress but she still betrayed her.

“I was a supportive friend. She went through the ups and downs and I was the one who was there for her. She said all the things she said and my conscience is clear. I don’t think I owe anybody an explanation. She knows it,” Susan revealed.

KTN’s presenter Makori: I spent a lot of money chasing girls

KTN presenter Mike Makori might have exposed Susan Kaittany recently for not paying him after MCing in an event she organised. That money, according to Makori, might have gone to women and booze anyway had it landed in his account.

The presenter has come out to publicly share that he had money issues and used to spent most of his earnings chasing sex and expensive parties.

It took me a while to make certain realizations in life. One of them was about money. You can do well and make money without showing it to people. Money is not about how much you make, it’s really about how much you save and how less you spend it. Not forgetting to let it work for you. One of the biggest problems I had was that I used to spend a lot of the money I make at the club or chasing girls. Brokenness galore,” he said in a series of tweets.

No more balling

Mike Makori

He added that now he knows how to manage his money and doesn’t mind just drinking a beer.

“These days when I go out I’d rather be that guy with one beer the whole night but comfortable knowing that I have limited my expenses. I think everyone can attest to how good it feels to know that you’ve spent the bare minimum on an indulgence,” said Makori.

Betty Kyallo’s former best friend exposed by yet another KTN journalist after conning him!

Susan Kaittany who is Betty Kyallo’s former business partner and best friend has been making headlines for the wrong reasons!

A few months ago she was dragged into police custody after failing to return Betty Kyallo’s passport after their bitter split. The two apparently had a disagreement over an unknown issue and since then they have refused to see eye to eye.

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Betty walked out on Posh Palace leaving Susan Kaittany as the CEO of the salon; but word has it that she hasn’t been doing a good job!

Mike Makori exposes Posh Palace CEO

Mike Makori

In a new series of tweets shared by KTN Lotto presenter, Mike Makori; he reveals how Susan Kaittany and her friend Joseph Mbogo refused to pay him after they approached him to MC a gig.

According to him, the two have been taking him in circles with lies and sometimes unanswered calls. After using all means to get his money, Mike Makori finally decided to expose the two for their conning skills.

Through his Twitter handle, Makori wrote saying;