Real Housewives Of Nairobi Star Susan Kaitanny Responds To People Calling Her Skinny

Real Housewives of Nairobi star Susan Kaittany has clapped back at critics denigrating her for her skinny physique. The businesswoman and model came clean on how she has been body shamed a couple of times and forced to take in whatever people said about her.

She wrote a detailed message calibrating how contented she is with her body and encouraged others in the same situation to remain confident.

Another stunning look from Susan Kaittany

”As a skinny girl growing up, I was body shamed a lot through the years & its what made me step out & become a model. I became a beauty queen, represented my country ???????? for the crown & walked the runway to prove that it’s ok to have a body like mine. Even though I was hurting so deep inside.

Through the tears & the pain, I knew I had to do it to show the world that skinny is great, it’s how I was made & it’s A ok to look like me.

It’s ok to have the longest legs & a lean body a long graceful neck, & big African lips.

Pain has grown me so much & through the journey, I have become a BOLD woman. I’m back on the run way this year strutting the biggest fashion shows in the world. Im really confident, bold & sassy & as I turn 40 later this year, I’ve come full circle. It’s incredible, I’ve never felt more stunning than this. It’s indeed always a long painful journey to body positivity, don’t let anyone fool you or brush it off as nothing.

To all the little girls, to my daughters, your body is perfect my loves, tall or short, skinny or chubby. You can exercise because it’s ok to tone even when you’re skinny, & no you don’t need to eat more. You are your own kind of beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There’s only one you, always & forever.

Body shaming happens for skinny girls & big girls & in Africa a lot more directed towards the skinny girls, There’s a lot of projecting, & Culturally it’s not ok to be skinny.

It’s interesting to observe, because I get asked what I do to stay skinny by women, joining gyms & spending the rest of their time obsessed with looking skinnier. So it’s the grass greener on the other side I suppose. There’s no winning. It’s diets & exercise, then it’s – you’re skinny, do something .. why though ?

We need to stop being tone deaf. Its not right, it’s wrong & it’s toxic. It’s damaging, we need to stop body shaming as women. Thick, thin you’re gorgeous all the same. We are us, you are you ????perfect.

Also, It’s time to celebrate the most beautiful me this year????
I am not apologetic for becoming the Queen that Iam today ???? #poshqueen ????”


Susan Kaitanny continues to rant how Betty Kyalo messed her by always being greedy for attention

Betty Kyalo’s former close friend and business partner Susan Kaitanny has come out to reveal that Betty Kyalo loves cheap attention from the blogs a reason why the two are not alike.

Speaking in an interview with, Susan said that she doesn’t want to speak much about Betty because she likes online hype from blogs.

“I did not want to keep dragging things in the mud. I mourned the end of the relationship same as you do with friendship… Be careful of the people you bring into your life. Some things are just but a learning curve. You go through stuff for a reason.”


Susan further added that she was supportive of Betty when she was undergoing a lot of stress but she still betrayed her.

“I was a supportive friend. She went through the ups and downs and I was the one who was there for her. She said all the things she said and my conscience is clear. I don’t think I owe anybody an explanation. She knows it,” Susan revealed.

Jalang’o and Susan Kaittany take to the stage together and kill it

Jalang’o and Susan Kaittany shared the stage over the past weekend to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ATS Travel Agency’s presence in travel and tours business.

ATS Travel Agency is owned and run by Susan Kaittany’s family. The travel company threw the lavish gala dinner to toast to its successes and remarkable achievements for the past 20 years it has been in business.

Susan Kaittany and Jalang’0 were the official MCs at the gala which went down at the Movenpick Hotel & Residences. The two kept the guests entertained throughout the night.

Susan Kaittany thrills guests at the gala
Susan Kaittany thrills guests at the gala
High profile guests

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, Former Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Director Julius Kipng’etich were among the high profile guests that attended ATS gala.

L-R: Susan Kaittany, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino ,Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris, Dr. Julius Kipng'etich and Rosemary Kaittany
L-R: Susan Kaittany, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino ,Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris, Dr. Julius Kipng’etich and Rosemary Kaittany

“To our esteemed partners, Amadeus, KQ, Emirates, Qatar Airways, South African Airlines, Rwanda Air, Etihad, Jambojet, Silverstone, Fly 540, KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Sarova, Serena, Carnivore, Movenpick, AIG , Credit Connect, Evensis, Keyframe, Fahari Media, Eminent Media, Posh Palace Kenya, Heritage and all destination management companies that we work with, a big great thank you. And thank you again for ensuring that this event is a success. We look forward to growing our partnerships further in the future and doing more business with you all,” Rosemary Kaittany, Founder, Managing Director & CEO, said during her speech.

Rosemary Kaittany
Rosemary Kaittany

“Close to 1.2 billion people across the world travel to different countries today and companies like ATS Travel make that possible. In 2020 it is estimated that close to 1.5 billion people will be doing the same,” Dr. Julius Kipng’etich, the Chief Guest at the event stated.




Jalang’o and Susan Kaittany to host a night of merry and festivities 

Jalang’o and Susan Kaittany are set to share stage to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘s presence in travel and tours business.

ATS Travel Agency is owned and run by Susan Kaittany’s family. The travel company is throwing the lavish gala dinner to toast to its successes and remarkable achievements for the past 20 years it has been in business.

The travel company has been able to gain over 200,000 hotel and accommodation partners, work with over 50 airline partners, complete close to 30,000 customer orders and employ almost 100 people. ATS Travel Agency has four branches across Kenya; Nairobi, Kisumu, Kitale and Eldoret.

Star-studded gala
Susan Kaittany
Susan Kaittany

The 20th anniversary celebration will be held this Friday 8th June at the newly-opened high-end Movenpick Hotel in Westlands. ATS’s clients, partners and industry’s stakeholders are expected to grace the gala.

Jalang’o and Susan Kaittany will be the official MCs at ATS’ 20th anniversary celebration.



Betty Kyallo suspected of orchestrating the tearing down of Posh Palace’s billboards

Betty Kyallo still using underhand tactics to push Susan Kaittany out of business? Well, it isn’t the first time the KTN anchor has pulled such a move.

Posh Palace closed its doors for days after Betty poached top stylists from Susan Kaittany prior to the opening of her own spa – Flair by Betty, which is located a stone’s throw away from Posh Palace.

The KTN anchor also called police on Kaittany over claims that she had her passport after they fell out sometimes in February 2018.


Posh Palace’s billboards have been teared down, guess who is the main suspect? A video recording shows unidentified men stripping the billboards as Flair by Betty employees cheer from their work place.

The billboards featured Susan Kaittany herself and were erected along Lenana Road which basically separates Posh Palace from Flair by Betty.

Sources close to Susan Kaittany intimate she has since reported the matter to the Kilimani police station.


Kaittany: I used Ksh 40 million to build Posh Palace, Betty Kyalo didn’t contribute a shilling 

Susan Kaittany is not stopping any time soon, not until the world understands her enemy, Betty Kyalo, had almost zero impact in building Posh Palace other than just hyping it.

Kaittany spoke with The Star newspaper recently opening up again on their ugly break up which led to the temporary closure of Posh Palace and Kyalo opening her own spa, Flair By Betty.

Kaittany has now revealed that though they were 50-50 partners with Kyalo, she didn’t contribute a dime into the business. Kaittany on the other hand, invested a clean Ksh 40 million.

“I met Betty Kyallo when she was planning on getting married. It was a celebrity wedding. Thereafter we sponsored the wedding, we sponsored the honeymoon to Dubai and Mauritius and after that, we became friends. And of course having done the influencer marketing with her for our events and travel company, I really wanted them to be happy. I knew that if Kenyans saw them happy then definitely it would reflect very well on our company,” she said. 

“And that is exactly what happened. So I thought the same kind of marketing would work for Posh Palace. And that is why I brought her on board. Along the way, it did not work out, unfortunately.”

Betty had to go home

Kaittany then went on to add that she had to fire Kyalo since she was becoming a liability for the business.

“I gave her that opportunity but of course, the thing about influencers is they are not used to having to give capital for anything. Or pay for anything. When you sink sh40 million into a business, really, it cannot amount to influencer marketing. Then in that case, i can afford to pay an influencer marketer sh200,000 per month for that service, if you compare it to the value of the business. So, that is why in the long run it just could not work,” She went on. 

“The cracks started showing when it became more about her than the business. Yet, I was the one doing all the hard work, putting in the capital. Over the long run the cracks would definitely show. When they did show, i said, i have to be practical, we may have had a friendship but it is business. We have to be real; we cannot hide it or pretend. That would have gone only so far.”


Susan, however, is not bitter. She wishes her enemy all the best.

“Everyone has their hair done, from your mother down to the nanny. So there is enough for everybody. We need to employ our marketing strategies across the board. Also, possibly, people will walk into your store, not because of somebody, but because of the services you offer,” Susan explained.

She continued:

“In the long run you realise that people don’t even know who this influencer is. It is true, because the kind of clientele i attract don’t even know [her]. I did not know who she was when my husband was introducing me to her. I don’t watch tv. And who i am is my target audience. You could be popular in Kenya but you are not relevant to my target audience unless i am selling airtime or milk to the masses. Right?”


Susan Kaitany after Betty Kyalo’s drama: Lack of loyalty is a thing especially here in Kenya 

They were once friends but now they are enemies. Susan Kaittany and KTN’s Betty Kyalo ruled the headlines after launching their state of the art spa Posh Palace. But less than a year on, the two are in a bitter fight after parting ways and later Kyalo starting her own spa just next to Posh Palace. She also “stole” all her employee.

But according to Kaittany, this is a normal thing in Kenya. Most people are not loyal.

“This is not my first business, lack of loyalty is a thing especially here in Kenya, not just for me , it’s for everyone, ask business people, the people who are close to you will let you down,  the peole who are close to you can even steal from you, it’s not new to me, it affirms my thoughts on like people not being loyal and believing and trusting in yourself first, people will let you down, you cannot have faith in people at all” said Kaittany in an interview with interview with Ebru TV.

She said that the market is can accommodate everyone hence there’s no reason to panic.

“The beauty industry in Kenya is over a billion, there is so much me and her is like a small fraction, even if ten people set business next to me, I will still be cool, there is enough to go around, I don’t know why people see it as, it has to be a fight or we have to have beef, there is so much, that we can even cover, I say welcome to the business join me in the journey of beauty, and discovering” she said.

Betty Kyalo


“We have the best intention we are going into something and we want it to work. The thing is we plan but you never anticipate what is to come and happen along the way. You saw us together we were happy, but shit does happen and when it does, you gonna be really coz I don’t want to hide behind tables and chairs, am really, it’s not working so it’s not working and whatever the consequences that gonna be there after you have to face them, it didn’t work out I decided to move on, we decided to part ways and she decided to start her own business.”

Susan Kaittany takes subliminal shots at Betty Kyallo

Susan Kaittany has responded to Betty Kyallo’s launch of her own beauty parlour. Former best friends turned bitter enemies have been indirectly hitting at each other ever since they fell out.

Betty took her former BFF by surprise when she opened her own salon just a stone throw from Posh Palace. The KTN anchor went a step further and poached Susan’s best employees.

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Betty Kyallo serves her client at her salon
Susan responds

Susan Kaittany took subliminal shots at Betty Kyallo after she opened her own salon to compete with Posh Palace. She sent a coded message that is obviously directed at Betty.

Susan cautions that moving fast doesn’t necessarily means that one is moving somewhere. Her message is seen to be a warning to Betty who moved fast to open her own salon after they split.

“It is a mistake to think that moving fast is the same as actually going somewhere. ??????,” wrote Susan Kaittany.



Betty Kyallo’s former best friend exposed by yet another KTN journalist after conning him!

Susan Kaittany who is Betty Kyallo’s former business partner and best friend has been making headlines for the wrong reasons!

A few months ago she was dragged into police custody after failing to return Betty Kyallo’s passport after their bitter split. The two apparently had a disagreement over an unknown issue and since then they have refused to see eye to eye.

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Betty walked out on Posh Palace leaving Susan Kaittany as the CEO of the salon; but word has it that she hasn’t been doing a good job!

Mike Makori exposes Posh Palace CEO

Mike Makori

In a new series of tweets shared by KTN Lotto presenter, Mike Makori; he reveals how Susan Kaittany and her friend Joseph Mbogo refused to pay him after they approached him to MC a gig.

According to him, the two have been taking him in circles with lies and sometimes unanswered calls. After using all means to get his money, Mike Makori finally decided to expose the two for their conning skills.

Through his Twitter handle, Makori wrote saying;

Betty Kyallo’s former BFF Susan Kaittany buys a brand new American machine

Susan Kaittany is the owner of a brand new American-made 4X4. The Posh Palace owner bought the off-road vehicle because she frequently travels to terrains ordinary saloon cars can’t handle.

Ms Kaittany has an intense passion for travel. She is set to launch her the first ever international travel show in Kenya sometimes in the year.

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Off-road travel girl

Susan has acquired American-made Jeep Wrangler ahead of her first ever travel show. She told Word Is that the  Jeep Wrangler is perfect for her frequent travels off road, she also revealed that she would buy a Mercedes G wagon next.

Susan Kaittany seated on her brand new Jeep Wrangler

“I’m an off-road kinda travel girl, who loves the outdoors, hiking and adventure. I love the flexibility of having my roof off over the weekend. Being in the bunduz is much more fun with a Jeep. I am all about this type of car, I really wanna get the G wagon next,” said Susan Kaittany.



Betty Kyallo’s ex best friend responds after the news anchor got her arrested

Word has it that Betty kyallo and her former best friend Susan Kaittany have finally broken up. It is not clear what led to their fall out but it seems that they will not be getting back together anytime soon.

Yesterday Betty Kyallo is said to have taken legal action against Susan for failing to return her passport. The lady apparently has no plans for returning the document to the KTN news anchor over their current dispute.

Susan was however released and seems to be back to her usual self. Unlike many who would choose to hide from their social media pages, the model and CEO of Posh Palace shared an interesting post to show that she is doing just fine. Through her instagram page Kaittany wrote saying;

Betty Kyallo walks away from Posh Palace

After running the Posh Palace beauty point, Betty Kyallo is now out of the deal she had made with her former best friend.

She no longer promotes the saloon and judging from her Instagram page, the lady seems to have deleted all photos with Susan.

But the question remains, what led the two best friend to split after being friends for so long?

Betty Kyallo’s bestfriend slays in new photos, check out the hot mother of 1

KTN news anchor Betty Kyallo is a lady who keeps a small circle. She is friendly to many but so far we know that she only roles with Susan Kaittany who is her best friend.

The two ladies have been spotted clubbing and even taking vacations together before. Though Susan Kaittany is not as popular as Betty she still gets to make headlines once in a while.

Just recently the lady shared new photos from her shoot looking sexier than ever. Her model like body gave her an opportunity to parade her beauty which cannot be over looked.

Susan Kaittany shared the stunning photos through her Instagram page leaving fans drooling over her unique taste of fashion.


Below are just a few photos of the lovely lady slaying in her photo-shoot.

Isn’t she lovely


Betty Kyallo’s best friend Susan Kaittany
Floral look for Susan Kaittany
Rocking her modern knee length boots and short overlap nude dress
Another stunning look from Susan Kaittany
Kaittany looking lovely
Amazing shoot from Susan Kaittany