Why all your favourite fat celebrities are undergoing surgical weightloss

Fat Kenyan celebrities are finally speaking up and admitting that they are not just interested but actively seeking the services of surgeons and doctors inorder to help them lose weight.

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And this cuts across the board in terms of genders (there are only two scientifically speaking) and both men and women, males and females are seeking out these services to help them achieve their ideal weight and body goals.

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Whether it’s Willis Raburu or Risper Faith or Justina Syokua or Milly Chebbie, they are all looking to enlist a surgeon to help them get their ideal body but none of them is willing to put in the hard work necessary to attain this physique naturally.

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And while these Kenyan celebrities are using their own money, what I would have personally preferred to see is them develop the discipline needed for them to actually mould their own body like a sculptor does a statue.

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But what is very interesting about this recent fad is the fact that a lot of these same obese celebrities had tried to schill to us the idea that beauty is available at every size. Let that hypocrisy sink in. Still need me to point it out for you? Cool.

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I want to remind you that the likes of Milly Chebbie have in the past shown off their bodies in a bod to convince you that they love how they look and want you to know this. And Kenyan women celebrated the fact.

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But they were selling wolf tickets because when push came to shove, they have thumbed their noses at this very notion and have instead started looking to become sexy through surgical means. And what’s worse is the fact that they have all not even bothered with trying to work out. Only Willis Raburu tried.

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But that’s just the thing, Kenyan celebrities lack the discipline to actually see through any actual tough work. They lack self-control but they try to lie to young girls that they are beautiful as they are. Why is that? Because there is nothing as addictive as the dopamine hits they got from young women and weak male feminists toasting to their delusions.

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But its not all doom and gloom and boohoos, at least I can give them some props for being honest about how they are trying to achieve their body goals. It would have been worse if they tried to lie to us that they had infact done the work like Vera Sidika who pretends her belly is naturally snatched.

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