Willy Paul Needs To Invest In Professional PR

Willy Paul Msafi’s name is currently being dragged through the mud as he has been mentioned in yet another scandal that features the words “He took advantage of me”. and yet another female celebrity talking about his improprieties.

Willy Paul responds to new sexual assault allegations made against him

And I cannot for the life of me understand why he is busy responding to this entire mess. Why did he allow his manager to go for an interview on Eve Mungai’s YouTube show?

Miss P accuses Willy Paul of forcing himself on her

I mean, come on, we need to start appreciating that when you’re as big a star as Willy Paul, he needs to actually be surrounded by a team that is permanently on their big brain time. This is just amateur hour and the worst kind I have seen in a long while.

Willy Paul makes U-turn after taking legal action against ex lover, Miss P

I get it, the types of accusations levelled against him are the type to induce panic. Why? Because he was finally able to land an endorsement deal for some alcoolic beverage but this isn’t the way they should have responded to their own panic.

The first thing the management team around Willy Paul should have done is to manage him. They need to actually start learning how to manage their client. From there, they should have invested in actually retaining the services of a professional PR (public relations) consultant or firm. After all, isn’t he the one who is constantly flaunting his money on social media? So he can afford to hire the best can’t he?

Willy Paul is cheapening his brand with all his stunts

I cannot believe that his manager went on an interview that will forever be online and available for people to download and keep sharing to minimise the allegations. That was a dumb move if ever I have seen one.

NRG’s Atieno Nyardhudha

I am of the opinion that they should have simply remained silent for now. They should not be discussing the allegations other than to direct all communications about the allegations to their lawyer.

‘It’s Disgusting’ Willy Paul Threatens To Expose Gay Artists Who Make Money Through $ex

The second thing I would have advised were I in his ear is for him to start having random female fans and women and girls he has helped in the past act as character witnesses, championing the fact that he has helped them.


Instead, we have this clown go for an interview to actually chronicle even allegations Kenyans had forgotten about. I am thinking he simply wanted clout and whether or not it was at his client’s, Willy Paul, expense is not a material factor he accounted for.

At the end of the day, Kenyans have a fleeting memory so this will doubtless blow over but instead, we have a clown who is claiming to represent Willy Paul and all he is doing is stoking the fire so they burn as brightly as they can while all our attention is on the matter. I have to wonder at why it is Willy Paul is also tolerating this.

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