Bahati and baby mama, Yvette Obura in a tussle over their daughter´s upbringing [video]

Kenyan gospel star, Bahati seems to be having some scuffles with baby mama, Yvette Obura concerning their daughter´s upbringing.

Baby Mueni was turning 4 just late November but the duo had no coordination of the events scheduled for that day.

A dear Yvette Obura had taken her daughter over to Mombasa ahead of her 4th birthday while a dear Bahati was in Nairobi busy planning for Mueni´s birthday.

Mueni Bahati and her parents, Yvette Obura and Bahati

It is clear the two did not even talk about it because none had revealed the plans they had, to each other. During his reality show, Bahati ranted at Yvette´s actions for not informing him.

Where is Mueni? How can you be in Mombasa and it´s her birthday? There is no way you can take away my daughter to Joho´s county and I do not know. Do not try my patience, you are really trying me.

From her end, Yvette questioned Bahati´s anger because as far as she knows, the singer blocked her so there is no way the two could communicate anyway.

I am in Mombasa and it´s her birthday. So what about it? I texted you and you did not reply. How can I call you when you have already blocked me?

Bahati´s baby mama, Yvette Obura with their 4-year old daughter, Mueni Bahati

An irate Yvette could not hold it, instead warning Bahati to stop shouting at her after all, he ignored her messages.

Do not shout at me, that is being disrespectful. Look at your phone. I requested you to buy her a dress and you did not respond. You are being very rude.

So the ¨Mama¨ singer asked that Mueni gets back to Nairobi in time for her 3:00 pm birthday event.

Look for a way to bring her back before then because I had planned for her birthday at 3:00 pm.

However, that was close to impossible because Yvette said she had booked SGR return tickets for 2 days later.

Let alone the number of days, Bahati could not believe his own daughter rode a train instead of flying high to Mombasa.

Why did you make my daughter board a train? My daughter goes to Mombasa by flight.

Private Jet

Since Bahati felt his daughter was flying too high for her to ride in the SGR train, Yvette dared the gospel singer to buy his daughter a private jet in that case.

So Bahati´s daughter cannot board the SGR train according to her dad. Well, since he feels like he has enough money, how about he buys her a private jet?

Bahati could not appreciate the fact that Yvette dug into her own pockets to ensure their daughter had a beautiful gateway on her birthday, instead, anger ruled his mind.

Bahati´s defense is:

I want the best for my daughter and as long as she is happy I can do anything for her. This is my blood. I want to give her the life that I never had. All I want is to co-parent.