Still bitter? Mwalimu Rachel mocks Sailors Gang months after parting ways with the ‘Wamlambez’ hit makers!

Mwalimu Rachel is back to trolling Sailorz members months after she handed over the YouTube channel to their new manager.

Of course this was not easy for either of them as Sailors new management involved lawyers and so did Mwalimu Rachel.

However after a legal understanding, Sailors got back their YouTube channel; and their former manager, Mwalimu Rachel bagged herself a million or so from the Gengetone group. This is because of the breached contract between her and the boys; but oh well – all that remains in the past.

Mwalimu laughs off at Sailors

Seeing that they haven’t been doing much for themselves since parting ways; Mwalimu Rachel recently decided to throw shade as seen on a tweet shared on her handle.


The NRG radio host went on to laugh off at the fact that she could have linked Sailors with international Jamaican star Konshens; but since they opted for a much more better ‘manager’ then that’s how they lost the numerous opportunities to grow.

Through her twitter handle Mwalimu Rachel wrote;

Wale maboyz ningewa organizia collabo na Konshens sahii chap chap! ???? LIFE ????????‍♀️????????????????????????

Mwalimu Rachel’s Tweet

Well if that’s not Mwalimu Rachel reminding Sailors that they played themselves; then I guess she’s just mocking them having no new interesting projects!