Njambi asks Kenyans to support her to appear on Ellen Show to raise awareness on Endometriosis

Former Media personality Njambi Koikai aka Fire Mama is seeking to raise awareness on a disease called Endometriosis on American show hosted by Ellen Degeneres.

On social media, Njambi who, has been abroad for two years now seeking treatment, asked followers to tag and catch the attention of popular media personality in order for her to be able to raise worldwide awareness so that other women can get help too.

She has been suffering from Endometriosis for 16 years now.

“Dear Ellen, my name is Jahmby Koikai from Nairobi Kenya, a stage four thoracic endometriosis survivor. Endometriosis is a disorder in which the tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. In my case the endometriosis spread all the way to my lungs, diaphragm, chest, ribs, appendix and close to my heart,” she stated in the letter. 

Second appeal

The reggae lover went on to reveal that she has been battling endometriosis for two decades and has undergone 21 surgeries so far.

It’s not the first time the radio presenter has tried to appear on a popular American show to spread awareness.

In February, she also asked fans to do the same thing to appear on a show hosted by American TV personality and actor Steve Harvey.

Njambi Koikai shoots down reports she’s dead

Media personality and reggae queen Njambi Koikai, has been forced to address a fake news report from a writer who claimed she has passed on.

Njambi has been hospitalized in the US where she is battling endometriosis for almost two years now, has been in and out of the surgery room, but wanted the writer to know she’s not dying anytime soon.

“Kuna msee niliona alipost ati nimekacha(nimededi) mazee. Nataka tu kumshow mi niko poa sana siwezi nyuria hii idhaa. Niko tu poa infact nafikiria vile ntaanza youtube channel niwashow 1000 ways to stay alive, have good skin and strong locs. Mbogi ingine ikikosa story za kutrend…wanaanza za ovyo.God ndio hupeana life. Mi niko going strong mbaya sana aiseeh! Thankfully now at 4.4m. Finishing strong mazee.” she posted. 


Kenyans contributed for her medical bill in the US and has been undergoing treatment since then. Koikai is recovering from those extensive procedures and says life is already dramatically different.

“I am recovering well. I’m breathing well without any complications.This was a major surgery as I developed complications due to previous surgeries from back home that left damage in my right lung and that was fixed here.” she said. 


Overwhelmed: Kenyan artists make a surprise visit to see Njambi Koikai in the US

Media personality, Njambi Koikai has been battling endometriosis for quite a while now but inspires many as she shares her journey.

Just recently, she unveiled her 3-day ´theme yellow´ awareness which has seen media personalities, celebrities even individuals stand with her on this.

This is to create awareness for the condition that is mercilessly attacking girls and women unsparingly, globally and without warning.

Via Instagram, Kenyan artists: King Kaka and Benachi paid the reggae queen a surprise visit.


Njambi is exhilarated because Kenyans of all ranks in society have stood with her and still are all through her journey.

She still recalls days when the Rap King, King Kaka, worked with her.

He would design their posters at Luthuli and Taveta road while he was still hustling.

Other endometriosis warriors

Renowned media personality, Janet Mbugua, was not left behind, after she shared her ovarian endometriosis ordeal, online.


She is part of the 3-day theme yellow campaign, in support of fellow sister, professional, and warrior, Njambi Koikai.

Elsie Odhiambo, Founder of the Endometriosis Fondation of Kenya, explained her traumatizing experience too.

Elsie Odhiambo, Founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of Kenya

Former Nation FM radio presenter, Ciru Muriuki also shared her journey battling the condition.


March is the Endometriosis month, let us create awareness unceasingly, for our dear sisters, mothers, aunties…name them.