Churchill Show female comedian in dire need of help as she is battling Endometriosis

Popular female Churchill Show Comedian, Zulekha Suchn has been battling endometriosis and is in dire need of immediate funding.

Churchill Show comedian, Zulekha Suchn

The humorous comedian has been battling the condition for a while now, but now needs to undergo surgery which is not pocket change.

On her Facebook account, she pleads with her fans and followers to be a part of the fund drive towards her urgent treatment:

Friends kindly help me raise funds for an upcoming urgent surgery that I have to go through.

I was diagnosed with #Endometriosis and I have been battling with the condition for sometimes now.

The doctor said it´s exceeding day by day and that I should go for a surgery to control the disease.

Kindly help me with anything little.

May Allah bless you.

Anything little one can offer, would go a long way for her.

The surgery is important for her condition to be brought under control.

In an exclusive earlier phone interview, former KBC presenter shared:

I´m supposed to undergo surgery today at Ruai community hospital.

The hospital was asking for Ksh 150,000 first.

An amount she needs to have gathered by the 10th of this month, if at all she will be declared ´safe´.

The former radio presenter, Zulekha

Further on, Zulekha adds:

I haven´t even gone to work, I can´t walk.
This condition is severe.
I haven´t left the house since Saturday evening.

The former Qwetu FM Presenter reveals:

I knew about my condition last year February.


Fans and followers amassed themselves on her Facebook page and their sincere love, support and Prayers for her are impressive:

Zulekha Suchh

itakuwa sawa my dear….

David Darlington Wafula

Stay strong mama we got your back,,hugs❤️❤️

Anne Kemuma

You will be fine sweetheart Zulekha Suchh.

Allah atajuafu in shaa Allah

Sophia Chinyezi

Name sake, I got you!

Audrey Oyier MC Akish

Quick recovery mama! Praying & supporting you.

Kavosa Bernad Musali

Pole sana, God will heal u

Rose Johns

Zulekha my dear ooh pole Sana.

DM your digits plz

Werrex WillyNasio Chris Aslaksen

These are just but a sample of the comforting and supportive messages fans and followers shared with the witty comedian.

This comes in shortly after the 3-day yellow code campaign by Journalist Njambi Koikai who is currently in the US, battling the same condition.

Other Endometriosis warriors include: Elsie Wandera, Media Personality, Janet Mbugua, BBC Journalist, Ciru Muriuki.

Overwhelmed: Kenyan artists make a surprise visit to see Njambi Koikai in the US

Media personality, Njambi Koikai has been battling endometriosis for quite a while now but inspires many as she shares her journey.

Just recently, she unveiled her 3-day ´theme yellow´ awareness which has seen media personalities, celebrities even individuals stand with her on this.

This is to create awareness for the condition that is mercilessly attacking girls and women unsparingly, globally and without warning.

Via Instagram, Kenyan artists: King Kaka and Benachi paid the reggae queen a surprise visit.

Njambi is exhilarated because Kenyans of all ranks in society have stood with her and still are all through her journey.

She still recalls days when the Rap King, King Kaka, worked with her.

He would design their posters at Luthuli and Taveta road while he was still hustling.

Other endometriosis warriors

Renowned media personality, Janet Mbugua, was not left behind, after she shared her ovarian endometriosis ordeal, online.

She is part of the 3-day theme yellow campaign, in support of fellow sister, professional, and warrior, Njambi Koikai.

Elsie Odhiambo, Founder of the Endometriosis Fondation of Kenya, explained her traumatizing experience too.

Elsie Odhiambo, Founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of Kenya

Former Nation FM radio presenter, Ciru Muriuki also shared her journey battling the condition.

March is the Endometriosis month, let us create awareness unceasingly, for our dear sisters, mothers, aunties…name them.

Renowned Kenyan media personality who battled ovarian endometriosis behind the cameras for more than a decade now

Former Citizen TV journalist, Janet Mbugua is known for her inspirational Instagram posts which seek to encourage someone out there.

She rarely gives us insight into her private life but she recently opened up about her battle with, endometriosis.

The feedback

Her post seemed to have touched the hearts of many, whom also opened up about a similar situation a loved one underwent.

Gents and ladies both flocked her Instagram page, sharing own traumatizing experiences and that of their loved ones during periods.

I had those painful periods when I was in high school and my mum was really concerned, we tried so many supplements bt nothing, I dreaded those days I was on my periods coz the first 2-3 days were th worst I couldn’t get out of bed…

Could even crawl like a baby to th toilet…

I was always on painkillers during my cycle…but am glad after I gave birth my periods are now mild and manageable..

Now can even continue with daily chores with ease, jus a mild pain on th first 2days….

@jahmbykoikai @officialjanetmbugua u inspire me,now I understand more what my problem was bt I wasn’t aware..


My sister goes through this every month and I cannot stand her pain. I literally almost always cry with her during these days. She can barely do anything during these days and it is the hardest thing a big brother goes through to see her sister helpless. I always talk about her condition and I am praying she gets help. She lost her self esteem and the bubbly little girl I raised is lost in this painful experience


@eddah_bange I totally relate!!


Am reading this from my toilet sit due to cramps,? I find comfort here.I use painkillers but sometimes they don’t help!

I pray, pray for the end of this pain!

Resonating with you!I get super lazy!


Oooh” laparoscopy ” avery painful process,i went throu the same case but i thank God that now i am amother of boys …dr Anisa bhagazal took me throu this for 3yrs ….there is hope for your endo sisters #letsfindendometriosisfcure #endoawarenessmonth


Period pains are among the worst thing that we women my case i experience pain that paralysis me..that means i cannot get out of bed, i vomit, i diarrhoea and at times i run out of breath and faint..painkillers are no longer a solution for me because they do not work and also i might vomit them..when i go to the hospial, they give me an injection which stops the pain..However, i am afraid because immediately i get the injection, my blood stops flowing..this thng is scaring me to hell and i do not a good gynaecologist to see..please someone help


Feel appreciated

God bless you @officialjanetmbugua for sharing ur story and motivating women out there..I hope you overcome it completely together with others like @jahmbykoikai my prayers are with you


Thanks for opening up this means alot go some of us…its an encouragement


It is amazing how supportive and relating one´s experience can be to many.

She is a warrior!

¨Endometriosis is wicked¨ Njambi Koikai strongly condemns her condition

We must admit, Njambi Koikai is one of the bravest female warriors of all time, in Kenya´s history.

The media personality has been battling endometriosis for a long time now and it has not been an easy job  for her.

Media Personality, Njambi Koikai

Credit: SDE

She was however, been on the war-front, advocating for and educating females around the world about her condition.

Endometriosis best explained; is an often painful disorder in which the tissue that makes up the uterine lining – the endometrium – is present on other organs inside one´s body.

It is a condition, especially associated with menstruation, that causes pelvic pain and at times, leads to infertility.

This saw her lungs collapse, every time she was on her periods; one of every 4 weeks.

Njambi Koikai

The month of March is World Endometriosis awareness month and Koikai has not stopped educating and creating awareness, by sharing her journey.

The condition has seen her go into surgery, 16 times, counting.

A day like today, in March, 2018, The endometriosis warrior underwent her 12th surgery, in the USA, as she hopes to get completely well and off the hands of the cruel monster.

Her ordeal

So on a day like this last year, 19th March 2018, one of my doctors said to me;

¨Njambi we found more water between your lungs and ribs.

Now our main challenge is that you already have 3 tubes.

We will have to insert this other tube in your back or breast.¨

Njambi Koikai

I said to the doctor;

¨Insert it through my breast, cos going through my back will be painful and I won´t be able to lie on my back¨

…so I was wheeled to surgery and I came out looking like this.

I was so confused.

I kept saying to myself, yaani periods ndio zinanifanyia napitia hii noma yote haki..

Nimekuwa nikiambia God daily aniponye and no more surgeries.

The brave Njambi reminiscences.

Njambi Koikai

She further condemned:

Endometriosis is wicked.

I was in diapers for so long.

Thankfully, I never developed bedsores.

Njambi Koikai with the sister

My mum and sis cleaned me up proper.

As one of the worst cases of endometriosis, I´d like to keep sharing, educating and informing the masses.

This disease is consuming us by the minute, worse still is the misdiagnosis we have to deal with.

The botched surgeries and all.

Na kwetu myumbani, maze hata ustake jaribu kuimagine ile noma madame wanapitia.

So fight for the women.

Help us get a cure.

Help women.

Njambi Koikai strongly advocated.