Noti Fow changes tune, claims to have ditched Mustafa over sugar mummy

Kenyan female rapper, Noti Flow has now turned tables, claiming she actually ditched Colonel Mustafa for cheating with an older woman.

Outrightly contradicting earlier claims of having dumped Mustafa for being gay.  In a recent interview with Radio Citizen, the lass revealed Mustafa played her with a sugar mummy.

I left him because of this woman who I realized was an old woman. She was calling, texting and even video called. I got pissed because I never even used to video call him but this woman did.

The consistency between Colonel and this older woman irked her nerves to the point she could not hang on any longer.

So I answered his phone one day and we talked with the lady but she hanged up. I then checked messages, I was disappointed. They had been seeing each other.

The socialite then resorted to being violent after the discovery, before the two rappers parted ways.

Ex-lovers, Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow

Noti additionally admitted to having taken Mustafa´s Instagram account in her own name.

Well, there you have it.