Khalighraph Jones treats fans to new jam dubbed “Roll with You”

Khaligraph Jones has just served us a new tune today. If you thought hip hop isn’t romantic, then try listening to this “Roll with You”. I guarantee you will have a change of heart. Roll Wit You is everything you need this quarantine season.


The smooth flow of the well written lyrics is amazing. Done in English, Swahili and of course Dholuo. Its of international standard, entertaining and enjoyable to the ears besides the eyes. It’s a tune that leaves a lady desiring to be in love.

I the self declared OG understands the hip hop culture and he definitely serves it hot.

Ill be everything you need and am never gonna leave

First time I saw you

I knew you were sent for me

Vile unanipenda najua we are meant to be

So ringa ringa kidogo wont you let them see

Usiwahi tense mummy najua we’ll get there eventually

Well with all these, who wouldn’t roll with Papa Jones, the reigning king of rap? The jam goes on as Khaligraph expresses his desire to roll with this amazing lady and even wanting to take her to Bondo, his native home.


Shot in a clean urban set up at the sea-side, every aspect of the video reflects a touch of class. The video features just Papa Jones and one vixen who matches the quality of the sound of this jam. She is everything fine and classic.

It is a tune that puts Khaligraph up in the world map, ready to earn more prestigious awards.

Papa Jones won Best Rap Act-2018 at the AFRIMMA also scooped the Best Hip Hop Act at the Sound City MVP Awards in Lagos Nigeria at the beginning of 2020. The ‘Yes Bana’ hit-maker has been riding high on his quality music. He has thrived on a several hit songs and collabos he has done with other artists. We still ‘Respect the OG’

Rating 9/10

Khaligraph Jones says ‘Leave Me Alone’ in his new jam

Khaligraph Jones is back with a new jam dubbed Leave Me Alone. The self proclaimed OG has been rocking the Kenyan Hiphop industry for quit sometime now.

He really doesn’t care in what people think about him. He has taken a notch higher in what he does and he has even gone international.

Leave Me Alone seems to be addressing people who try to bring him down. If you can’t keep up with the… Jones leave me alone. Nyi manyoka na washuku. He does not hesitate to say what is in his mind.

He talks about people spreading rumors in this jam. I can’t stop laughing when he says si ndio huenda ruracio kuotea soda na chapo. I can only imagine how true this statement can be.

Video Production

Khaligraph got standards. Leave Me Alone has been shot in Dallas TX and Houston (USA). Leave me Alone video is just great. Also, the graphics are standard. You what? Khaligraph sets standards for Kenyan artists.

The visuals and the sound have been treated with justice. I mean look at the introduction shots, they have great effects. In addition, the beats are just in line with the lyrics. Leave Me Alone has been presented by Blu Ink Corp. In addition, the audio is the work of Aress 66 at Blu Ink studios.

Leave Me Alone Lyrics

The lyrics are so simple to understand. They have been delivered in a way that one can easily understand. When he says; Leave me alone, achana na me, leave me alone wachana na mimi. Usinipigie simu don’t call my phone. You get the vibe he is trying to bring out.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that this guy really knows his market. In less than 24hrs the video had already hit 77K views on youtube. Khaligraph is doing well and this jam for me is great. Although there is a lot of bile. Leave Me Alone gets a rating of 7/10.

Below is a link to the video.


‘Megarider’ of 20 years ago brought to life by Nameless featuring Kaligraph Jones-The OGs

When Nameless said ‘Respect your Elders, I started singing while you were still in diapers,’in the The Kansouls ‘Moto wa Kuotea mbali ‘, he knew he had a definite stand in Music since long ago.


Nameless is once again on the scene with ‘Megarider remix’ featuring Kaligraph Jones.The production  done by the magic master Cedric Kadenyi alias Cedo and directed by VJ One.

Originally the song Megarider was done in 1999 by Nameless after winning a radio Talent search.The producer of the song then being  Ted Josiah.The song was about a discount bus ticket from the perspective of a Nairobi campus boy.

Lyrical master…

As he drops this new jam, Nameless has proven that in the Music art consistency is important.The song brings out the early 2000s nostalgia of the struggles of using the ‘Megarider‘ for transport.

With this Nameless puts it simply that he is here to stay,

“I started from the bottom, now am here(yeah) Ready to conquer next year with no fear.

Whatever that I have been through,They’ve got no idea but am still here (still am, still am still here)”

Going on,Nameless is basically talking about his journey in Music both the ups and downs that  have obviously defined his success story since 1999 to date.

The video in itself gives you the grove and in the back ground Lydia Ndwiga brings out the luscious taste in the song with ‘Megarider” line and the sultry moves.

The 21st Century self proclaimed OG, Kaligraph Jones in his part did not disappoint in his verses with his rap prowess,

“Men am turnt up no liqour, no tembe Is am all over rocking the airwaves  This time around with Mr. Mathenge Na pita na speaker ka Peter Marende Store ka mluhya pikanga sembe Danger ka mtoi akishikanga wembe Megarider inapita si twende (Raaah!)”

Clearly, after the play Kenyan Music noise, this is the kind of music that has redefined the industry in terms of creativity.

When you thought Kenyan Music had been thrown in the gutters, then the real OGs come out with this banger. The song was released on the 20th anniversary of Nameless’s journey in Music.

As you keep wondering what happens with Kenyan Music.This should change your opinion. I give it a 9/10 rating. Watch, listen and tell us what you think.