East Africa united by an encouragement song ‘Kosi’

Kosi is the newest project in town that features a group of artistes from East Africa. The jam has brought on board big names from Uganda and Kenya.

Those who are part of the strong hit are; Ambassada, Pallaso, Eddy Kenzo, Nina Roz, Arrow Bwoy, Jabidii, Beenie Gunter, Dufla Diligan, Wambui Katee and Ghetto Kids.

The collaboration between all the 11 is something that shows the industry is headed somewhere. First, we get to understand the meaning of Kosi. According to the team, Kosi is a short form for the word Kosisikeleli which means freedom.

East Africa united by an encouragement song 'Kosi'

Kosi is an inspirational song to the young generation

The main aim of the song is to inspire, motivate and encourage the new generation. It helps them to acquire a positive mindset towards life in general.

It is worth noting that the hit has brought together the best producers in both audio and video to ensure comprehensive work.

East Africa united by an encouragement song 'Kosi'

Kosi also brings on board the good works of radio legendary, Mzazi Willy M Tuva, a Kenyan presenter. Audio production involved three brains with two from Uganda and one from Kenya.

The beauty of this heat is brought about by the Masaka kids whose give the dance they’re all. Actually, the song is so real and unique.

Wambui Katee the queen of covers also graced the song with her beautiful voice. Being a woman in a male dominated world is just cool.

The lyrics of the song are a mixture of languages. This gives Kosi a new and unique taste. There is a combination of great works.

East Africa united by an encouragement song 'Kosi'

Kosi is a great jam and it is an inspiration to many. African artistes should focus more on content that is inspiring the young generation.

In conclusion, the likes of Jabidii and Arrow Byow are names that are recognised in the two nations for their good work.

In conclusion, Kosi by East Africa Allstars is relevant to today’s generation thus the rating of 6/10.

Video below.