“She is her father’s twin!” Pregnant Michelle Yola reveals details about her unborn baby!

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Michelle Yola is enjoying her pregnancy. Now that she is in her last trimester the lady has been sharing a few details about her unborn baby.

Through one of her Instagram live sessions, Yola expressed how happy she is to have seen her baby. According to the lady, they had a 4D scan that enabled them to see how adorable the baby looks.

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She went on to reveal that the baby has a sharp nose like daddy. Adding that the baby girl has been ‘doing yoga’ in the womb which is enough proof that she is quite active.

Baby shower details


The mum to be revealed that she might not hold a baby shower since they are mainstream. However, with time she will be able to tell since she still have a few more weeks to go before the baby is here.

Pregnancy glow: Michelle Yola continues to parade her grown baby bump a few months to welcoming her first child

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Michelle Yola has lately been keeping a low profile after announcing that she was pregnant with her first child. She has also been missing from the reality show to avoid drama and fights especially now that she has a child growing inside her.

Her social media pages have also been inactive but once in a while she shares new pictures to remind her fans that she is still there – but due to the new change in her life she now has to rest and stay stress free until her baby is here.

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The lass has also not revealed how far she is but I am guessing she is now heading to the 3rd trimester and if I am not wrong…Michelle Yola will be welcoming her baby early next year and since she is expecting a mixed breed baby…let us say that she will have a beautiful child!

Anyway she has shared a new photo where she looks healthy meaning that pregnancy has been favoring her in many ways especially the healthy glowing skin that one cannot overlook. She also seems to have put on some weight and the baby bump keeps getting bigger in each new photo she shares.

Below are a few photos showing her baby bump development!