Q Chilla features Eddy Kenzo in ‘Pepeta’

Q Chilla has a new jam dubbed Pepeta. In Pepeta he has featured Uganda’s finest, Eddy Kenzo. Pepeta comes in as Q chilla is trying to make a comeback in thee music industry. Also, Harmonize has been seen trying to support him.

To start with, I must admit that this is a great collabo. Q  Chilla is on the right track on his way back.  As much as the guy has been away, their voices are in sync.

Q Chilla features Eddy Kenzo in Pepeta

By this I mean that they are a good duo. The duo has performed Pepeta in the best way possible. Can’t wait for the video.

What is ‘Pepeta’ about?

First Pepeta is more of a love song dedicated to a girl. For instance, there is line in which Q Chilla describes the girl;

Ana mwendo wa matege  Nimechill radhi sio feki Hatumiagi mchina mchina(Mchina mchina) Kifuani pako dede, wala hahitaji jeki Yaani yamesimama wima wima(Wima wima).

In addition to the love described, there is also this line which shows what Pepeta means in the song. In this stanza, he calls the girl sweet names and asks her to Pepeta for him. Beiby nitang’ang’ana(Pepeta) Yeah pepeta(Pepeta) Beiby girl you give me love You give me love(Pepeta) Yeah pepeta(Pepeta).
Q Chilla features Eddy Kenzo in new jam Pepeta

Without going deeper into the song, conclusion can be made that this is a love song. You know in Kenyan context Pepeta means shaking the ass…

Q Chilla and Eddy Kenzo’s collaboration just shows the willingness of East Africa artists to work together. It is a great audio. Also you will notice that the audio and the beats are in sync. What do I mean? Simply it shows that there is flow and the sound is very clear.


The duo has delivered the song in a good way. There is a lot of energy. If you have listened to Eddy Kenzo’s work, am sure you know how he does it. The Q Chilla we knew before is slowly coming back.

Last but not least, the song Pepeta by Q Chilla and Eddy Kenzo gets a rating of 5/10.



Q Chilla and Harmonize takes it again with the baddest hit ‘Go Low’

Go Low is a latest jam by the duo Harmonize and the lost legend Q Chilla. This song is a Swahili jam and it starts by introducing the duo. Isn’t it  an interesting way of selling the lost legend back?

Harmonize takes the jam  mentioning them at the start. Q Chilla ends the song by sort of praising themselves.  Chilla na Makonde Yaani Chilla na Makonde  Eeeh eh na Makonde Yaani Chilla na Makonde.

Q Chilla features Harmonize in new jam Go Low

Relevance of ‘Go Low’

To start with, the set up of the lyrical song at first you might think it is praising Q Chilla. But as it continues it tends to be enumerating about love. This happens where Harmonize praises the physical outlook of a pretty girl.  ‘Mtoto ameumbwa kwa udongo Wa madina na makaa‘ a beautiful way of expressing beauty in an African girl.

He goes ahead to tell her if we can term the imaginable beautiful girl how he could do all favors to her and also praises her walking style. This jam creates a very beautiful imaginable look of a girl who the song might have been dedicated to but we can’t tell.


The jam has attracted many funs of the Duo being their third collabo as it brings such a lovely possessive output ‘Mie kwako fyatu‘ should we call it loyalty? Which many Africans complain about in relationships.

The song brings out a very funny obsession to a girl ‘Kifupi sibanduki nimenata nata Maneno sikumbuki mi nang’ata ng’ata Hivi na nyoa na sup, nafuga rasta Nachanganyikiwa nikikukapata‘ being praised of such unending beauty. Q Chilla and Harmonize brings out a picture of love in a very hidden but perfect lyrical meaning, thumbs up.


The choreography of the jam was also well done. A number of songs Harmonize has stuck to the white outfits in the video shoots which brings out a unique look of the production. The video output was generally awesome and Q Chilla’s return and their collaboration so far we must admit it’s doing them good among the fans.

Below is a link to the  song.