“I will let you know” Queen Darleen responds to pregnancy rumors

Diamond Platnumz step-sister, Queen Darleen is not going to entertain idle minds that keep looking out for any new developments in her young marriage.

Recent reports have indicated that the WCB’s first lady is expectant for tycoon husband Isihaka Mtoro.

Claims she has blatantly trashed, simultaneously annoyed by masses for not allowing her time and privacy in her marriage.

Queen Darleen

Up and close on Wasafi TV, Darleen articulated she is married but not expectant.

I am married and for me to be pregnant shouldn’t be a shocking thing.

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However, she did not understand how pregnancy was an issue to the public, failing to make sense why she needs to explain to masses whether she is expectant or not.

I am not pregnant. Where is the pregnancy? There are things that are good to be said but are also not supposed to be said.

Tanzanian musician and producer, Queen Darleen

All in all, she promised fans to inform them once something was cooking, after all, it is not possible to hide a pregnancy for long.

Further stating that even when she is expecting, that does not mean she will halt her music career.

But when the time comes, I will let everyone know. And if I am pregnant, they will see. I cannot hold my music just because I am pregnant. Pregnancy is not a disease.

Queen Darleen said ‘I Do’ to lover, Isihaka in an exclusive Muslim wedding early December 2019.

Queen Darleen with hubby, Isihaka Mtoto

Mwanajuma Abdul Juma popularly known as, Queen Darleen gave birth to her first child at a tender age and if she is at all expecting another, that will mark her second child but her first with hubby, Isihaka.

Diamond’s sister, Queen Darleen responds to pregnancy rumors

Pregnancy rumors are one thing that tend to ignite a set of mixed reactions from fans especially in the celebrity world.

More often than not, questions raised usually circle around: Who is the baby daddy/mama, the baby’s gender, how many months pregnant and any other that pops in your mind.

So now, rumor rumor is that Diamond’s sister, Queen Darleen is expectant. The younger sibling to Diamond however distances herself from any of it.


The ‘kijuso’ singer blasts critics whose daily job is to spy on individuals and splash fake news on social media.

And her being pregnant is a good example of such.


Sharing this with a ‘Yo Fave’ reporter, Darleen literally asked the journalist to clearly look at her and tell whether she can see any protruding belly.

That is just social media, as you have said, stories on social media, so this is just as simple as that, one of those unfounded stories. Look at me, look closely, do you see any pregnancy?

True to it, the reporter could see no bump.


Diamond’s sister additionally spoke in regard to Mondi’s official photographer, Lukamba Official who is alleged to be dating her.


Clarifying on the same, Darleen articulates that Lukamba is like a brother to her and only share a professional relationship.

Her pregnancy was definitely news. Because apart from being pregnant, masses were questioning who exactly her man could be. One we are yet to be introduced to.