Like father like son! Confirmed Mama Diamond Platnumz husband fathered a handsome baby boy with side chick (Photos)

For a while now many assumed that Rally Jones was being accused of cheating on his wife, Bi Sandra with an alleged ‘side chick’ Iffah who was said to be pregnant for him.

Well, this past weekend the lady by the name of Iffah unveiled her son’s face during his 40 days celebrations and judging from the photos making rounds on social media; there is no need for a DNA test to confirm that Uncle Shamte is the boy’s father.

Rally Jones aka Uncle Shamte’s baby mama

So far we understand that the fella finds it hard to share his child’s photo on social media because of Mama Diamond Platnumz.

Bi Sandra the Legal wife!

A while back Mama Diamond told one Tanzanian radio presenter that it did not matter whether her husband, Uncle Shamte had cheated on her with Iffah.

Rally Jones son with his mum

To her this was like smoke which easily disappears. She event on to add that the difference between her and the alleged baby mama is that she is legally Rally Jones wife!

Anyway check out the boys cute photos below!

Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan
Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan
Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan
Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan