Heartwarming video of Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz’ mother locked in tight embrace in public excites fans

Zari Hassan has turned out to be Diamond Platnumz mothers favorite and it is all clear during her stay in Tanzania before flying back to South Africa.

The two would occasionally sweetly embrace each other, laugh together, have good conversations, make memories together and even engage in a dance battle.

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According to Esma Platnumz, Zari is an exceptional kind of woman who won the heart of the Dangote family with wifey duties including getting her hands dirty preparing a meal for the whole family.

Something that stood out about her unlike the Bongo stars other baby mamas.

The heartwarming video

Well, to prove how tight Mama Dangote and Zari Hassan are, a recent video of the two tightly embraced in what looks like the airport before their evening flight, has surfaced.

Zari Hassan and the kids grand homecoming

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Zari is dressed in sleeping pajamas, with her designer bag in hand and a sweater while her mum-in-law is simply dressed in a long floral dress.

A dear Zari is seen comforting Sandra, as they part ways to return to South Africa and a sad Mama Dangote wishes them well.

They slowly walk through the airport, locked in a warm embrace, seemingly unable to let go of each other.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz and their children

“We will miss you more but we shall be back,” Zari Hassan comforts her mum-in-law.

You would easily mistake these two for mum and daughter with a bond too tight to break. Sandra’s husband, Rally Jones shared the adorable video of the two on Thursday as they parted ways.

Have a look;


Ben 10 continues to confuse Mama Diamond with new love tricks as seen on new photo

Mama Dangote and her young husband always know what their fans want; and that is to see how they live together despite their age difference.

The two allegedly got involved a few years back when the guy was married to one Iffah. However after tasting the type of love mama Diamond has, the fella never returned home.

The Tanzanian coupe is now living as man and wife as they held an Islam wedding to mark the new milestone in their lives. However what we don’t know is whether Shamte gets to enjoy Mama Dangote’s money freely or if he has to borrow since he once called her stingy!

Mama Dangote with young lover, Rally Jones

Romantic photos

Well, so far the couple has been serving couple goal photos on social media and looking at some of their photos one would assume they live like teenagers.

They not only play games in the pool and carry each other around; but also flirt just to prove they can as they enjoy life now that Diamond has the money to spoil his mum.

In the latest photo, Uncle Shamte who is also known as Kiben 10 was caught red handed lusting over his woman’s behind – just for fun. Mama Dangote who seems excited about the photo went on to share it on her page killing many with jealousy!

Grandma’s her age definitely don’t pull such stunts on stunts but we cannot blame Mama Dangote!

Struggled through out her life

As many know, Mama Dangote struggled to raise her two children with no father around. Diamond Platnumz dad allegedly walked out on her leaving her with a broken heart; and no food to feed her son and daughter, Esma.

Years later Diamond Platnumz has risen to top as the most celebrated artist from East Africa – breaking a record that has never been witnessed in Eastern Africa!

Rally Jones with Baba Diamond Platnumz

His father on the other hand has not had the chance to enjoy life like Uncle Shamte; and this could be punishment for abandoning his family years ago – but who know!

Never before seen photo of Mama Diamond Platnumz and her Ben 10 enjoying some private time at the pool

Uncle Shamte must really be enjoying his wife’s company and despite their age differences the two love birds continue to show their fans what love is really made of.

Rally Jones denies reports that he is dependent on mama Dangote for a living

This past weekend the couple stepped out for a swimming session leaving most of their fans shocked or rather surprised that even old couples find time to play around with each other.

Dr Love aka Uncle Shamte

Well, Mama Dangote definitely bagged herself a perfect man who is not afraid to show how much he adores his wife on social media.

Judging from their latest photo we can all agree that indeed love knows no boundaries nor does it care about age!

Anyway below is a new photo of the love birds that has left many admiring mama Dangote and her man.

Mama Dangote with hubby


“Happy birthday dad!” Diamond Platnumz message to his step dad as he turns 40 years!

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz left many talking after his special message directed to his step father on his 40th birthday.

The singer went on to celebrate his mum’s younger husband in a short heartfelt message that many did not expect. He wrote;

Mwenyez Mungu akupe Umri mrefu wenye mafanikio, Afya Furaha tele Dad…


Like father like son

It appears that Rally Jones has been playing the role of a good understanding father to Diamond Platnumz and his family and this is why he remains close to the Bongo star.

So far Rally Jones gets to enjoy first class treatment wherever he goes thanks to Diamond Platnumz mum who he legally married back in 2017.

Rally jones and Mama Diamond’s marriage certificate

From the marriage certificate we understand that the young man just turned 40 years!

Like father like son! Confirmed Mama Diamond Platnumz husband fathered a handsome baby boy with side chick (Photos)

For a while now many assumed that Rally Jones was being accused of cheating on his wife, Bi Sandra with an alleged ‘side chick’ Iffah who was said to be pregnant for him.

Well, this past weekend the lady by the name of Iffah unveiled her son’s face during his 40 days celebrations and judging from the photos making rounds on social media; there is no need for a DNA test to confirm that Uncle Shamte is the boy’s father.

Rally Jones aka Uncle Shamte’s baby mama

So far we understand that the fella finds it hard to share his child’s photo on social media because of Mama Diamond Platnumz.

Bi Sandra the Legal wife!

A while back Mama Diamond told one Tanzanian radio presenter that it did not matter whether her husband, Uncle Shamte had cheated on her with Iffah.

Rally Jones son with his mum

To her this was like smoke which easily disappears. She event on to add that the difference between her and the alleged baby mama is that she is legally Rally Jones wife!

Anyway check out the boys cute photos below!

Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan
Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan
Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan
Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan


Rally Jones shares a copy of his marriage certificate to prove he legally married Diamond Platnumz mum

If you thought Mama Dangote’s Ben 10 was just joy riding with his old lady because of fame and money; then you better think twice!

A copy of their marriage certificate is currently making rounds on social media proving that the two got married back in 2017.

Mama Dangote with hubby

Being Muslim the two held a low key wedding that only saw close friends and relatives attend. For this reason, many now understand that Rally Jones is a married man and the head of the family at the Dangote’s home.

Mama Dangote’s marriage certificate

The legal wife

However, this also comes as a big shock to many since Rally Jones is said to have a 1 month old baby with a lady he was toying around with.

Diamond Platnumz mum on the other hand remains unbothered since she is his legal wife at the end of the day.

Photo of the newborn Mama Diamond Platnumz Ben 10 sired with his side chick

Mama Dangote’s husband aka Ben 10 is the latest dad in town.

Word has it that his side chick, Shariffa, welcomed their first child together a few weeks ago; and according to Mange Kimambi the baby mama is a no joke zone!

Diamond Platnumz mum and her team are said to have tried keeping the news about the newborn on low but things did not work out as planned.

During a recent interview with Maimartha a Tanzanian journalist, mama Dangote revealed that she cared less about her man having another woman on the side. She went on to add that unlike the hidden side chick role; her relationship with Rally Jones is open for the world to see – something that the lady will never have.

Mama Dangote with lover

Baby mama trouble for mama Dangote

In a post shared by Mange Kimambi, we understand that Shariffa is a don’t care and infact is feared by Mama Dangote and her daughter, Esma.

Unlike ambitious ladies who would be after Rally Jones for child support…Shariffa Apparently comes from a very wealthy family and is quite contented with her life!

Below are just a few photos of the new baby who has now become a big threat to Mama Dangote’s marriage.

Rally Jones baby


Diamond’s father regrets paying less dowry for his wife Sanura Sandra

Diamond Platnumz’s stepfather Maisala Shante popularly known as Rally Jones now thinks his wife Sanura Sandra Kassim deserves more dowry.

Rally Jones married Diamond’s mother in 2016, the two lovebirds however only made their marriage public in December 2017.

Many people still think Rally only agreed to marry Sanura because of her money. Last year Diamond’s stepdad however made it clear that Sanura would never date a broke man. He stated that he himself was a rich businessman who genuinely fell for an older woman.

Rally Jones and Sanura Sandra
Rally Jones and Sanura Sandra

Rally Jones recently revealed that he should have paid more dowry for his wife. Diamond’s dad took to social media to share a photo of his wife Sanura and captioned it;

“Yaan kuna wakati nakuangaliaaa @mama_dangote alafu nasema peke yangu Mbona “MAHARI” nimelipa kidogo lakini nimepata kitu kikubwa sana!! Basi naishia kusema Asante Mungu ? Ikifika asubui natamani kukuamsha uende shule kwa jinsi unavyofanana na vitoto vya shule ??”







Family of scandals! Diamond’s father embroiled in a cheating scandal with a married woman

Diamond Platnumz’s stepfather Maisala Shante popularly known as Rally Jones is accused of cheating on his wife Sanura Sandra with a married woman.

Tanzanian newspaper Risasi reports that Shante has been exchanging love messages with a married woman. The daily contacted the woman who claimed that she lost her phone, she said that someone else could have been using her phone to send out messages.

“Nimekuambia simu yangu ilipotea, unachoniambia mimi sikikumbuki kabisa kama niliwahi kuchati na huyo mwanaume chochote, lakini pia kama nitakuwa nimechati naye kuna ubaya gani, si mwanaume kama wanaume wengine,” said the woman.

Diamond Platnumz with his stepfather Maisala Shante aka Rally Jones
Diamond Platnumz with his stepfather Maisala Shante aka Rally Jones
I don’t chat with women

Maisala Shante denied chatting with the married woman when he was contacted for comment. He claims that he doesn’t even send women text messages.

“Nakuheshimu kama mwandishi kukujibu swali hili, mimi sijawahi kuchati na wanawake ovyo, kama una namba ya huyo mwanamke nitumie ndio nitakujibu,” said Maisala Shante.

Shante got married to Diamond’s mother last year, the two lovebirds only made their marriage public in December 2017. There were also claims that Shante was still a married man when Sanura married him.

Sanura Sandra with her husband Maisala Shante
Sanura Sandra with her husband Maisala Shante





“Nina mtoto Kenya na nina mtoto Tanzania” Diamond Platnumz’s step father opens up about his biological children

Diamond Platnumz’s stepfather Rally Jones has come out to set the record straight that he married the singer’s mother Sanura Sandra out of love.

Many people quickly concluded that Rally Jones only agreed to marry Sanura because of her money without knowing the story behind their relationship.

Rally asserts that Sanura would never date a broke man, he reveals that he himself is a rich businessman who genuinely fell for an older woman.

“Unavyomuona anaweza akakubali mtu ambaye hana hela yule?Mwenyewe anapenda hela vibaya mno. Sana, anapenda hela,” said Rally Jones during an interview with Dizzim Oline.

Diamond Platnumz with his stepfather Rally Jones
Diamond Platnumz with his stepfather Rally Jones

Diamond’s stepfather reveals that he has other biological children from previous relationship. Rally Jones said that he has a kid in Kenya and Tanzania.

“Nina mtoto Kenya na nina mtoto Tanzania,” said Rally Jones.





Diamond hangs out with his step-father as biological dad begs for attention (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz has literally blocked his biological father Abdul Juma from his life. The singer obviously still harbors ill feelings towards his real dad.

Mzee Abdul abandoned his family while Diamond was only a kid only to resurfaced later when his son had become a multi-millionaire singer.

Diamond’s father recently called out his son for refusing to help him while he is still alive. Mzee Abdul said that Diamond will suffer when he dies.

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Diamond's step-father Rally Jones with his mother Sanura Sandra
Diamond’s step-father Rally Jones with his mother Sanura Sandra

Diamond and his step-father Rally Jones seems to be getting along quite well. A photo of the two spending quality time together set tongues wagging.

Rally Jones took to Instagram on July 12th and shared a photo of Diamond and him hanging out together at undisclosed location in America.

Diamond Platnumz and Rally Jones hanging out together
Diamond Platnumz and Rally Jones hanging out together



Diamond’s stepfather steps up his game on Valentine’s Day and it is epic

Diamond’s step father Rally Jones decided to spoil Sanura Kassim on Valentine’s Day. The Ben 10 poured out his heart to Diamond’s mother in the most spectacular way.

Sanura Kassim had a memorable Valentine’s Day when her son was being dumped. Zari decided to breakup with Diamond because of his continued infidelity.

“There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around in ALL SORTS of media in regards to Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond, as my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY & WELL BEING cannot be compromised. We are separating as partners but not as parents,” said Zari.

It was the best day of my life

Sanura and Rally Jones were having a great time on Valentine’s Day despite what was happening. Diamond’s stepdad went a notch higher with his Valentine’s message to Sanura.

He penned a romantic message to Sanura telling him all the sweet words usually associated with teenage relationships.

“I STILL REMEMBER THE DAY I MET YOU AND SMILE. BECAUSE IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE…meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favorite. H A P P Y ? V A L E N T I N E S,” wrote Rally Jones.


“Men are liars, he used to tell me the same things” Diamond’s step father exposed by his ex wife

Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sanura Sandra Kassim took away someone’s husband. Rally Jones’ ex wife has refused to move on with her life.

A woman by the same Meener Khalim surfaced to claim Rally Jone is her husband. The woman confronted Diamond’s mother in a series of posts on social media.

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Meener Khalim
You will miss me one day

Meener Khalim has once again fired shots at her runaway husband. She was shocked when Rally Jones recently flirted with Sanura in a romantic post.

Meener says the words Rally Jones was telling Diamond’s mother are exactly what he told her back then when they were deeply in love.

“And this is how layers and fucken man are.. Those words u used to tell me too mpaka nikakuamini nakukuthamini na kukupa moyo wangu wote.dont be so snich like that @iam_rally_jones . this is the world one day u w’l miss me!!!” Meener Khalim captioned a photo of Rally Jones and Sanura.


“I live to make you happy!” Mama Diamond Platnumz lover sends her this lovely message

Diamond Platnumz mum’s lover is proving to be one romantic man. He is often seen posting the lady on his social media pages to celebrate their love despite their age difference.

In his latest post, the young man praises his woman as the best thing that ever happened to him. Rally Jones went on to write saying;

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I love seeing you happy and my biggest reward is seeing you happy.

Rally Jones trolled for dating an older woman

Word has it that the two have an age difference of 20 years but this has not stopped the two from getting romantically involved.

Anyway even with the haters leaving negative comments, the two can’t stop showing each other love.

Drama as it turns out Hamisa Mobetto’s mother was also dating the same Ben 10 Diamond’s mother recently married

Diamond’s mother Sanura Sandra Kassim stole her Ben 10 from Hamisa Mobetto’s mother Shufaa Lutigunga. Apparently this is why the two women have been bashing each other of late.

Sanura and Shufaa Lutigunga used to be friends back then when there were claims that Sanura was supporting Hamisa Mobetto to get married to her son Diamond Platnumz.

Sanura and Shufaa started being enemies just after the latter announced that she had married Salum Shamte aka Rally Jones sometimes in December 2017.

Last week Shufaa Lutigunga took a swipe at Diamond’s mother. She bashed Sanura for marrying a man old enough be her son.

Diamond’s mother Sanura Sandra with her husband Salum Shamte aka Rally Jones

Same man

It turns out Sanura and Shufaa Lutigunga are fighting over the same man – Salum Shamte. Hamisa Mobetto’s mother opened up about her relationship with Salum Shamte in an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda.

Shufaa Lutigunga denies she was romantically involved with Salum Shamte. She explains that they were only good friends and nothing more.

Hamisa Mobetto with her mother Shufaa Lutigunga

“Huyo kaka (Shamte) ninamjua kama rafiki yangu tu na hatukuwahi kuwa na uhusiano wa kimapenzi hata mara moja. Ninashangaa mno kuona au kusikia watu wanakomalia kuwa mimi nilikuwa na uhusiano naye wa kimapenzi. Lakini siku zote mtu akiamua kusema, ninamwacha aseme au afanye awezavyo,” Shufaa Lutigunga told Ijumaa Wikienda.



Mama Diamond Platnumz new man reponds after being told he hooked up with the singer’s mum for money

Bi Sandra and her new man, Rally Jones are not having such a happy time especially with some of the nasty comments from fans.

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But having mastered the art of ignoring such comments the two Love birds continue to act unbothered. However, Rally Jones was recently forced to reply a comment from a fan who claims he is a gold digger.

The fan went on to say that the reason Rally Jones hooked up with Diamond Platnumz old mum is because he wants to escape poverty. This comment attract many more from fans who felt the same way.

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Mama Diamond Platnumz man responds

Suprisingly, Rally responded by correcting the fan saying that his main reason he is attracted to the lady is because of her beauty. According to him, all he sees is a young stunning lady when he looks at her.

Lets us just say that love knows no boundaries!