Controversial gospel singer Ringtone refutes death claims

Rumor making rounds on Facebook is that singer Ringtone is dead.

The reports which were first shared by a certain Facebook user identified as “Timoh Yeazzinny Young” shocked many after claiming that Ringtone was beaten to death
after following his crush into a certain unnamed bar!

He went on to announce the singer’s death saying;

“R.I.P papa ringtone…. sadly announcing the strange death of our kisii, kenyan gospel artist: ringtone apoko. he was beaten up to death when he followed his crush to a bar…????????????????????????…. what a hell???????????????????????????????????… r.i.p brother ringtone apoko”

Ringtone speaks

However Ringtone who happened to come across the post went on to refute the claims saying that his haters were behind the post.

However, judging from the broken English used on his post, seems like fans felt more comfortable laughing off at the guy; rather than spreading word around that Ringtone is still alive. He wrote;

Please help me get a word out here that me is well and not death as my hatters are wish me

Controversial ways

This is just one of the many posts Ringtone has come out to complain about on his Instagram page.

However, it seems that fans these days feel that the singer is more of a drama ‘queen’; like his fellow gospel artists who seem caught up between the gospel and secular music industry.

Anyway, Ringtone remains alive but we can’t say the same about his music career that continues to remain inactive!