Daddy Owen wants his brother Rufftone to Run for Senate Seat: He helped Jubilee win 2013 and 2017 elections

Gospel singer Owen Mwatia aka Daddy Owen has opened up about his brother Roy Smith Mwatia(Rufftone) interests in politics.

Owen believes he’s brother should become a politician and vie for Senator of Kakamega County because he’ll definitely win.

“He is always affiliated with politics. He helped Jubilee win the 2013 and 2017 elections.

“I always urge him to join but he always says he wants to watch from the sidelines. If I was to advise him, I would tell him to vie for senator in Kakamega. If Jaguar did it, so can he,” said Owen.


Uhuru and Rufftone

Owen added that his brother is a man of his words and he can lead better than many politicians.

“If you are a sober leader, it does not matter what field you come from. There is nowhere it is written that a leader should come from this or that field,” he told Word Is.

“Look at the leaders we have. Some of them are lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc. If you are a good person, you are a good person regardless of your field. But if you are a bad person, nothing can change that.”

Rufftone however, said that he’s not focused so much on becoming a politician.

“Does it mean that when someone walks with politicians it is automatic they will join politics?” Rufftone posed.

“I happen to have political friends and when I believe in their vision, I support them. Does it mean that when I go for coffee with you, I want to be a media person? I support my friends, I am a loyal friend and I put my mouth where my heart is,” he added.



Rufftone and Daddy Owen knew their dad was going to die: We pleaded for his life like twice or so

Singer Rufftone has opened up about his dad’s death saying it was a grief that they tried fighting since they somehow knew they are going to lose their dad.

Josephat Mwatia died in October 2017.

“We pleaded for his life like twice or so. There were instances he was taken ill and the situations looked out of control, but we kept on praying God to give us more time with him,” Rufftone said. 


He went on to add that losing the dad was one of the lowest moments of his life. His dad nurtured him to be the man he is and his spirit is always felt.

“I had nothing but to tell God thank you for lending us a father for all that time because to be honest, we knew he was given like 10 more years on ‘loan’. The only debt I had with God when dad died was to thank Him for his life,” he said.


“When I argue with my wife, I always remember that my dad told me that is part of the marriage package. He was so loving, protective, adviser, and he meant everything in our lives,” he said.