Rufftone and Daddy Owen knew their dad was going to die: We pleaded for his life like twice or so

Singer Rufftone has opened up about his dad’s death saying it was a grief that they tried fighting since they somehow knew they are going to lose their dad.

Josephat Mwatia died in October 2017.

“We pleaded for his life like twice or so. There were instances he was taken ill and the situations looked out of control, but we kept on praying God to give us more time with him,” Rufftone said. 


He went on to add that losing the dad was one of the lowest moments of his life. His dad nurtured him to be the man he is and his spirit is always felt.

“I had nothing but to tell God thank you for lending us a father for all that time because to be honest, we knew he was given like 10 more years on ‘loan’. The only debt I had with God when dad died was to thank Him for his life,” he said.


“When I argue with my wife, I always remember that my dad told me that is part of the marriage package. He was so loving, protective, adviser, and he meant everything in our lives,” he said.



Wahu Kagwi and Rufftone land lucrative government jobs

Singer Rufftone and Wahu have been named among those who will spearhead a new government initiative set to champion Technical and Vocational Training agenda among the youth.

The two will be tasked with reaching out to youth, helping them express themselves and revamp institutions which have a bad face. The deal was announced by Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed.


Amina launched the initiative which will see government reduce unemployment in the country.

“There have been gaps in the preparation of graduates in terms of career expectations, skills needed, attitude and readiness for work. The tertiary institutions, through the Office of Career Services, are expected to play a central role in addressing these issues,” she said.

The CS said her ministry hoped to set up one national polytechnic in every county, and a technical and vocational centre in every constituency in the next five years.

“I came to Nairobi and settled in Umoja estate and their was a jobless corner, it literally was a jobless corner because my friends used to meet and hang out here because they had no jobs or any training, this is a good opportunity to train youths and they will be better placed to get jobs or create on,” Rufftone said. 

“If I was clearing my secondary education right now then I would definitely go for such an opportunity because I have always been a champion of skill training, my skill is what puts food on my table,” Wahu said.

Daddy Owen opens up on why he planned a baby shower for his wife

Singer Daddy Owen and his wife last weekend had a very lovely baby shower. Though the event was exclusively for friends and relatives, it made to the headlines.

I did it

What shocked many is that Daddy Owen himself planned the event and not his wife Farida Wambui.

“I planned the baby shower myself and invited her workmates and a few of my relatives. That has not happened before. It is always the other way round, but I chose to organize it myself because I wanted it to be private,” he said.

Faridah Wambui

He went on:

The difference between my wife and I is that in I am in the limelight and she is not. I understand her so well because even me, who has been in the industry for over 15 years, there are things I find tough as a celebrity, so I found it necessary to keep it a secret,” he said in the interview with The Star newspaper

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s message to Gospel artists Rufftone and Daddy Owen following the death of their father

Losing a loved one is never easy. In fact we are often left questioning why death robbed us forgetting that just like birth, death is a rite of passage that we will all have to go through.

Gospel singers Rufftone and his brother Daddy Owen are mourning the death of their dad Mzee Josephat Mwatia who succumbed to a cardiac arrest while in his rural home after having dinner with his wife as revealed by Daddy Owen who said,

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“He was very ok, he had just had dinner with my mother and he excused himself to go to the toilet and the next thing my mother heard him fall. She went to check and found my father on the floor complaining of chest pains and a few seconds later he died.”

Friends and family have however been sending messages of condolences to the family as they face this hard time and now President Uhuru Kenyatta has joined in to console the family.

Through his Official Twitter he wrote saying:

Uhuru Kenyatta message to Rufftone and Daddy Owen's family
Uhuru Kenyatta message to Rufftone and Daddy Owen’s family

We as the Ghafla team send out our heartfelt condolences to the Mwatia family and stand with them in prayers!