Postmortem conducted on baby Samantha Pendo’s body reveals the scale of police savagery attack on her

Six-month old baby Samantha Pendo was a victim of police gruesome brutality during a few days of violence that followed after IEBC declared Uhuru Kenyatta as winner of 2017 presidential election.

Samantha Pendo suffered severe head injuries after being clubbed by police who invaded their home during security crackdown in Nyalenda slum in Kisumu city.

Baby Pendo succumbed to her injuries on Wednesday while receiving treatment at Aga Khan Hospital Intensive Care Unit. She had been in a coma for two days before she passed on.

Samantha Pendo’s mother with her daughter at Aga Khan hospital

An autopsy carried out on Samantha’s body on Thursday by Aga Khan Hospital Medical superintendent Dr. Dickson Mchana, Dr Sam Oula, pathologist Dr Simon Osongo and a team from the Independent Policing Oversight Authority, revealed that baby Samantha died of head fractures occasioned by a head injury.

While addressing journalists at Aga Khan Hospital, Dr. Mchana, a consultant government pathologist in Western Kenya, said that the injuries inflicted on baby Samantha’s head were very severe.

Relatives watch the body of Samantha Pendo at the morgue

“Samantha died of severe head injury. Actually it was bad. A gaping fracture on the head is what kept the baby alive because when the skull opens up, it releases pressure. One can therefore survive. Otherwise, if the head injury had not resulted into the cracking of the skull, she would have died much earlier,” Dr. Mchana explained to journalists.


Dance with the angels! 6 month old baby, Samantha Pendo dies while receiving treatment at Aga khan hospital

6 month old Baby Pendo was pronounced dead yesterday – a few days after battling for her life at the Aga Khan hospital where she had been admitted at the ICU.

Samantha, an innocent child who was probably learning how to crawl faced the wrath of a post elections violence that claimed her life after a few characters decided to riot in kisumu to protest the presidential results released by the IEBC.

Pendo’s mum (photo courtesy: Reuters)

From the reports making rounds on social media, Baby Samantha Pendo suffered head injuries which she received from a police officer who allegedly hit her and her parents in Nyalenda slum where the police were trying to stop the riots.

Her death has left many blaming the kisumu rioters and at the same time disappointed by the police for having used extreme force to deal with the protesters.

Baby Samantha Pendo passes on (photo courtesy: Reuters)

Samantha Pendo did not deserve to die and her precious life would still be intact if only Kenyans would have paid attention to the events that took place in 2007/2008! It’s time to stay awoke!