“My husband was in bed with another woman” wife of the late Samuel Wanjiru reveals

The case of Olympic marathoner Samuel Kamau Wanjiru who passed on in May 2011 after apparently jumping from his balcony has led to some of the private things he did on the low exposed by his widow, Triza Njeri.

Speaking during a court hearing held just recently – Triza Njeri told Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi that on the night of May 15, 2011, she came home and before going in the watchman did not inform her that Mr Wanjiru ha returned home with a woman.

She went on to add that when she got to their bedroom, she was shocked to find her husband with another woman in their bedroom. Triza Njeri went on to add that the woman she saw that day was not new to her as she could identify her as Jane Nduta.

“When I came back home from the house of my husband’s lorry driver, James Maara Mahia, at around 10pm, I found Kamau sleeping with a strange woman in our bedroom,”

However after walking in on her husband, his lover tried to strangle her after a confrontation forcing Triza to flee away as she feared for her life. According to Njeri her husband’s lover was claiming that the Nyahururu house belonged to her which spark quarrels between the two women.

“Nduta jumped from the bed and grabbed my neck. The corner lights were on and I could see her,”

Njeri says her late husband did not try to get involved in the fight as he slept facing up, with his eyes closed. She was then forced to lock up all the doors leading to down stairs and called the area OCS to report that her husband had come home with a woman who was trying to attack her.

This was before she was later called up to be informed that her husband had passed on after being hit by a metal rod on his head. The case will however be rescheduled for the hearing on November 6 and 7.