Zari celebrates her husband and son’s birthdays

Tanzanian socialite Zari Hassan is overjoyed as her husband, Shakib Cham, and her son with singer Diamond Platnumz, Nillan, celebrate their birthdays.

Zari took to social media to share a photo of Shakib and Nillan alongside a heartfelt message: “Help me wish a happy birthday to my husband and son. May the Almighty make all your wishes come true.”

Shakib also expressed his gratitude to his fans and well-wishers on his birthday, writing: “I am overwhelmed by the amount of love I’m receiving. Thank you for making the time out to wish me a happy day.”

The dual birthdays have brought double the joy for Zari and her family, filling their home with love and celebration. Zari’s message highlights the strong bond she shares with her husband and son, while Shakib’s appreciation for his fans underscores the support he receives from his followers.

We wish Shakib and Nillan a very happy birthday filled with blessings, laughter, and cherished moments.

Shakib reveals his the tricks he used to seduce Zari

Shakib “Cham” Lutaaya, a Ugandan man, is the spouse of Zari Hassan, a businesswoman living in South Africa. Shakib revealed in a recent interview on Uganda’s UnCut program that he had long had feelings for the mother of five children.

Originally, in order to visit her, he would travel to Uganda for her yearly White Parties. Five years ago, Shakib moved to South Africa, and he used to accompany the businesswoman to the mall in her car.

He presented himself to her for the first time. When they first met again, Shakib expressed his feelings to her. Later, the two would cross paths in Uganda, where they began transforming their friendship into a romantic partnership. The two have developed since then, going from being a mere dating pair to being married.

Recently, Zari and Shakib got married in South Africa. She acknowledged that she had given Netflix the rights to broadcast her wedding as part of the Young, Famous, and African reality series.
She also mentioned that Diamond Platnumz, her baby daddy, will appear in the next third season of the television program.
Shakib and Diamond Platnumz recently got together. According to Zari, the singer was interested in meeting her spouse because he spends more time with the celebrity’s children.

Kumbuka wewe ni bibi wa mtu! – Shakib tells Zari

Zari Hassan, the businesswoman and socialite, has shared a screenshot of her facetime with her husband Shakib Lutaaya.

In the screenshot, Lutaaya can be seen reminding Zari that he has gotten her off the streets and that she is now someone’s wife. Zari responded by saying that she is still wifey, even when she is not around him.

The couple’s sweet exchange comes after Zari revealed in an interview that her three teenage sons initially did not approve of her relationship with Lutaaya. However, after witnessing how close they were and happy, they asked him to ensure that he takes good care of her.

Zari also revealed that her Islamic marriage to Lutaaya was a surprise to her. She said that he organized the ceremony with the help of a few friends, and she didn’t hesitate to say yes because she loved him.

Zari said that she asked for a Quran as Mahr (dowry) because she is on a spiritual journey with Allah. She said that her husband prays a lot, and she feels guilty if she doesn’t pray. Lutaaya often calls her to remind her to pray when he’s not around.

Zari and Lutaaya’s relationship seems to be going strong, and they are clearly very much in love. It is heartwarming to see how supportive they are of each other, and it is clear that they are both committed to making their relationship work.

Zari forces Shakib to do a 2nd wedding ceremony

Zari Hassan and Shakib Lutaaya are set to have a white wedding in December 2023. The couple had a traditional Islamic wedding in April 2023, with Lutaaya giving a Quran as dowry.

Zari has said that her children were initially hesitant to approve of her relationship with Lutaaya, but they have since come around and asked him to take good care of her.

Zari has five children from previous relationships: three sons with late Ugandan businessman Ivan Semwanga, and two daughters with Tanzanian music mogul Diamond Platnumz.

Zari’s husband reveals men are in his DMs

In a video posted to his Instagram page on June 5, 2023, the 31-year-old Ugandan businessman said that he has been receiving messages from other men telling him that he has a good body.

“You haven’t missed out; you can have a body like mine or even better than mine,” he said.

Cham Lutaaya emphasized the importance of exercise and a healthy diet in achieving a physique like his own.

“Just wake up, give yourself time, exercise, eat, and you will achieve a body like mine or even better. It’s that simple,” he advised.

Cham Lutaaya rose to fame after his relationship with Hassan, who is 11 years his senior, became public knowledge in 2022. The couple had known each other for several years before embarking on a romantic journey that ultimately led to their recent marriage.

In a private Islamic ceremony called Nikkah held in June 2023, Cham Lutaaya and Hassan officially tied the knot. The intimate event was attended by close family members and friends.

Photos and videos from the occasion, which circulated on social media, depicted the couple dressed in traditional Islamic attire, sitting on a mat spread on the floor.

Little is publicly known about Cham Lutaaya prior to his relationship with Hassan. However, in June, Hassan revealed that her husband has a child from a previous relationship.

On Father’s Day, Hassan sent her husband heartfelt wishes, expressing her desire to make him a father of two while acknowledging his first child from a previous relationship.

“Happy Father’s Day to my king, father of one. Hope we make it two, inshallah,” she said.

Hassan has other children from previous relationships, including two sons from her marriage to Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz.