Quincy, Zari Hassan’s son, is discouraged from going out with men

Businesswoman Zari Hassan recently shared a heartwarming moment with her son Quincy on his birthday, much to the delight of her fans.

Quincy, the third son of Zari and Ivan Ssemwanga, was featured in an adorable Instagram video alongside his mother. The video showcased their close bond and Zari’s open approach to discussing dating and relationships with her children.


Zari Hassan expressed concern that the globe is no longer a safe place

In the video, Quincy, dressed sharply in a black shirt and brown khaki trousers, was preparing to go out when Zari engaged him in a playful conversation about his plans for the evening.

Zari jokingly prodded Quincy about his intentions, asking, “Where do you think you’re going dressed like that?” Quincy responded with a casual “I’m going to dinner,” prompting Zari to inquire further, “With who?”


Zari Hassan’s second born son comes out, declares he is gay! (Screenshot)

As Quincy insisted he was going out with friends, Zari cheekily teased him about potentially meeting girls. Despite Quincy’s blushes and denial, Zari playfully encouraged him to date girls, even jokingly expressing concern about the prospect of him dating boys instead.

She expressed her support for Quincy dating girls, remarking, “I’d rather hear you say you’re going out with girls than just ‘my friends’. You know, this generation is confused. We want to see you go out with girls. I don’t mind you going out with girls.”


Zari Hassan’s son turning out the way he did should not shock anyone

Zari also offered Quincy some light-hearted advice on choosing a future wife, encouraging him to meet as many girls as he wants and ensuring they are beautiful, smart, and hardworking like her.

Regarding her son Raphael’s past comments hinting at being gay, Zari clarified that he was not gay and that his remarks were taken out of context. She defended Raphael, stating that he was simply reacting to unwanted attention from women and clarified that he has been dating since a young age.

Zari reiterated her support for Raphael, affirming that she would stand by him regardless of his sexual orientation, emphasizing her role as a supportive parent.

Zari Admits Her Relationship With Shakib Hasn’t Been Good Since November Last Year

Zari Hassan has responded to speculation surrounding a recent video showing her holding hands with her ex-partner, Diamond Platnumz.

Clarification on Video’s Purpose

In a phone interview with Millard Ayo TV, Zari refuted claims that the video caused problems in her marriage to Shakib Cham Lutaaya. She clarified that the video was solely intended to promote Diamond’s new song “Mapozi.”

Zari stated that Shakib lost his cool on seeing the video of her and Diamond trending on social media.

“Hio ilikua Sunday last week. Thursday Baba T akapost hio video. Video imetoka naona mambo yameanza. Shakib was at home na siku hio because we had finished shooting alikua anarudi Uganda. Na hajarudi because of the video, Thursday kabisa he was supposed to go back to Uganda. Nimefika nyumbani akaniambia ‘lakini mke wangu hivi vitu mbona mi sielewi?’ Nkamwambia mme wangu unaona kweli sijakuambia tulishoot hio video, hio ndo nadhani ni tatizo yangu’. I didn’t tell him na hio kabisa ni makosa yangu because ningemuweka kwenye consideration kujua he is my husband and I was meant to him ‘look I did a video na Baba T but it is strictly for the promotion of the song’.

Zari Admits Relationship In Shambles

Zari further disclosed that her marriage to Shakib has been on the rocks since at least November 2023 when she started deleting his photos from her Instagram account.

“Sasa wacha niseme Zuchu na Baba T ni Couple A, sisi na Shakib ni Couple B. Hivi vitu vimetokea kama Couple A ina shida zao zinaendelea huko na sisi Couple B tulikua na shida zetu. Kuna vitu zilikua zinatokea na mimi na Shakib during our relationship. Ile video imeongeza tu on what was already was happening. Lakini Zuchu kutoa statement ‘ohh nko single nimeachana naye’ is not about that video because she was there, Wao wenyewe wamekua na matatizo yao. Na mimi na Shakib tumekua na matatizo yetu ndo umeona hapo I think it was November/December nlianza kufuta picha za Shakib nazitoa. Tulikua na matatizo, big, big issues. So haiwezi kutoa ohh saa hizi it is Baba T and Zari ndo Shakib anajiweka kwa hio situation ama Zuchu anaenda,” Zari said.

Zari Apologizes To Her Husband Shakib After Holding Hands With Diamond

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz’s recent video featuring his ex-girlfriend and mother of his children, Zari Hassan, generated considerable online discussion.

Video and Reactions:

The video captured Diamond and Zari holding hands and smiling, raising eyebrows amongst fans and sparking speculation about their relationship status.

Zari Clarifies

Following speculation about potential conflict within her relationship with her husband Shakib due to the video, Zari sought to clarify the situation.

Zari explained that Diamond requested her help promoting his song “Mapozi” as it wasn’t receiving the desired attention. She emphasized being present with her family, including Zuchu, during the video shoot.

“Tulikuwa tunashoot Young Fanous and African Diamond askasema nisaidie tufanye promo ya wimbo sababu naona haitembei vizuri. The whole family was there, tena Zuchu kbisa was there alikuwa amesimama na watoto. Ilikuwa hivo tu. Akaondoka na mi nikaenda zangu…

“Video ikatoka na nikaona mambo yameanza. Shakib was at home na siku hiyo alikuwa anarudi Uganda. Nimefika nyumbani akaniambia mke wangu hivi vitu mbona mi sielewi. Why didn’t you tell me coz when such things come up I look disrespected,” she said.

However, the video’s release led to unintended consequences. Shakib expressed feeling disrespected and disregarded, as Zari had not informed him beforehand.

Zari’s Apology and Clarification

Zari acknowledged her mistake in not communicating with Shakib and apologized for the situation. She clarified that issues within their relationship existed prior to the video, as evident by her removing his photos from social media in November-December 2023.

Current Relationship Status

Regarding her current status with Shakib, Zari stated that although the video with Shakib’s ex was old, it prompted them to take some space to address existing issues

“Huyo mwanamke alikuwa anatoka naye 2020. Shakib mwenyewe aliwapa bloggers the video waisambaze. It was more of if you can chill off your ex like that na mi pia naweza kufanya… It was out of frustration,” she said.

Shakib Gives Unexpected Reaction To Diamond Expressing His Love For Zari

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz sent ripples through social media with a recent video of his ex-girlfriend Zari Hassan. The mother of two of his children, now married to Ugandan businessman Shakib Lutaaya, was captured enjoying Diamond’s new song “Mapozi.”

But it wasn’t just the music that sparked discussion. Diamond’s commentary added a layer of intrigue. Referencing Zari as “Mama Tee,” he emphasized her apparent happiness in her current relationship, claiming she receives “150 kilograms” of love from Shakib, “no matter what.” He playfully captioned her as “the boss lady, a white man at heart,” adding another twist to the already complex dynamic.

The post ignited a firestorm of reactions. Some saw it as harmless fun, others as a subtle dig at his former partner. Discussions swirled around their past relationship, Zari’s present contentment, and the unusual public acknowledgment of her personal life.

One unexpected turn came from Shakib himself. Instead of taking umbrage, he responded with surprising positivity. Thanking Diamond for acknowledging his love for Zari, he even addressed him as “Powa Shemej,” a term of respect in Swahili. This show of maturity and open communication between both men caught many off guard.

The entire situation unfolds like a scene from a reality TV show, fueled by fame, past entanglements, and surprising twists. However, amidst the speculation and gossip, one thing shines through: a level of respect and acceptance between Zari, Diamond, and Shakib that seems to prioritize her happiness and well-being.

Whether this is a genuine step towards amicable co-existence or a carefully curated public image remains to be seen. But in a world obsessed with celebrity drama, this unexpected display of civility offers a refreshingly mature perspective on navigating past relationships and building new ones.

Zari Hassan Narrates Growing Up With Expectation Of Getting Married To A Wealthy Man

Speaking to BBC Swahili, Zari candidly admits her youthful vision of marrying into wealth. But as she matured, the reality of achieving such a lifestyle set in. Undeterred, Zari embraced a different path, one fueled by her own determination and hard work.

“I said it is not easy,” she declares. “When I realized I wanted a good life, I got the motivation to say I don’t come from a rich family, but it was my responsibility.” This became her driving force, transforming the childhood dream of “wearing gold” into a passion for building her own empire.

And build she did. Today, Zari stands as a successful businesswoman and media personality, married to Shakib Cham, a union celebrated with both intimate Muslim and lavish white wedding ceremonies. The latter saw Ghanaian musician Fantana, once linked to Zari’s former partner, in attendance, a testament to her resilience and ability to move beyond past chapters.

Zari’s story is a powerful reminder that achieving a good life isn’t always about who you marry or the gold you wear. It’s about chasing your own definition of success, fueled by hard work and unwavering determination. In this way, Zari has turned her childhood dream into a reality, not of gilded cages, but of self-made empowerment and a life truly “larger than life.”

I thought I’d get married to a rich man – Zari

Zari Hassan has expressed that as a child, she envisioned herself walking down the aisle with a wealthy man, dressed in Satin gold, and living a luxurious life. In an interview with BBC Swahili, Zari revealed that as she grew older, she recognized the life she truly desired and understood that she had to work for it personally.

When asked if she ever dreamt of having such a life, Zari responded:

“I used to think I will get married to a rich man, wear gold, but I said it is not easy. When I realized I wanted a good life, I got the motivation to say I don’t really come from a rich family, but it was my responsibility.”

She added:

“I said I wanted a good life, and that has been my motivation in life to say I want a good life.”

Zari is currently married to Ugandan man Shakib Cham. In June, she addressed trolls commenting on the age difference between her and her husband, stating that he is a fully grown man, not a child. She confirmed her birth date as “23rd September 1980” and emphasized that her man is “30 plus.” Zari clarified that her boyfriend, despite looking young, is not young, and she is turning 42 this year. She highlighted the misconception people might have due to not knowing her age and having older kids.

Zari Admits Her Personal Life Tangles With Her Brand

Zari Hassan, the multi-faceted businesswoman and self-proclaimed “Boss Lady,” is making moves to curate her online image, with personal elements taking a backseat to her carefully crafted brand. In a recent interview, Zari explained that her social media, particularly TikTok, is undergoing a shift. “I am a brand,” she emphasized, “and how I present myself online needs to reflect that.”

This strategic move highlights the potential friction between Zari’s personal life and professional persona. As a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and socialite, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the diverse narratives on platforms like TikTok. Removing certain elements, possibly including those related to her husband Shakib Cham, could offer clearer separation and protect her brand from any potential turmoil.

The recent birthday mishap exemplifies this potential dissonance. On December 6th, Zari posted a birthday message for Shakib, who shares the same date with their son Nillan. However, Shakib remained silent, leaving speculation swirling about their relationship status.

Furthermore, past incidents, like the stolen phone drama at Zari’s all-white party in 2022, showcase the blurring lines between their personal and professional lives. Shakib’s social media outburst accusing his friends of lack of support for Zari’s event further amplified the public perception of their complex dynamic.

Zari’s decision to refine her online presence appears to be a conscious effort to shield her brand from the uncertainties of her personal life. As she builds her professional empire, maintaining a clear distinction between the “Boss Lady” and the woman behind the brand becomes crucial.

Whether this signals a permanent shift in how Zari navigates her online world remains to be seen. However, one thing is clear: Zari The Boss Lady is taking center stage, and the personal drama, for now, will have to stay behind the curtain.

Zari Invites Tanasha To Her All-White Party, She Explains Why

Get ready for a dazzling affair! Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan is throwing an all-white party on December 16th, 2023, and the guest list is already turning heads.

One surprise attendee? Tanasha Donna, who shares a son with Zari’s ex-partner. In a recent press conference, Zari explained that she and Tanasha have built a strong friendship and are prioritizing family harmony.

“We talk about our kids, we support each other,” she said, “so why not celebrate together?”

This heartwarming news adds a special touch to the already exciting event. Joining Zari and Tanasha is fellow YFA cast member Fantana, the Ghanaian singer known for her energetic performances and captivating personality. Zari’s announcement on social media ignited anticipation: “East Africa, are you ready? Things are about to get hectic!”

With two talented musicians on the scene, the #ZariAllWhiteParty promises a night of vibrant music, lively dancing, and unforgettable moments. Zari’s commitment to family and inclusivity adds a heartwarming layer to the celebration, making it an event not to be missed.

Zari celebrates her husband and son’s birthdays

Tanzanian socialite Zari Hassan is overjoyed as her husband, Shakib Cham, and her son with singer Diamond Platnumz, Nillan, celebrate their birthdays.

Zari took to social media to share a photo of Shakib and Nillan alongside a heartfelt message: “Help me wish a happy birthday to my husband and son. May the Almighty make all your wishes come true.”

Shakib also expressed his gratitude to his fans and well-wishers on his birthday, writing: “I am overwhelmed by the amount of love I’m receiving. Thank you for making the time out to wish me a happy day.”

The dual birthdays have brought double the joy for Zari and her family, filling their home with love and celebration. Zari’s message highlights the strong bond she shares with her husband and son, while Shakib’s appreciation for his fans underscores the support he receives from his followers.

We wish Shakib and Nillan a very happy birthday filled with blessings, laughter, and cherished moments.

Zari Hassan & Her Husband Are Trying To Have A Child

Zari Hassan has revealed that she and her husband, Shakib Cham, are trying to have a child. Zari already has five children, and she said that she and Cham are “working on it” when they are ready.

It’s in our plans to have a child. Mr. Lutaaya and I are working on it,” she said

The two recently got married in a private white wedding ceremony in South Africa.

Zari also said that Diamond Platnumz and Shakib met for the first time two weeks ago in South Africa. She said that Platnumz had insisted on meeting Cham because he wanted to know the kind of person who was spending more time with his children than him.

“Some time back, I remember I sat down with Diamond and when I told him I was married he said he wanted to meet my man,”she said.

Zari says Diamond wanted to “know the kind of person that was spending more time with his children than him.”

Then I talked to Shakib about it…I asked him if he was down with it and he said yes. In the end, it was the easiest thing to do.”

Zari said that Platnumz was “happy” that Cham was a “kind and cool guy,” and that the two men are now friends.

Shakib reveals his the tricks he used to seduce Zari

Shakib “Cham” Lutaaya, a Ugandan man, is the spouse of Zari Hassan, a businesswoman living in South Africa. Shakib revealed in a recent interview on Uganda’s UnCut program that he had long had feelings for the mother of five children.

Originally, in order to visit her, he would travel to Uganda for her yearly White Parties. Five years ago, Shakib moved to South Africa, and he used to accompany the businesswoman to the mall in her car.

He presented himself to her for the first time. When they first met again, Shakib expressed his feelings to her. Later, the two would cross paths in Uganda, where they began transforming their friendship into a romantic partnership. The two have developed since then, going from being a mere dating pair to being married.

Recently, Zari and Shakib got married in South Africa. She acknowledged that she had given Netflix the rights to broadcast her wedding as part of the Young, Famous, and African reality series.
She also mentioned that Diamond Platnumz, her baby daddy, will appear in the next third season of the television program.
Shakib and Diamond Platnumz recently got together. According to Zari, the singer was interested in meeting her spouse because he spends more time with the celebrity’s children.

Zari reveals Diamond demanded to meet her new husband

Zari Hassan, the mother of Diamond Platnumz’s children, has revealed why Diamond insisted on meeting her new husband, Shakib.

In a recent interview, Zari said that Diamond wanted to meet the person who was spending the most time with his children. She said that the two men were mature about the meeting and that it was easy for her to arrange.

“I think it’s us women who like to be difficult,” Zari said. “But the two men were very cool about it.”

Zari said that Diamond told her he wanted to “know the kind of person that was spending more time with his children than him.” She said that she talked to Shakib about it and he agreed to meet Diamond.

“In the end, it was the easiest thing to do,” Zari said. “He acknowledged that he’s no longer in the children’s lives and said he was happy that Shakib was a kind and cool guy. Right now they’re good friends.”

Zari also said that this was the second time that Shakib and Diamond had met. The first time was in South Africa during a concert where Shakib was part of the organizing team. The second time was at a South African airport when Diamond was traveling back to Tanzania with his children.

Zari Explains Why Diamond Had To Meet Her Husband Shakib

Zari Hassan, the ex-wife of Tanzanian music maestro Diamond Platnumz, has revealed that the two men have officially met, with Diamond handing over the responsibility of his children to Shakib Cham, Zari’s current husband.

Zari revealed that the meeting was initially requested by Diamond, who wanted to know the kind of person that his children are spending time with. The meeting happened at an airport in South Africa as Diamond traveled back to Tanzania together with his two children, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

As they bid farewell to one another, Shakib was seen hugging the two kids before going for a warm embrace with Diamond. Speaking about the meeting yesterday, Zari revealed that she had earlier discussed it with Diamond, who requested to meet her current husband.

She says that both men turned out to be mature about it and that she had no trouble arranging the meet-up. “I think, it is us the women who like rope-pulling, but for the two men, they were very cool about it,” she said.

“Some time back, I remember I sat down with Diamond and when I told him I was married he said he wanted to meet my man.”

Zari says Diamond wanted to “know the kind of person that was spending more time with his children than him.”

“Then I talked to Shakib about it…I asked him if he was down with it and he said yes. In the end, it was the easiest thing to do.”

During the meeting at the airport, Zari says Diamond officially handed over the responsibility of his children to Shakib.

“He acknowledged that he is no longer in the children’s lives and said he was happy that (Shakib) was a kind and cool guy. Right now they are good friends,” she added.

This, Zari says was the second time Shakib and Diamond were meeting. The first time, she said, the two met briefly in South Africa where Diamond was having a concert, and Shakib happened to be part of the organizing team.

Zari’s revelation has come as a surprise to many, who have praised the two men for their maturity and for putting the needs of their children first. It is also a testament to the strong bond that Zari shares with both men.

Zari Claims Her Children Disapproved Her Marriage With Shakib

Zari Hassan, a 42-year-old Ugandan socialite and mother of five, has revealed that her children initially disapproved of her marriage to Shakib. However, after spending time with him, they came to love and accept him as their father.

Zari met Shakib in South Africa, where he was living at the time. He approached her and expressed his feelings, which took her by surprise. However, she was eventually won over by his kindness and sincerity.

The couple kept their relationship private in the early stages due to family dynamics. However, they eventually decided to get married in a private ceremony in April 2023.

The wedding was a low-key affair, with only a handful of close friends and family in attendance. Zari and Shakib exchanged vows while kneeling on the floor, and the ceremony was officiated by a Muslim cleric.

Zari has spoken about her wedding with admiration for Shakib’s initiative. She said that he was the one who took the lead in planning the ceremony, and that he made sure that it was everything she had ever wanted.

The couple is now happily married, and they are looking forward to starting a new chapter together.

Zari forces Shakib to do a 2nd wedding ceremony

Zari Hassan and Shakib Lutaaya are set to have a white wedding in December 2023. The couple had a traditional Islamic wedding in April 2023, with Lutaaya giving a Quran as dowry.

Zari has said that her children were initially hesitant to approve of her relationship with Lutaaya, but they have since come around and asked him to take good care of her.

Zari has five children from previous relationships: three sons with late Ugandan businessman Ivan Semwanga, and two daughters with Tanzanian music mogul Diamond Platnumz.

Zari blasted for humiliating her husband, forced to explain herself

Netizens have condemned Zari Hassan for disparaging her husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya.

Zari is heard referring to Mr. Lutaaya as youthful, naive, and “fala,” which is loosely translated as foolish, in an audio recording that was leaked.

The entrepreneur from Uganda and South Africa has published a video criticizing UK promoter Lady Naa for disclosing the tape that was sent in trust.

She further clarified that Shakib was referred to as a “fala” in jest and that she didn’t mean it.

She criticized women who, when they disagree, release material to the media.

“I was just looking out for my husband, telling a friend or a person that I thought was a friend…And it’s always females who (do that) and she makes it look like this is the first event that I’ve done…She decided to use that voice not at the wrong timing where it was going to look bad…We were chatting, we were vibing, it wasn’t in bad faith that I was talking about my husband.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how many countries you go, immigration will still be immigration. 

You could get to an airport and you just start. You get sent back to where you are coming from. Everyone who travels knows, you don’t joke with immigration no matter who you are. With one slight stuttering, you get sent back.”

Furious Zari Hassan Defends Her Husband’s Age once again

Zari Hassan has taken to social media to defend her husband’s age after some people criticized their age difference.

Zari, 42, is married to Ugandan man Shakib Cham, who is 31 years old. Some people have commented that Zari is “dating a child” or that her husband is “almost her son’s age.”

In a post on Instagram Stories, Zari responded to the criticism, saying:

“People are like, you are dating a child, he almost your son’s age, he’s not even 18. Really?”

“The brighter side of life right now is that you get to know my husband and he’s a fully grown man. And he’s not a child, okay?”

Zari went on to say that she is happy with her husband and that their age difference is not an issue. She also said that she is tired of people judging her relationship.

“I’m tired of people judging me and my relationship,” she said. “I’m happy and that’s all that matters.”

Zari’s response to the criticism has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised her for standing up for her husband, while others have continued to criticize their age difference.

Regardless of the criticism, Zari seems to be happy with her husband and their relationship. She has said that she is not going to let other people’s opinions dictate her happiness.

Akothee and Zari’s friendship in tatters?

Renowned Kenyan musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth aka Akothee has refused to divulge details about her fallout with her former close friend, socialite Zari Hassan.

Akothee’s response came after one of her fans asked her what happened between her and Zari, who she used to be very close with.

“Speaking of Swanky Jerry, what happened between you and Zari you were best friends, I remember you being in her corner?” the fan asked.

Akothee replied, “Do you want to start another show besides Netflix? What do you want to know?”

Akothee and Zari were once very close, and they often supported each other on social media. However, their friendship seems to have soured in recent months.

It is not clear what caused the rift, but there have been rumors that it is due to jealousy. Zari recently got married to Shakib Lutaaya, while Akothee got married to Denis Schweizer just a few days later.

Some people have speculated that Zari may have felt pressured to get married after Akothee did, and that this may have caused tension between the two friends.

However, Zari has denied these claims, saying that she got married because she is in love with Shakib.

“I am not competing with anyone. Now just because someone in another country got married, people should not get married again. Was he the first to get married?” she said.

Whatever the reason for the rift, it is clear that Akothee and Zari’s friendship is no longer what it used to be. It remains to be seen if they will ever be able to patch things up.

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Zari Hassan Denies Being Inspired By Akothee’s Marriage

Zari Hassan and Shakib Lutaaya are officially man and wife after dating for over 10 months The Ugandan socialite hooked up with the 30-year-old masculine man in May 2022 after dumping wannabe celebrity GK Choppa Zari and Shakib have been globe-trotting together since then, serving couple goals to the amusement and annoyance of many On April 16, the lovebirds tied the knot in a simple Islamic Nikah ceremony and shared videos and photos flaunting their flashy rings.

Now, most netizens have been roped in to speak over the wedding that Zari & Shakib kept surreptitious just for hours. Some claim that Zari was under pressure to get married. Why?

Well, to begin with, Zari is kinda getting old. And her folks would only laugh at her for not being able to keep a man.  Secondly, Akothee, her fellow socialite, is already having the time of her life with her hubby Schweizer. And her wedding has been known far & wide through East Africa.

But Zari has denied that Akothee’s wedding expedited her marriage. She shared a video claiming that a section of fans are trying to tarnish her name and ruin her happiness. Zari claims she’s happier now than ever after wedding the love of her life.

‘The Woman That Brings Sunshine To My Life’-Dark Stallion Celebrates Zari’s Birthday

South Africa based Ugandan socialite cum business woman Zari Hassan and her hubby ‘The Dark Stallion’ are head over heels in love and are not afraid to show their love to the world. As Zari celebrates her 41st birthday today, September 23, her lover has penned a heartfelt message to her.


”Happy birthday to the woman that brings sunshine to my life, my dear caring and loving wife! You’re the person in whom I can confide and I’m so lucky to have you by my side. ♥♥Have the special day that you deserve, my beautiful wife!♥ Happy birthday! Mama pinto????????????…”

Exuberant Zari also took to her Instagram to celebrate herself on this special day as she captioned a lovely photo of herself;

”It’s awhole new chapter for me and God is going to do great things in/with my life.
Happy birthday to me
???? @gertjohancoetzee
#Forever ????”

The Dark Stallion referring to Zari as his wife has raised eyebrows; since they have been on and off.

Zari splits with boyfriend Dark Stallion amid rumours of reunion with  Diamond – Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos  and photos
The Dark Stallion and Zari-Google

At the start of July, Zari Hassan deleted King Stallion’s photos off her Instagram account forcing her followers into thinking something had gone wrong between them. She followed it up with a series of Instagram stories where she revealed why she let him go. “I miss him, but I had to let him go. If it doesn’t build me I won’t keep it. The mother of five also deleted photos of him from her Instagram page.

A few months later after her message, they re-united after being spotted together her manager Galston Anthony’s house, where the two had visited.

Zari’s 18 year old son flaunts alleged hot girlfriend leaving many girls jealous (Photo)

Pinto Tlale is finally 18 years and unlike most teenagers his age; this fella is loaded thanks to all the money his late dad, Ivan Don left behind for both him and his brothers.

At 18, Pinto may however still need his smart mum Zari Hassan to manage; all his properties until he understands how to run the businesses left in his name.

Handsome Pinto

Away from that, we understand that unlike his parents; Pinto is a low key person who rarely parades his life on social media; but despite being low key – young girls can’t help but throw themselves at him in his DMs.

Sorry girls, Pinto is taken

However there is a new adorable photo of young Tlale in the company of a stunning Caucasian young lady said to be girlfriend.

Wait, we cannot confirm whether the two are like dating..dating or just friends; but all we know is that they look so cute together!

Pinto with lady friend

Again, if this is the lady dating Pinto then I guess the bar has been set a bit too high; for these young Instagram models slaying on, right?

Zari Hassan’s South African reality show lands at Netflix

Netflix has swooped in to land a reality series about Zari Hassan and boy are we excited for the boss lady setting standards to allAfrican women.

The excited mother of 5 shared the good news through her social media pages where she introduced the new show dubbed, Young, famous and African. From the caption this show will be based on Zari’s life and those of her friends in Mzansi.

Zari Hassan

Being one who was married and divorced to a rich husband, there is so much fans are yet to learn about the boss lady; and what better way than a reality show that will allow fans to get to know Zari better.

Introducing the show through a poster shared on her page, Ms Zari wrote;

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

Born in Uganda. Flourishing in Mzansi. Now we’re taking over Netflix! See me bossing it up on @netflixsa and @naijaonnetflix’s first-ever African reality show, coming soon! #YoungFamousAndAfrican

Celebrity Mum

The show, which is part of a larger, overall content and brand alliance will definitely feature Diamond Platnumz and other celebrities; meaning this is indeed a big show and obviously will take viewers inside Zarinah’s glamorous, stressful and high-speed personal and professional antics of the 40 year old mum.

Husband Snatchers? Zari’s Hubby Complains Of Waking Up To Numerous Messages (Screenshot)

It’s clear that people will definitely try to destroy your relationship; especially when you seem to be happy with your partner. Zari’s hubby, better known to many as the ‘Dark Stallion’ is on the receiving end. It took long for Zari to reveal his face to the world, evidently because she feared people ruining what they were building. Most people criticized their relationship and said it would end in premium tears, just like her previous relationships. But Zari cared less about critics and walked into the relationship anyway.

Zari’s Relationship On The Edge?

Zari’s fear might become a reality. Maybe it was better when no one knew his face. Anyway, her hubby is receiving DMs on his Instagram. The ‘Dark Stallion’ claims he wakes up to different message requests. He hates it! And he’s making it clear to everyone who thinks they can convince him otherwise.

The Nigerian ‘Stallion’ , whose name is Jerry Ebi Ebi, is not a fan of social media as such. Posting a screenshot of his DMs, he wrote;

”I hate it… Imagine I wake up with 36 DM… smh.. You guy can you stop this plzzz”

Well, for somebody who is not a fan of social media, 36 DMs in one morning is a lot. He didn’t specify if it’s women trying to snatch him from Zari, but I’m sure they are after him.

Zari Claps Back After Being Trolled Over Her Weight

Ugandan  socialite, musician and businesswoman Zari Hassan has clapped back at Diamond’s friend Juma Lokole who tried to body shame her by calling her fat.

Lokole is rumoured to have joined the Dangote family by being a friend of Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz and enjoys working closely with Diamond.

This happens days after Diamond’s Ex Tanasha Donna visited him at the capital and shared a stage with her. Tanasha has also released her latest song featuring Bahati.

A fan reached out to the mother of five with information that Lokole, who works at Wasafi FM was talking ill of her. This act prompted Zari to hit back with no chills.

Come we stay? Zari wants partner but not husband

Hassan returned to her native Uganda in 2000, after two years in the United Kingdom. She moved to South Africa where she met and fell in love with her now ex-husband. In 2013, she divorced Ivan Semwanga, whom she accused of physically abusing her.

In May 2017, Semwanga had a massive stroke and was admitted to Steve Biko Academic Hospital. He slipped into a coma, then recovered, but again his health deteriorated, and he died on 25 May 2017. He was buried in Uganda. Following the funeral, Hassan returned to South Africa to manage her businesses and some of her late husband’s enterprises.

Come we stay? Zari wants partner but not husband

Zari Hassan also recently took her kids back to school after a long holiday. The mum posted a photo of her boys dressed in oversized coats and a fan dared to poke fun at their school fashion. Zari quickly hit back and intelligently told the woman to buzz off and mind her business.

Zari is evidently protective about her family and also herself. She doesn’t entertain mockery from anyone.

Zari parades new thick figure in swimsuit, giving many wild thoughts on social media (Photo)

Zari Hassan says that her new body is a result of zero stress; something many can’t relate with especially with the pandemic affecting everyone financially.

However as for Zari who runs several businesses and of course has some child support coming in from Dar Es Salaam; why wouldn’t the mother of five not add weight? Anyway this past weekend, Zari stepped out in a swimming custom parading her new thick body.

Zari’s thick curves turning heads

With such never seen photos, most of her fans could not hold back from praising her for finally accepting that she is no 20 year old. Others went on to leave thirsty comments on the boss lady’s swimsuit photos; adding that thick curves bring out the best in her.

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Zari aging gracefully

Well with the thirst trap she posted on her page, there is no doubt that the mum of 5 keeps getting hotter as she grows older. Unlike before, she is no longer worried about looking skinny or just petite especially now that she is her 40’s.

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Responding to the ‘thick’ comments left by fans on her social media pages; Zari has finally decided to say something, According to the lady, fans should stop sugar coating the fact that she is now fat. In a video shared below, Zari is heard saying;

don’t you just hate it when people are like ‘ oh you’re fat but don’t worry you look good.’  What do you mean i’m fat and I look good? I’m fat, I’m fat period. I look good, I look good! Stop confusing me.

“My daughter is my late mum’s replica!” Zari Hassan

Mama Dangote is no longer important as far as Zari is concerned and after years of claiming that Tiffah got her looks from her Tandale grandmother; Zari Hassan finally set the record straight on who Tiffah too after.


According to Zari, her one and only baby girl Tiffah took after her late Ugandan grandma who passed away back in 2017. Zari revealed this through her Instagram page and that of Tiffah’s where she also shared throw back photos of her mum.

Looking at the posts, it’s obvious to see that Tiffah indeed took after both grandmothers but according to Zari; her little princess is her late grandma replica.

Tiffah’s  post

Tiffah and her late grandma

As seen on the photos shared below, to some extent it’s obvious that Zari’s genes played a huge role in the making of her baby girl!

And as much as Tiffah took after both grandmas. We cannot deny that she has lately been looking more like her mother Zari; who also happens to have taken after her late mum features judging from the photo shared above.

Little Miss Tiffah is also slowly turning out to be as fine as her mother and grandmother.

Mama Dangote and Tiffah

A while ago, Mama Dangote used to claim that Tiffah took after her; but now that she is no longer in good terms with Zari Hassan, the old lady from Tandale is out of the picture!

Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz and their daughter, Tiffah
Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz and their daughter, Tiffah

Rumor has it that Zari Hassan blocked Mama Dangote, Esma and Juma Lokole from commenting and liking any of Tiffah’s photos! Apparently this is because they all watched Diamond cheat on her and still pretended to be family around her.

As far as we know, Diamond Platnumz has not seen his son and daughter for 2 years now; and from the look of things, he is not bothered at all!