Actress Shilole reveals she washes her lover every day 

Controversial Tanzanian actress Shilole, known to many as Shishi, has left many surprised after opening up about her marriage.

The actress came to reveal that she loves her husband Uchebe so much that she even cleans him up.

“I take a shower twice a day. I shower in the morning when I leave the house and showers every time I get home in the evening. I also bathe my hubby Uchebe every night,” she said while speaking with Tanzanian radio station EFM. 


She further added that it’s true she’s older than her hubby by two years adding she does not regret marrying him. She also advised other younger men to marry older women.

”I am older than my husband by two years. I advice young men to marry older women because they know how to plan for life and future,” she said. 

 I don’t communicate using sign language, I use my English – Shilole after being trolled

After her interview was turned into a meme after she was enable to pronounce the word “subscribe”, Tanzanian singer Shilole has come out to respond to the mocks saying that her English is very much OK.

She also wanted to people to understand that English is not a measure of intelligence.

Use the language

“I don’t care what people say about me because English is not my first language. When I speak English I shouldn’t be insulted or mocked as I am trying. And even during my travels abroad, I change planes and reach where I want through English. I don’t communicate using sign language, I use my English words and they understand me,” She said during an interview on Mkasi TV.

The singer was trolled after struggling with the word for a couple of seconds during the interview.

Despite her struggling grammar singer Shilole weds her handsome young man in lavish wedding (Photos)

Tanzanian bad girl Shishi aka Shilole is now legally married to her young man. The couple held their white wedding last evening attracting popular artists like Diamond Platnumz.

This being the second wedding a few weeks after their Islam union, it is now official that Shilole is out of the market. Just like most Tanzanian women Shilole married a younger man aka Ben 10 to live with.

Shilole’s Islam wedding

The guest list

Shilole and Uchebe however chose to hold a low key wedding due to a few people who were against it. The guest list saw the likes of Wolper, Irene Uwoya, Vanessa Mzee and Jux, Harmonize with his girlfriend and BabuTale who played the part of Shilole’s dad.

Shilole’s poor grammar

The bride, Shilole is not only known for her music but her videos where she is normally struggling to come up with sentences in English.

Anyway even with that, she still bagged herself a handsome groom. Below are photos from her wedding.

Controversial singer Shilole weds her ‘Ben 10’ in a low key event (Photos)

Tanzanian controversial artist Shilole is now a married woman for the 2nd time. The lady and her young boyfriend exchanged their vows last night at a low key event attended by family only.

According to Shilawadu, Shilole kept the wedding details private until last night when a reliable source leaked the information. The only invited Paparazzi was Dizzim online, who are the current growing insiders in the Tanzanian entertainment industry.

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Anyway, Shilole’s surprise wedding has left many questioning why she rushed the marriage or is she expecting?

Shilole’s guest list

Unlike her, the singer did not invite celebrities to her wedding. She ensure to keep it off people who would leak it on social but invited Diamond Platnumz manager, Babu Tale. Word has it that Tale  stood in as her ‘father’ in the Islam wedding.

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The groom

Well, he is said to be in his early 20’s and as we all know Shilole is way older. Anyway congratulations to the couple.