I am the carrier. I am not sure I want it – Wahu responds after Nameless’ request for a baby boy

Ahem. Two things.

Number one: Before you go out sending congratulatory messages to singer Wahu that she’s pregnant, look carefully first because she’s not.

“First of all, I want people to understand that I have added some weight and they should stop saying I am pregnant,” she said.

Number two.

It’s true Nameless said he wanted a baby boy. He shared it in a past interview saying: “Siwezi mind a boy now that I have two girls, but we are still under discussions.”


That however, doesn’t give you a go ahead to pester her with questions of when she’s getting pregnant.

She already has two kids –girls– and if another one comes, well and good.

“It will be nice to be pregnant but I am not. It will be a nice blessing however not sure if I want that blessing. Everyone is telling me they want a baby but you know, I am the carrier and therefore I have to wait and see because I am not sure if I want it,” she added.

The rest will be settled behind closed doors and we might be informed later.


Singer Wahu gets saved, confirms she will no longer be releasing secular music!

Singer Wahu’s secular music career has been cut short after announcing that she has now moved to the gospel industry. The mother of two confirmed this while speaking to DJ Mo an interview this past Sunday.

Her announcement however came as a surprise to most of her fans. This is because many thought the gospel song she released was a thanksgiving song dedicated to God for healing her husband.

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Singer Wahu saved

Wahu however brushed off the rumor saying that she has been saved for a long time – And, the reason many were not aware of this is because she had been recording secular music.

“I have been born again for a long time, It’s just that i have not been doing gospel music,”

Husband’s health

Nameless, has been doing fine after receiving treatment for the extremely painful headache and neck pains that saw him get hospitalized

Wahu’s new career

The new gospel singer announced that she will be releasing new projects in the near future which fans should be ready for!