I am the carrier. I am not sure I want it – Wahu responds after Nameless’ request for a baby boy

Ahem. Two things.

Number one: Before you go out sending congratulatory messages to singer Wahu that she’s pregnant, look carefully first because she’s not.

“First of all, I want people to understand that I have added some weight and they should stop saying I am pregnant,” she said.

Number two.

It’s true Nameless said he wanted a baby boy. He shared it in a past interview saying: “Siwezi mind a boy now that I have two girls, but we are still under discussions.”


That however, doesn’t give you a go ahead to pester her with questions of when she’s getting pregnant.

She already has two kids –girls– and if another one comes, well and good.

“It will be nice to be pregnant but I am not. It will be a nice blessing however not sure if I want that blessing. Everyone is telling me they want a baby but you know, I am the carrier and therefore I have to wait and see because I am not sure if I want it,” she added.

The rest will be settled behind closed doors and we might be informed later.


Baby number 3 is still under discussion- Nameless and Wahu

After celebrating 13 years of marriage, which is like 33 years of normal marriage, celebrities Nameless and Wahu might be thinking of adding another child. May be a boy.

In a recent interview, the two revealed that they are discussing whether they’ll add another kid since they all already have Tumiso and Nyakio.

“Siwezi mind a boy now that I have two girls, but we are still under discussions,” he said.

“Sometimes, pictures are taken and fans wanaona vitu zao and start suspecting she may be pregnant. Those pictures you see could be that she ‘ate’ a lot that day so her stomach was big. I am with her everyday but I have not realised, but I don’t mind another kid.”


He went on to say that he’s not sure whether his wife Wahu is pregnant.

“I don’t really know but I will talk to her and ask to confirm by myself. Being in the public, you know that you are the target for scandals. So we are careful with everything we do, especially because we have a family to protect. So we try balance and put family matters away from the media.”he said. 

You just cheated on Nameless! Wahu Kisses a giraffe, Kenyans react online

Wahu was just trying to have fan, but it seems Kenyans couldn’t take it and thought she’s just too much.

An innocent giraffe is in the middle of a hot social media tussle after singer Wahu kissed him/her during a recent visit at Giraffe Center in Karen.

Mixed reactions


The viral kiss which happened during the weekend, left Kenyans with mixed reaction as some showed disgust while others hilariously claimed she just cheated on her husband nameless. Others warned her that she just invited a bunch of diseases to her body.

Here are some of the comments

Wahu’s new ‘trues story’ song brings mixed reactions, is she taking about Nameless?

Wahu has released her second gospel song called “My Everything” and Kenyans are trying to figure out whether the veteran singer is talking about her husband Nameless.

In the song, Wahu shares her religious side and most importantly, her cry to God ‘after her husband fell sick’. The song has been inspired by a true story and the singer posted a long explanation on YouTube saying that it talks about a woman who realized her hubby was her balance when he got sick.

“My Everything talks of a woman who sought Gods intervention when her husband and father of her children suddenly fell ill, on an ordinary morning as the family went about their normal morning routines. At her point of desperation, and realizing that her husbands life was on the balance, she called on Jehovah Rapha, God our healer to reveal Himself …. and He did,” she captioned the song.

Talking about Nameless?

Fans have been quick to point out that Wahu is talking about Nameless, who, last year was hospitalized for a long period. Wahu hasn’t shared her side yet on who she’s talking about in her second gospel song that comes months after releasing “Sifa”.



Nameless names three important things to note if you want to be a successful musician in Kenya 

Nameless has been in the music industry for close to two decades now. That comes with a lot of experience and the singer recently shared some.

Nameless shared three secrets that have kept him in the business for that long and how he has managed to keep his fire burning.

In an interview he shared that younger artists should know where their strengths lie in terms of talent, discipline and strategy.

“There are three things I always tell young artistes, even when I am mentoring them: There is talent, discipline and strategy. I always say that sometimes a person is strong in some parts, and weaker in others because people are different.There are people who are talented, but they are not disciplined, others are talented and disciplined but do not have a strategy. Maybe you are talented in voice but you do not know how to put those words well, then just get a writer to write for you,” he said in the interview.

SInger Nameless and Wahu

Strengthen that part you are good at. Subconsciously, initially I always tried and strengthened my weak points, but now when I sit down I realise they just revolve in those three angles. In the creative art there is a time that you can be in the mood to create and there are other times you are out of the mood completely. It is not coming at that point you want it to come.

Keep your writing simple

“At that time what do you do because you have to work? So you need to get some support at that situation, even myself I open myself to writers, I have always written my music, my own work. The first song I was helped in writing was Butterfly, which was in Luganda, so I needed to get some assistance in that and I told someone this is what I want, so they did it for me.”

Nameless concluded, “Those three points are what have guided my career over time, every time I am weak, I find a way to strengthen it so that it is a full package.

“I think I am very strategic [have been] ever since I was young. If you want to work on strategy learn how to play chess. Even as kids, I try to get Tomiso to play chess because it helps your mind to be strategic. I try to keep my writing simple, I learnt that in university, that is few words but strong.”