Never seen before photo of young Size 8 back in class 7

Singer Size 8 has always been a lightskin from birth. Unlike most women who have altered their looks, the singer tries to maintain her natural looks even when with makeup; and truth is Size 8 aka Linette is one hot woman.

To prove that nothing about her looks has changed; the lass recently unveiled a never seen before photo taken back when she was in class 7.

Size 8 reborn

Judging from this photo we can confirm that the singer has not changed much over the years; but now that she is a grown woman – of course her body size has changed but in terms of facial looks she remains the same.

Young Size 8

Through her social media pages, Linette unveiled the class 7 photo taken while performing at music festival.

She went on to caption the post saying;

Enyewe nobody knows the future hapa I was in class 7 presenting a poem at the music festival I didn’t know that leo itakuwa hivi so be positive as you start the year no matter how beaten you are put your Hope’s in Jesus Christ you dont know what beautiful things that are ahead.

Size 8 back in class 8

Well, from this photo we can already see how baby Ladasha belle will look like in the coming years.