Size 8’s former brother-in-law exposed for beating and cheating on ex girlfriend (photos)

FBI dancer who is also Size 8’s former brother in law and father to Mary Munyali’s son has been exposed for cheating and beating his Somali girlfriend, Isha as seen online.

Turns out that behind the couple goal photos shared online; there were tears and sleepless nights from the crazy beating and abuse Isha was receiving from slay king boyfriend.

Tbt: Ezra with Size 8’s sister

This comes about a year-plus after the slay king allegedly dumped his family; that is Size 8’s sister (Deejay Seven) and son for the petite Instagram model he was dating and living with.

However months down the line it now appears that Karma may have caught up with the dancer; as he is currently making news for the wrong reasons!

Violent man

As seen on the posts shared by Isha (the ex) she goes on to confirm break up with the screenshots of people exposing Ezra for cheating on her. One of the screenshots

While in another, a neighbor talks about how she pitied Isha for being beaten by Ezra a while back…

In yet another screenshot, a mutual friend went on to mention how Ezra would boast about Isha paying his bills;

Anyway, I guess the only person reading this tea making rounds on social media with a smile on her face is MMunyali; who was allegedly left overnight by the baby daddy despite having started a family with the guy.

Dancer Ezra’s Somali ex

But hey….do these Instagram relationships with slay queens and kings really last?