Pastor being haunted by ghosts of Lulu Elizabeth’s dead ex-boyfriend Steven Kanumba 

A pastor and his wife have pitched tent outside Steve Kanumba’s parent’s house claiming that their dead son has been haunting them and threatening to harm their child.

Numbi Mwilambwe and his wife Ngoy Mfumuabana, both Congolese, claim that Kanumba, who was killed by Lulu Elizabeth in 2012, has been in Ngoy’s dreams always threatening to kill their son.

The husband at first, however, kept brushing of the wife.

“Whatever brought us to Dar es Salaam is our need to speak to Stephen’s mother just like he directed us in our dreams. We do not have relatives here in Dar and we never met the actor when he was still alive,” Numbi narrated. 


The couple claim that their last born son, Felix, fell ill when they decided to go against the ghost’s wishes which were to name their son after him.

“We took him to hospital but he did not get better. All this because we did not heed to what my wife was told in her dreams,” they said.

The husband didn’t want to believe what his wife said, but after naming their last born after him, the diseases went away.



Steve Kanumba mum fears that actress Lulu Micheal will insult her after leaving jail

Steve Kanumba’s mum Flora Mutegoa is now sacred that Lulu Micheal might come after her with insults after leaving jail.

The lady claims that she was once insulted by the actress who is currently behind bars; for allegedly accidentally killing Steve Kanumba. She is serving a 2 year jail term but word has it that she will be out next month.

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The late Steven Kanumba
The late Steven Kanumba

With this, Kanumba’s mum says that the young lady could be plotting to revenge for being sentenced.

Kanumba’s mum speaks

Speaking to Gazeti la Mwanaspoti Flora Mutegoa revealed that she was once insulted by the young lady who told her that she is not afraid of the police or the court.

“Mtoto wangu huyu anaweza kurudi mtaani na kushikwa masikio tena na watu kunifanyia vibweka kama alivyofanya awali, wala asithubutu wala kujihangaisha kwa kuwa iliyomshtaki ni Jamhuri hivyo anapaswa kuniheshimu,”

She went on to add;

“Hakuna neno lililoniuma kama siku aliyonipigia na kuniita kubwa jinga huku akiniambia haogopi polisi wala mahakama,”