Politician Karen Nyamu leaves tongues wagging after flaunting millions of shillings online (Photo)

Karenzo Nyamu is balling and if you don’t like it – then take a seat! After trending for weeks due to the side chick drama involving Mugithii singer Samidoh; for some reason Karen Nyamu has become a person of interest in the entertainment industry.

So far we know that she had a son with the married man, Samidohi; who was not ready to claim their son in public – but being the person she is – Ms Nyamu decided to out the secret by force.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

Away from all that drama, it’s evident that Ms Nyamu is now playing in the same league as Nairobi socialites hence her online behavior. This past weekend Nyamu have many a reason to talk after flaunting what appears to be thousands of dollars!

Karen with the money

For those claiming that she was after Samidoh’s money; the lawyer cum politician has now proven that she has all the money she needs.

This is after parading a couple lots of dollars through her IG stories where she captioned;

Lakini dollars hua such a mood! Such feel good moneyz not our bulky 1k notes

Karen Nyamu

Well….if this is not showing off her millions – then I don’t know what to call it!

Hawa ni Kirimino! Comedians share shocking things they did after KCSE that would have sent them to jail like Ambira High School Students 

President Uhuru Kenyatta, CS Amina Mohammed, Interior counterpart Fred Matiang’i and a section of Kenyans were recently angered by a clip of Ambira High School insulting the government officials after clearing their KSCE exam.

The students were later arrested and thrown in jail for their actions, and as a warning from the government to future candidates.

Nothing new

Apparently, this kind of behavior is not new and has been happening a lot, only that it has never been caught on tape.

Different entertainers spoke to SDE and opened up on some of the crazy things they did after KCSE and it’s just unbelievable.

Here’s what they said:

Dr Ofweneke, comedian

“Burning of books was a planned ritual, I remember we burnt books and after we were done we got the school’s pig in the agriculture section and we also roasted and ate it.”  

We only torched exercise books – Prof Hamo, comedian

“Academic fire was not a big deal. We burnt books but ours wasn’t that elaborated because it was only exercise books plus it was a day school so I burned mine with close pals. After dealing with eight subjects, it was time to be done with high school.”

We planned to beat hated teacher – Mc Antonio

“My classmates planned to beat the most hated teacher but the head teacher got wind of it and called the police the night before we went home. We were beaten and instructed to come with our parents when clearing.”

We had dinner with principal – Jemutai, comedian

“We wanted to have the academic bonfire but our principal refused and told us to reserve the books for the next generation of students so we had dinner with him the evening before we left for home.”

We climbed Mt Kenya – Cynthia Njuguna, businesswoman

“Just before we sat our final exams at Mt Kenya Senior School, we went for a trip to climb Mt Kenya and create lasting memories.

We played against teachers – Irene Wanja, marketing manager

“At Greensteads International School, we had dinner just before I did my O and A levels exams. We also had a sports day where teachers played against the students. We signed our friend’s T-shirts and while some students burned their book and uniforms in secret.”

Pastor being haunted by ghosts of Lulu Elizabeth’s dead ex-boyfriend Steven Kanumba 

A pastor and his wife have pitched tent outside Steve Kanumba’s parent’s house claiming that their dead son has been haunting them and threatening to harm their child.

Numbi Mwilambwe and his wife Ngoy Mfumuabana, both Congolese, claim that Kanumba, who was killed by Lulu Elizabeth in 2012, has been in Ngoy’s dreams always threatening to kill their son.

The husband at first, however, kept brushing of the wife.

“Whatever brought us to Dar es Salaam is our need to speak to Stephen’s mother just like he directed us in our dreams. We do not have relatives here in Dar and we never met the actor when he was still alive,” Numbi narrated. 


The couple claim that their last born son, Felix, fell ill when they decided to go against the ghost’s wishes which were to name their son after him.

“We took him to hospital but he did not get better. All this because we did not heed to what my wife was told in her dreams,” they said.

The husband didn’t want to believe what his wife said, but after naming their last born after him, the diseases went away.



Lawyer caught red-handed watching steamy twerking video during court session(video)

Kenyans have been left speechless after a clip emerged of a young lawyer watching a steamy video during a court proceeding.

The clip, which has gone viral after being shared on Facebook, has the lawyer glued to his phone watching a curvy girl twerk. One of his workmates might have recorded the video.

Twerking VS the law

The video has left many annoyed since Kenyans are currently trying to deal with corruption but it now seems even our lawyers are not helping at all.

Here is the clip:


Exclusive! Hamisa Mobetto’s baby daddy revealed, no it’s not Diamond Platnumz!

For the past few months we have all been wondering whether Diamond Platnumz is responsible for Hamisa Mobetto’s pregnancy but now we could have the answer!

Ghafla has learned that Hamisa Mobetto has been keeping off social media to avoid being dragged into the Diamond Platnumz mess since she already knows that he is not the father of her soon to be born baby.

Speaking to a close source of Hamisa Mobetto, we have learnt that the lass got back with her baby daddy, Majizzo aka Majey who is the father of her first born daughter and also the man responsible for her second pregnancy.

Hamisa Mobetto with Majey

The source confirmed that the couple is back together after previously splitting over unknown issues.

They went on to add that Majey who was involved with a Tanzanian actress was forced had to call off his relationship with Elizabeth Micheal who was not ready to settle down – and since he wanted he wanted a wife, he had no option but get back with Hamisa Mobetto who is the love of his life.