Blessings on Blessings! Stevo Simple Boy goes international with major hit ‘Haiwezi’ (Video)

For a minute Stevo Simple Boy had been turned to a joke and his music – let’s just say there was no genuine love from most of y’all. Actually, he was mocked by many who kept mimicking him (especially Willy Pozee) but after all that – Stevo Simple Boy just went international!

Okay, Stevo Simple was recently featured on Haiwezi by Cartoon 47 and South Africa’s Ntosh Gazi and truth is they dropped a banger! With Stevo taking over the song’s  hooks – I promise you will not have wasted your 4 minutes listening to this new banger.

Stevo Simple with Ntosh Gazi and others

Simple Simple si mambo ni Simple. Dimple dimple msupa hana dimple. Jiko jiko vitu zina digo. Jiko jiko kweli unajiko

Whats more interesting is that the video was shot in Kibera Slums – hence giving it the Soweto vibe Ntosh Gazi is used to seeing back at home.

Ntosh Gazi And Stevo Simple boy

Haiwezi imeweza!

For the first time Stivo’s new management has proven to its willing to help the singer grow; and with Freshi Baridi already a slogan among the youngins means there’s a future for a bigger brand associated with Stevo Simple.

Also, couldn’t help but notice how South Africa’s Ntosh_Gazi made sure Stevo Simple boy was featured in most of his shots – meaning he saw talent and appreciated it.