Awkward: Tanasha Donna openly ignores Huddah for Hamisa Mobetto

For a minute there I thought Tanasha Donna and Huddah are low key friends. Maybe because they both like and leave cute comments (sometimes) under each other’s posts – but I guess this is usually just a gesture to show support for each other’s career.

As of now – we really can’t say Tanasha Donna and Huddah have ever been friends. They’re more like local celebrities who have ran into each other – but nothing personal.

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Actually the last time we checked – Huddah said she has no friends and has never had; which might just explain why Tanasha recently ignored her in the comment section.

Well a few days ago, Ms Tanasha shared new photos alongside son Naseeb Jnr and fans seeing how much he looks like Diamond Platnumz – they all reacted by mentioning the bongo singer’s name under Donna’s new post.

Huddah snubbed in public

Among those who commented is Huddah who also dropped a comment by mentioning Diamond Platnumz name. And as you already know – Huddah isn’t one to leave comments on other people’s posts meaning she may have really liked Tanasha’s latest posts; but unfortunately was ignored with no apologies. Huddah’s comment read;

Tanasha Donna and Son, Naseeb

Diamond Platnumzzzz????

However Hamisa on the other hand earned herself a reply for not commenting on Naseeb’s looks; but for praising Tanasha for her adorable Islamic wear saying;

Bi Ayyksha

Well judging from the people that responded to Huddah’s comment – one can see why Tanasha chose to maintain her silence; cause damn they all misunderstood what Huddah wrote. But ni life ya social media.

‘But what’s your bank balance:’ Huddah trolling Tanasha Donna for celebrating her 3 Million followers?

Tanasha Donna recently hit 3 million followers on Instagram making her the most followed female artist in Kenya. To celebrate this move, Ms Donna who is popularly known – thanks to her role in Diamond Platnumz went on to write saying;

Thank you for the 3M. Love you guys so much! ❤️❤️

Tanasha celebrates 3 million followers

Of course if it were any body else they would have felt the same way; but problem with social media users is that they will never let you win!

To prove this Miss Huddah who is a former socialite recently left tongues wagging after sharing what looks like a mockery post. In these posts Huddah is seen trolling those who claim to have huge IG followers; yet the followers do nothing for them.

Huddah Monroe the shade thrower

According to Huddah, times have changed and  followers no longer matter unless they help generate money for you. She wrote;

Lol! So funny how in 2021 people still fight for who is most followed in Kenya/Africa or has most likes lol!

Can walk the talk?

Well, being one who is known to throw shade (but can’t handle the shade thrown her way) Huddah’s post just came moments after Tanasha’s new win; and you can’t blame us for thinking the two posts could be related.

Just to prove how petty she can get, Huddah went on to add saying;

Tanasha grooving

But what’s your BANK BALANCE? Darliing?


In this side of town we evolved! Even companies know followers don’t mean buyers 90% of the time esp in Africa cause most just follow for gossip and lurking! Otherwise we would have small businesses going to the moon outchea