Tanasha Donna Clarifies Relationship Status After Posting Photo With Nigerian Man

Kenyan presenter and musician Tanasha Donna has clarified her relationship status after posting a photo with a man believed to be a Nigerian national several weeks ago.

The photo, which was uploaded to Tanasha’s Instagram account, showed her posing with the man, who is identified as Nigerian businessman Jamal Gaddafi. In the caption, Tanasha praised Jamal, writing, “Can’t wait to see you again.”

The photo quickly sparked speculation among Tanasha’s fans, with many assuming that she was in a new relationship. However, Tanasha took to Twitter to set the record straight, writing, “I’m not dating anyone. Jamal is a dear friend and I’m just happy to have him in my life.”

Tanasha’s clarification comes after she split from her ex-boyfriend, Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, in 2020. The two share a son, King Naseeb.

Despite her recent breakup, Tanasha has been focusing on her career and her son. She recently released her debut album, “Just in Love,” and she is also a brand ambassador for several major companies.

It is unclear what the future holds for Tanasha’s love life, but she has made it clear that she is not currently in a relationship. She is focused on her career and her son, and she is happy to have Jamal Gaddafi as a friend.

Here are some additional details about the photo that Tanasha posted:

  • The photo was taken in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Jamal Gaddafi is a Nigerian businessman who owns several companies in the country.
  • Tanasha and Jamal have known each other for several years.
  • Tanasha has previously said that Jamal is a “great friend” and that she is “grateful to have him in her life.”

It is unclear if Tanasha and Jamal will ever become more than friends, but they seem to have a strong bond. Only time will tell what the future holds for these two.

Tanasha Donna Denies Dating Nigerian Man

Tanasha Donna, a Kenyan singer and presenter, has denied dating a Nigerian man after a photo of the two of them went viral on social media.

The photo, which was posted on Tanasha’s Instagram account, shows her posing with a man named Zpxnso. In the caption, Tanasha wrote, “Look at yourself, I am very proud of you, soon I will come, God willing.” Zpxnso responded in the comments, writing, “My girlfriend Tanasha Donna, thank you, I’m very eager to meet you again.”

The photo quickly went viral, with many people assuming that Tanasha and Zpxnso were dating. However, Tanasha has since denied the rumors, saying that Zpxnso is just a friend.

“No, stop that, we are friends,” Tanasha said in a video posted on her Instagram Stories. “I don’t know why people are making such a big deal out of this.”

Tanasha is no stranger to dating rumors. In 2019, she was linked to Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, with whom she has a son. The two later broke up, and Tanasha has since been linked to several other men.

It is unclear why Tanasha posted the photo with Zpxnso in the first place. However, her denial of the rumors suggests that she is not interested in dating anyone at the moment.

Tanasha is a talented singer and presenter who has achieved a lot in her career. She is also a single mother, and she is clearly focused on raising her son. It is understandable that she would want to keep her personal life private, and she should not be forced to explain herself to anyone.

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Diana Marua Ignites Beef With Tanasha Donna After Diss Track

Diana Marua ignited a beef between herself and Tanasha after she roasted her in her new song.

The musician & YouTuber dissed several celebrities including Andrew Kibe, Tanasha and Zuchu in her new song titled Narudi Soko According to the content creator, the US-based YouTuber is very poor and lives in a ghetto Diana made fun of Tanasha Donna and Diamond’s failed relationship and that of Jamal Roho Safi with Amber Ray.

This is what Diana said about the trio: “Tanasha Dona hukuweka sukari, ukanyang’anywa Prado daaah! Unarudi soko! Na huyu Zuchu anapeana vitu mkidhani Nasibu, atarudi soko!”

In the song, Diana reiterated that Kibe is poor and living in a ghetto. “Andrew Kibe unatusi watu na wee ni maskini (utakufa ghetto).”

This is what Diana said about Amber Ray & Jimal “Amber Ray akanotice ulafi, akatoka Jamal roho safi (akarudi soko). Naye Jamal akarudia mama kumaliza lawama, kumbe (alirudi soko), Diana added.

Tanasha has now unfollowed Marua over the same; and it’s now in black and white that Diana has ignited a beef between them.

Tanasha Donna opens up about her childhood for the first time

Tanasha Donna may have been in the entertainment industry for almost 10 years now but unlike most celebrities we have come to know- Ms Donna shares very little information about herself and those close to her.

Before she dated Diamond Platnumz there are those who knew nothing about her previous love life…actually come to think of it, Miss Donna’s only known ex boyfriend before Diamond Platnumz is Nick Mutuma.

Young Tanasha Donna with step dad

So yea, the lady lives a private life for an artiste – which leaves me wondering…could her private life be the reason she remains underrated? I mean – she’s good at singing and rapping but her fans have nothing else to talk about apart from her songs, right?

Tbt: Tanasha Donna 

Tanasha on her childhood

Anyway, thanks to a new IG status post mama Naseeb Jnr for the first time shared little information on her childhood saying;

When people ask where I’m from….I never know where to start. Born in the UK, Grew up in Kenya then left for Belgium but my biological father’s Italian with some other mixes in there too but grew up with a Belgium step dad then moved back to Kenya 6/7 years ago but go back & forth Europe/Kenya when I can and co.


Well since she already dropped her anticipated single Karma, I bet she’s now ready to open up alittle more to her fans; hoping this move will help keep her relevant in the entertainment industry.

Tanasha Donna on what attracts her to a man & it is not money or looks (Video)

Tanasha Donna recently held a candid interview opening up about her projects, baby daddy and of course her personal life – something many didn’t expect especially with how private she’s become since breaking up with Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking of her breakup with Diamond Platnumz- I believe there are those who feel the lass is s hanging on her baby daddy’s face to remain relevant; while there are those who feel that she moved on swiftly after the breakup – but since we were not part of the breakup – I guess we will have to agrees to disagree for now.

Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Anyway with baby daddy out of the picture – Miss Donna has now been linked to several guys wealthy guys in the country….not forgetting Nigerian singer Omah Lay who she was allegedly seeing a few months ago.

Tanasha’s type

However speaking to Mpasho recently, the mum of one made it known she is currently single – a statement I highly doubt judging from her body language and a little attitude she gave out.

Although she claims to be single – Donna went on to describe the kind of man she likes or rather is attracted to saying;

Flashy businessman, Kevin Obia with Babu Owino

My type of guy. For me personally (are we talking physical?) because well, I have met a lot of good looking guys with nasty characters so for me that’s an immediate turn off. I don’t care what you have how much you have but character is very important to me.

Weuh! Tanasha Donna rubbishes baby daddy’s claims that “Marriage ends careers”

Out of all Diamond Platnumz baby mamas, Tanasha Donna happens to be the youngest of them all and unlike the others – she didn’t put up a fight after her relationship with the singer came to an end.

Tbt: Diamond Platnumz sweetly comforts Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

Actually from what I remember seeing is that she was somehow unbothered and didn’t give out interviews like Zari Hassan and Hamisa did days/weeks after the breakup. What I remember is that Tanasha went MIA for a while before she finally revealed that she couldn’t keep up with the singers lifestyle and family.

She said something about his mum having to approve every step and decision they made in the relationship. The Kenyan singer also mentioned Diamond Platnumz was a deadbeat (then) but with time this was fixed.

Esma Platnumz (left), Tanasha Donna (center) and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz (right)

Tanasha Donna weighs on marriage

Well, since we also understand she left the singer for wanting many wives and being one who cannot stoop to that level – she opted out.

However marriage is something she looks forward to as long as it’s a  strictly with a monogamous relationship. Wait. Bado kuna monogamy? Show us your way Tanasha huku nje soko ngumu…watu wana share bila kujua.

Singer Tanasha Donna

Anyway speaking in recent interview with Mpasho, Tanasha was asked whether she believes her baby daddy’s claims that marriage kills careers. Allow me to refresh your memory.

You see, about a week ago Diamond Platnumz had a candid interview with DW Africa where he revealed that the reason he is yet to marry; is because he has seen how marriage slowed down some of his friends careers. And since he still wants to put out good music – marriage is a something he is not in a rush for.

However according to Tanasha Donna;

First of all marriage is not for both of you but it is for God. I believe you can be married and both fulfill your dreams. I don’t see anything wrong with that.


I don’t think everything changes when you are married and you can’t fulfill your dreams anymore since you have to focus on managing the home and whatnot. It depends on the couple.

Clearly with these two thinking so different, there was no way their relationship would have worked.

Tanasha Donna over the moon as she plans to introduce 3 year old son to his grandmother for the first time

It’s been almost 3 years since Tanasha Donna had her first child, Naseeb Jnr with Tanzanian super star Diamond Platnumz but unlike other new mums – Donna didn’t have her mum, Diana Oketch around for this special moment.

Yes, Mama Donna was not present during her pregnancy and even after birth – she still remained in Europe where she’s said to reside. Reasons for her not coming to Kenya/Tz remain unknown to the public but rumor had it a while back that Mama Donna can’t travel because she’s still working on her papers. Meaning – if she came to Kenya, she wouldn’t be allowed back to Europe.

Tanasha Donna’s Land Cruiser Prado

Kenyans in the diaspora can  tell you the struggle.

Anyway despite all that looks like mama Donna will soon be meeting her first grandchild and I bet she can’t wait. An excited Tanasha revealed this during recent interview where she said;

  Can you imagine, my mother has never met my son? I don’t want to start tearing up on this live right now. But my mother has never met my son. And she is going to meet him for the first time in three weeks and I’m so excited, it is going to be such an emotional moment for me and I cannot wait.

Busy schedule with projects

Well, having missed out on her career since her son’s birth we’ve lately seen Donna travel to Europe for new projects; hence spending less time with her baby boy who she says she misses a lot.

Tanasha Donna and Son, Naseeb

However now that she has accomplished some of the projects that kept her away from her baby; Ms Donna says she can’t wait to get back to mummy duties.

I Miss my baby so much, you know, when I travel for work, he is at school and he has so much work at school, he loves school. When I’m away from him, it has been five days now, I feel so empty. I feel like something is missing. So I cannot wait to go back to him

Awkward: Tanasha Donna openly ignores Huddah for Hamisa Mobetto

For a minute there I thought Tanasha Donna and Huddah are low key friends. Maybe because they both like and leave cute comments (sometimes) under each other’s posts – but I guess this is usually just a gesture to show support for each other’s career.

As of now – we really can’t say Tanasha Donna and Huddah have ever been friends. They’re more like local celebrities who have ran into each other – but nothing personal.

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Actually the last time we checked – Huddah said she has no friends and has never had; which might just explain why Tanasha recently ignored her in the comment section.

Well a few days ago, Ms Tanasha shared new photos alongside son Naseeb Jnr and fans seeing how much he looks like Diamond Platnumz – they all reacted by mentioning the bongo singer’s name under Donna’s new post.

Huddah snubbed in public

Among those who commented is Huddah who also dropped a comment by mentioning Diamond Platnumz name. And as you already know – Huddah isn’t one to leave comments on other people’s posts meaning she may have really liked Tanasha’s latest posts; but unfortunately was ignored with no apologies. Huddah’s comment read;

Tanasha Donna and Son, Naseeb

Diamond Platnumzzzz????

However Hamisa on the other hand earned herself a reply for not commenting on Naseeb’s looks; but for praising Tanasha for her adorable Islamic wear saying;

Bi Ayyksha

Well judging from the people that responded to Huddah’s comment – one can see why Tanasha chose to maintain her silence; cause damn they all misunderstood what Huddah wrote. But ni life ya social media.

Tanasha Donna reacting to Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu’s new found love? (Details)

Last time I checked Tanasha Donna had been linked to Nigerian superstar Omah Lay – a definite upgrade from baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

And for this, fans-applauded her new choice in men – that is after learning that Omah Lay is a humble young man who compliments his women; not sure how they came about this but I know hitsong Understand has something to do with it.

Also read: Tanasha Donna and Omah Lay spotted together on another date

Tanasha with rumored bae, Omah Lay

Anyway Tanasha’s alleged relationship to the singer was however kept on the low; and knowing how much she loves the attention  I bet it kills her not to share anything on social media. I mean with such info, her exes would be choking on jealously – right? But again no, Omah Lay’s management doesn’t work like that.

With no proof to show that she is the only woman involved with Omah Lay, many have been assuming that chances are that the Nigerian singer wasn’t looking for something serious; a theory that might just help us understand why Tanasha is now acting up after learning that Diamond Platnumz moved on Zuchu.

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Diamond Platnumz with son

Polygamy is no no – Tanasha Donna

Well, a few hours ago Tanasha happened to share a series of tweets venting through her Twitter account; and rumor has it that this was caused by Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz.

In one of the Tweets, Ms Donna took a swipe at her Muslim community for putting up with polygamy in a post where she wrote;

I understand polygamy & all but Allah knows I wasn’t wired for that. It’s me alone or lose me.


If you ever see me embarrass myself by competing for a man’s love & attention slap me. By all means have him

And at this point fans believe the message could be directed at Diamond Platnumz for confessing his love for Zuchu.

Maybe….just maybe, Diamond Platnumz was still chasing Tanasha on the low; and the fact that she remains as Mama Dangote’s favorite daughter in law Donna had hopes of being the only woman in Diamond Platnumz life – only for him to prove that polygamy might be his style – instead of cheating.

”Support Your Own!” Tanasha Donna Urges Kenyans To Support Local Music

The debate on the performance of Kenyan music has become paramount with each passing day; and singer Tanasha Donna has expressed her disappointment in netizen’s support of local music and the manner which news revolving around her life and music is always reported.

Tanasha’s Statement

God is my sponsor - Tanasha Donna shouts after reports of being bought house by "new catch" – Kenyan News
Tanasha Donna-Google

Part of Tanasha’s long statement on Instagram read;

”If you for me, be for me. If you ain’t stay the F*** away from me!!!! I mean it!!! & If you’re really for me, from the bottom of my heart, I love you all so much!!!! ya’l keep me going! ❤️ f** the gossip, F** the constant lies & made up stories, F** the clout chasing, F*** the negativity,”. If you really for me 100% STREAM MY MUSIC! & Not just youtube!

We’ve got to change this culture of if you’re big on youtube you’re a big East African artist! Go run up those spotify, apple music, deezer, boomplay, audiomack etc numbers too!! How do we enter TOP 100 KENYA APPLE MUSIC & Top 10 are international songs? Alot of the East African songs we see that have crazy numbers on youtube aren’t even on this list! SUPPORT YOUR OWN!!! You’l never see Nigeria or South Africa top 100 filled with international artists. They support their own. TUSUPPORTIANE! How is this industry gonna grow if we don’t???”

Tanasha continued to question why bloggers never bother to verify any allegations labelled against her before verification; advising them to channel their energy towards supporting local talents and not gossip.

”& Dear Kenyan bloggers/media: What happened to journalism??? The same energy ya’l have to promote negative controversial stories, without finding out if what you’re putting out there is based on FACTS, Find out the other side to every story before just running with anything. I’ve seen this happen too many times.

Too much gossip, less support. These days people are capable of going to extreme extents & saying just about anything for traction. Use the same energy to promote your local talents if we ever wanna see this entertainment/music industry grow. It is also upon us to make Good music.I know enough artists making good music out here and don’t get the traction they deserve. LET’S SPREAD MORE LOVE & LESS HATE!!! KENYA LET US LEARN TO SUPPORT OUR OWN!!! I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS!!! KENYA TO THE WORLD!!”

Tanasha Donna responds after Risper Faith accuses her of failing to pay cosmetic surgery worth Ksh 850,000

Tanasha Donna is once again trending thanks to a bill she allegedly failed to pay. Well, the stories went viral thanks to Risper Faith who exposed the singer through Edgar Obare’s page; and yea – that’s how this friendship ended between the two ladies.

According to Risper Faith, Tanasha Donna reached out to inquire about booty surgery; and having dealt with some professionals who did her 500k liposuction – Risper decided to take Ms Donna to the same clinic.

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However instead of paying for the surgery the clinic offered free liposuction for Tanasha; who in turn – she was supposed to post photos of her body to help market the clinic. But guess what – Tanasha got her body done and afterwards disappeared.

Addicted to debts?

So since Tanasha wasn’t interested in having her body publicized or even linked to the clinic; she was then asked to pay 850k to cover for the surgery which she apparently has failed to till date.

Also read: Risper Faith opts for Gastric bypass surgery after failed KSh 500k liposuction

The funny thing is that this is not the first time Tanasha Donna is being accused of failing to pay a bill. A few months ago she was accused of failing to pay her makeup artist and before that – some owners of boutique called her out for failing to pay for some outfits she had picked from their store. Debt disorder?

Tanasha Donna responds to Risper Faith’s accusations

Witj the stories making rounds on social media – Tanasha Donna late last night shared a post that read;

Once they realize hating isn’t working they start telling lies.

Well, clearly this was directed at Risper Faith who leaked the story….and I guess the ladies will not see eye to eye for a while if not forever.

Tanasha Donna and Omah Lay spotted together on another date

Cool kid cum singer Tanasha Donna is rumored to be the new girl Nigerian superstar Omah Lay is parading around; and if this is true – then Tanasha may have bagged the right man to build her career with.

The two alleged love birds have now been linked to each other for months; and the last time they were spotted together – is when Omah Lay was performing in South Sudan.

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Tanasha with the curves

More reports indicate Tanasha shared the same ride and hotel as Omah Lay; leaving many assuming that the two have a romantic relationship on the low.

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Omah Lay allegedly dumps girlfriend

Their latest photos have however surfaced hours after Omah Lay was said to have unfollowed his Nigerian girlfriend after she cheated. Alaar! So does that mean, he Omah Lay saw it and looked for a replacement

Nigerian singer allegedly dumps girlfriend

With the ex girlfriend cheating with a tycoon; Omah Lay on the other hand upgraded his taste by picking Tanasha Donna. Although many will say that Tanasha is serving justice with her looks; I want to believe that she is an intelligent woman who will also build herself.

As for now, all we know is that Tanasha could be warming Omah Lay (and we want her to); cause again, he is the perfect replacement for Diamond Platnumz!

Tanasha with rumored bae, Omah Lay
Omah Lay with Tanasha
New couple in town

Tanasha Donna addresses rumors linking her to ‘Wash Wash’ cartel member

Tanasha Donna is not having an easy time especially now that word making rounds on social media; is that the blue BMW she rolls around with actually belongs to the late Kevin Omwenga.

Tanasha Donna’s blue BMW linked to Kevin Omwenga

Truth is, we did not see this coming especially with how the singer carries herself as an independent Diva; and of course likes to portray this rich girl vibe from Europe.

But now that fans learnt that Kevin Omwenga is the guy who bought the car; not forgetting that it’s also in his name; has left Tanasha defending herself on social media. Who wouldn’t.

Tanasha hanging out with late ‘friend’ Kevin Omwenga

Tanasha Donna’s statement

Having highlighted the story on Monday, 30th September, and so did other blogs; the Diva got respond and from her tone, believe Tanasha is mad; y’all are ruining her reputation with baseless accusations.

Through her Instagram page, the singer wrote;

Tbt: Miss Tanasha

I’m not one to address things but YO! All these false rumours be getting out of control. How does someone wake up one day and decide to fabricate a fake story just for a attention?

I work hard

Well apart from being a singer – we really don’t know what else Tanasha Donna does for a loving; but according to her – she works pretty hard and everything she has – she bought with her own money.

I work hard and very hard from my shit! Everything I own today I bought with my own hard earned money and sweat. Don’t involve my name in You all BS! Some of a you all are sickening. Sickening.

Haiya! Tanasha Donna’s relationship with The late Kevin Omwenga finally explained

With the wash wash Cartel getting exposed, a few Nairobi socialites will find themselves in the mix; because come on – most these guys hang out with pretty petite girls who help boost their self esteem.

Not forgetting the good time…which I hear it’s more of a butter trade kind of relationship.  Money/flashy lifestyle for wild experiences.

Tanasha hanging out with late ‘friend’ Kevin Omwenga

Anwyay so far you might know or have heard of these women in Nairobi; and problem is – they actually don’t hide it as good as Huddah did back in the day! Those of today like parading their lives on Instagram and I can promise since most are jobless but live life like they have millions in their accounts.

Tanasha Donna linked Kevin Omwenga

Well, having been convinced that Tanasha Donna was just friends with the late 28 year old Kevin Omwenga; turns out that the guy might have been financing her lifestyle.

Tbt: Tanasha flaunts new ride

This is after one of Obare’s followers who recently revealed that the blue Mercedez Benz Tanasha has/had been rolling around with; was gifted to the singer by the late Omwenga. Can your friend even?

The lady went on to add that she learnt about this information from the late Omwenga; (talk about men who kiss and tell) who was her (Obare’s fan) boyfriend at the time.

Tbt: Miss Tanasha with the blue Benz

The late Omwenga spending the with Tanasha

Judging by the fact that Tanasha had been spotted hanging out with the Kevin Omwenga a couple of times; chances are that these two may have actually been very…like very good friends; to a point he gifted her a car. Can your friends even?

But knowing how greedy these ‘businessmen’ can get; could it be that Kevin was so kind hearted that he didn’t need anything in return? Ooliskia wapi!

Tbt: Tanasha with alleged wash wash friends

Also the fact that new information claims he might have been killed for his ego; chances are that he might have felt untouchable – and clearly usicheze na pride ya new money.

Anyway whether friends or more – I bet both parties benefited one way or another from their relationship.

Tanasha Donna accused of flaunting fake hour glass figure, check out latest paparazzi photo

Lately things haven’t been so easy for local celebrities – especially with Edgar Obare’s students everywhere; ready to record or rather capture unique moments that will make headlines.

For some reason, most of these celebrities actually prefer ‘hiding’ these days; but somehow we still manage to get the good tea! Anyway Tanasha is currently the talk of town after she allegedly underwent surgery to help fix her Asian like curves.

Judging from the first photo shared after the surgery, I can promise you that she looked something like a curved out barbie; and the rest of the photos that followed made fans pity baby daddy Diamond Platnumz for losing such a dime!

Was it all fake?

However things now seem quite different from what we first believed thanks to new photo of Tanasha shared by Paparazzi who spotted her this weekend.

Remember the curvy curves and protruding hips? Well, there are not there! From where I am looking at the photo ( all angles believe me) nothing about the Nigerian surgery has changed Miss Donna. Feeling played.

Okay, maybe she now has hips and big booty – but where’s the size 24 waistline?

Or should we blame the photographer’s skills? No?

Tanasha Donna flaunts big booty and hips after body reconstruction in Nigeria (Video)

Tanasha Donna is said to have undergone cosmetic surgery meant to help boast her figure; and judging from her latest posts – we clearly now understand why she has been spending so much time in Nigeria!

Singer Tanasha Donna before surgery

Well, unlike the old Tanasha will a flat…you know – and kinda dimply hips; the new Donna looks like a curvy manikin that is judging from her latest post; and of course the viral video making rounds on social media.

From what we can see is that Tanasha Donna now has a big booty and the hips…man the hips are to die for! However unlike other socialites on social media; the lass did not go to the extreme but chose to have a figure that works well with her well built legs.

Sleek Body and looks

Before sharing the video flaunting her new bought figure; Tanasha had earlier shared a new flawless curvy that left fans assuming that she had photoshopped her figure; only to realize later on that it had actually been bought!

Tanasha after surgery

The new move comes months after Tanasha made it known that she was planning on investing on herself; and while we thought it’s the usual ‘working on my career bla bla’ talk – the lass out of nowhere surprised us.

Well, after being linked to billionaires from the coast region a few months ago; seems like Ms Donna did collect her mullah in plenty hence the costly cosmetic surgery.

With this body, damn…y’all ain’t telling mama Naseeb anything; but again – gym muhimu sana!


Finally? Tanasha Donna hints about finding new lover

I’m starting to feel that Tanasha Donna is slowly slipping away from the fame she earned while with baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz; but this is only because fans are not appreciating her music as much as they should.

So allow me to say that Tanasha Donna’s music is underrated and most of her fans seem interested in her love life more than her music career. Same struggle Hamisa Mobetto has been facing since her relationship with Diamond ended.

Tanasha Donna

Anyway after taking a short break from dating,  looks like Tanasha Donna may  be planning to jump back into the dating pool; and the mother of one confirmed this in an answer she she gave during a QnA session on her Instagram page.

Responding to a fan who inquired whether Donna had found a new man; Ms Tanasha responded by saying;

I’m more focussed on the bag and perfecting my craft on a daily, but kinda got someone on my mind. Slowly creeping into my heart. Scary.

Tanasha in love

Well, apart from hinting about finding a new lover, she went on to make more obvious in a different post where she wrote;

So happy…So so happy

Well, could be that she bagged a Nigerian fella after her recent music tour in West Africa. Who knows!

Tanasha Donna shares hot youthful photos of her mum at 50 years

Singer Tanasha Donna is quite excited for her mum who recently celebrated her 50th birthday on Wednesday 12th; but what’s more exciting is that she barely looks her age!

The excited singer unveiled the never seen before photos of her mum through her IG stories where she not only celebrated the 50th birthday; but also got to show a photo of young Tanasha Donna that we never knew existed.

To mark this special milestone, the singer cum Diamond Platnumz 3rd baby mama went on to  write;

Happy 50th birthday to my mother!!! Thank you for raising me to be the woman I am today. Thank God for your beautiful heart. I ❤️ you.

Tanasha’s mum

And in another post, Tanasha went on to add;

Mommy. Can’t wait to see you this summer.

Tanasha’s mum

Young Tanasha Donna

For those who don’t know – Tanasha Donna grew up both in Kenya and Europe where her mum lives with her step dad.

And although her dad May have walked on her mum when baby Tanasha was just a few months old; she still got to live her best life courtesy of her dear mum and the below proves this.

Young Tanasha Donna with step dad

Who’s laughing now? Tanasha Donna shares twerk video weeks after comedian Mammito mocked her poor dancing skills

Tanasha Donna has been trolled for her poor dancing skills, stiff waist and I also hear Juma Lokole claims she is poor in bed. Not quite sure why or how he found out; but truth is, Ms Donna has tried to prove herself but her critics cannot let her prosper.

During her last visit to Bongo – Ms Donna for some reason joined baby daddy Diamond Platnumz on stage; where they performed their hit song Gere. As seen on the video Tanasha is sensually whining on Diamond and the crowd could not keep calm.

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However later on when the videos surfaced on social media; the same old critics that once praised her – started pointing out how bad her dancing skills are. To our surprise comedian Mammito also joined in to make fun of Tanasha Donna; leaving her online followers in snitches thanks to the hilarious video.

Tanasha claps back

Having seen how bad the comments were; Tanasha Donna decided to perfect her dancing by putting in some good work – which can be seen in the latest video shared on her stories.

Well, for those who thought she has a stiff waist, watch Miss Donna whine her ‘boneless’ waist as entertains fans on her page. I bet with this, no one will be trolling her anytime soon.

Tanasha Donna claps back at tattoo girl tarnishing her image online

Hustle goddess – who was once part of Nairobi Diaries has picked a fight with Diamond Platnumz baby mama, Tanasha Donna. This is after she accused Ms Donna of not paying a certain makeup artist; who also doubles up as a good friend to Ms Goddess.

However having been given a chance by Eric Omondi to speak about the ‘Eric Omondi’ tattoo; the lass grabbed this opportunity to also expose Tanasha for dodging the make up artist she owes – hoping this would remind her to pay up. And it worked!

We understand that Tanasha has already came across this story and to control the damage; Hustle goddess says the singer reached out to Eric Omondi to have the post pulled down. Through her gram, Hustle Goddess wrote;

Tanasha claps back

Of course this not being the first time Tanasha Donna is being accused of not paying for something; fans in the comment section could help but call out Tanasha for being cheap.

Seeing how everyone is acting on social media; Ms Donna on the other hand decided to give Hustle goddess a low blow as seen on Instagram. Judging from a caption used on Donna’s latest photo, we can see her accusing Hustle Goddess of using her name for fame as she wrote;

Donna =Content.????????????

But since Tanasha Donna has another version of the story; we honestly cannot wait to hear of it. But what’s up with debts following a big star like Tanasha?

‘Mom guilt’ leaves Tanasha Donna pouring out her heart to son, Naseeb Junior

As a mum, there is no worse feeling than experiencing mum guilt. This often happens when you leave a child home (supervised) to run errands; and times one (mum) needs to stay away for days – and this is the worst part about parenting.

Tanasha with son on their Prado TX

Well, looks like Tanasha Donna recently went through one of these phases; after leaving behind her son to handle business else where.

Judging from the post dedicated to Naseeb Junior, we see the singer asking her son to hang in there; as everything she has been doing for the few days he had not seen her home – was all in his favor.

Tanasha obsessed with son

Just like most first time mums, clearly Tanasha Donna was having it rough not seeing her munchkin for days. Through her Instagram stories, Mama Naseeb wrote;

See you in a day son. ???? mommy’s working super hard for you.

Naseeb Junior

However the good thing is that Diamond Platnumz got to hangout with his baby boy during his short visit to Nairobi; but since both parents have to keep chasing paper for his sake – I guess the nannies have to step in.

Diamond Platnumz giving his other baby mamas a reason to hate on Tanasha Donna (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz and his Kenyan baby mama, Tanasha Donna may not be together; but trust me, the two have been giving many a reason to believe that there could be more than meets the eye.

Probably this is because Diamond continues to shower his Kenyan son, Naseeb Junior with nothing but love. During NJ’s visit to Tanzania – fans got to watch his parents that is Ms Donna and Diamond Platnumz party together; something we did not see during Zari’s visit.

Tanasha Donna links up with Diamond Platnumz in Tanzania

Of course this makes his other baby mamas uncomfortable with the fact that it’s obvious that he favors Ms Donna. Others have even gone ahead to confirm that Tanasha is the only baby mama the Bongo singer follows; and knowing how proud he is – clearly something must be up.

Diamond’s baby mama

As for Zari and Hamisa Mobetto they remain unfollowed on social media; probably because the singer remains uninterested in what they post on their pages.

Tanasha on the other hand is a fashion killa who helps Diamond Platnumz keep up with the latest trends. Truth is, Tanasha has that effect on the Simba and although he insists that he is to another woman – were yet to see one that can out do Ms Donna.

Also, the fact that Tanasha’s son looks everything like Diamond Platnumz – makes it easy for the singer to love the lady.

Tanasha Donna serving body goals with new bikini photo

Miss Tanasha Donna is slowly getting back to her old body, especially now that all the baby fat has started to disappear.

Well, before the birth of baby Naseeb Junior, Ms Donna used to weigh around 50-60kgs; but after giving birth – she struggled with baby fat like most fans.

Tanasha Donna’s editing skills exposed online

However, after months of self discipline in terms of diet and lifestyle; Miss Donna started to slowly fall back into her old body and as you read this – I bet she remains one of the hottest ex’s Diamond Platnumz has ever parted ways with.

New body

To prove this, Miss Donna recently left many on social media drooling over her latest bikini photo that has her showing acres of skin and of course a petite figure.

Singer Tanasha Donna

From the photo shared below, we can confirm that Miss Donna is undeniably yummy and hot to look at. After months of editing photos, the lass can finally display her hot body without the fear of being judged by the online community.

Anyway checkout the hot photo giving the male species sleepless nights courtesy of Tanasha Donna.

Miss Donna looking like a shnaack

Get it girl! Tanasha Donna reunited with her Prado TX back (Photos)

Tanasha Donna needs to school some of these baby mamas – causing drama for their baby daddy’s on social media! Despite her painful and bitter break up between Diamond Platnumz – the 24 year old singer did not jump from one station to another looking for approval or petty sympathy.

Tanasha handled herself like a mature person and till date, we really don’t know what went wrong – but hey – the queen back on her thrown!

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Queen T rolling like a boss

As many remember Tanasha did not leave Bongo with her Prado – gifted to her by baby daddy on her birthday.  Unlike most women, she opted to leave it behind; a move that left most single mums calling her out on social media.

What they did not know is that Tanasha was smart enough not to show interest in the material things; and for this reason – her actions not only proved that she is loyal but pulled Diamond Platnumz closer to her more than ever.

Diamond gifts Tanasha with a Prado TX

Rolling like a boss

By now one would have expected Diamond Platnumz to have sold this car; but it turns out that he kept it for her and now that Tanasha is in Bongo, this is the car she has been rolling around in. Get it girl!

She proved this with several photos of her seated on the drivers seat; and in another photo Tanasha is seen with her main man, NJ just chilling!

For those who still doubt that Diamond may still have feeling for Tanasha – then check the photos below.

Tanasha with son on their Prado TX
Tanasha aka Queen T
Singer Tanasha in Bongo

Tanasha Donna speaks after Diamond Platnumz snubbed her kiss while on stage

Tanasha Donna has been making headlines since the weekend began all thanks to her Tanzanian in laws. So far we are told that she jetted into Bongo for her son to see his dad; but judging from the weekend activities – let’s just say there was more to the visit.

This is because Donna not only club hopped with Diamond Platnumz; but also got a chance to perform for her Tz fans – and that is where all hell broke loose.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz reunite

Well, Ms Donna got to twerk on her baby daddy and when things got too heated up; she may have assumed that ending the show with a kiss would do it for them – but what an epic failure.

The embarrassment

As seen on the viral videos making rounds on social media, one can see the awkward moment when she tried kissing Diamond Platnumz; only for him to move the opposite direction. I mean, why???

Although this cannot be undone, many continue to feel sorry for Miss Donna for being  too ‘naive.’ However addressing some of the critics mocking her online, Donna made it known that she is unbothered and has no reason to stoop low by hitting back at haters. She wrote;

It is what it is. Let them have fun reacting the whole scenario

But come on Donna!

Savage! Mammito mocking Tanasha Donna with new dance video?

Okay we all by now know that Miss Tanasha Donna cannot dance like we would want her to; but truth is, she tries.

So far Tanzania claim that she has the most stiff waist they have ever seen; but after practicing for months and months – Donna finally proved them wrong during her performance with Diamond Platnumz this past weekend.

Problem is, her dancing skills haven’t improved that much and since she tried so hard; fans and even Mammito have been applauding on social media.

Mammito trolling Tanasha Donna?

Speaking of Mammito, there is a video shared on her page where she is seen dancing; and from the comments fans feel that she may be imitating Tanasha Donna.

If this is true then I bet it was on a light note as Mammito has given many a reason to smile thanks to her creativity. This is not the first time the funny lady is coming up with such videos and the best part is that her fan base keeps enjoying her fresh content as seen on her page.

Well, after watching the video it’s obvious to see what she did there; and yes, we cannot get enough of Mammito’s stiff waist on this specific video.