Get it girl! Tanasha Donna reunited with her Prado TX back (Photos)

Tanasha Donna needs to school some of these baby mamas – causing drama for their baby daddy’s on social media! Despite her painful and bitter break up between Diamond Platnumz – the 24 year old singer did not jump from one station to another looking for approval or petty sympathy.

Tanasha handled herself like a mature person and till date, we really don’t know what went wrong – but hey – the queen back on her thrown!

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Queen T rolling like a boss

As many remember Tanasha did not leave Bongo with her Prado – gifted to her by baby daddy on her birthday.  Unlike most women, she opted to leave it behind; a move that left most single mums calling her out on social media.

What they did not know is that Tanasha was smart enough not to show interest in the material things; and for this reason – her actions not only proved that she is loyal but pulled Diamond Platnumz closer to her more than ever.

Diamond gifts Tanasha with a Prado TX

Rolling like a boss

By now one would have expected Diamond Platnumz to have sold this car; but it turns out that he kept it for her and now that Tanasha is in Bongo, this is the car she has been rolling around in. Get it girl!

She proved this with several photos of her seated on the drivers seat; and in another photo Tanasha is seen with her main man, NJ just chilling!

For those who still doubt that Diamond may still have feeling for Tanasha – then check the photos below.

Tanasha with son on their Prado TX
Tanasha aka Queen T
Singer Tanasha in Bongo