Mama Sepetu confirms Wema is now dating a fellow lady

Wema Sepetu might have changed her lifestyle after losing the extra weight she was carrying; but she continues to pull her old usual stunts.

Word making rounds on social media is that Wema Sepetu and her mum are currently not in good terms. Well, this is after Mama Sepetu tried to discourage her from being friends with women who were looking for intimate friendship.

In a leaked phone conversation between Mama Wema Sepetu and popular Tanzanian IG influencer; you can hear the lady saying she needs all Wema Sepetu’s friends to talk to her.

Apparently this is because Wema Sepetu has not been listening to her mum now that she is dating a lady by the name of Diana.


Bisexual behavior 

This is not the first time Wema Sepetu is being accused of dating a woman. In the past she was said to be dating both female and make…but as for now she is definitely head over heals for her new woman.

Wema Sepetu’s lover, Diana