Willis Raburu pens emotional love letter to celebrate late daughter’s 2nd birthday

It’s been two years since Maryaprude and Willis Raburu were blessed with a baby girl who was unfortunately born still.

Well despite it all, the two have been keeping their late daughter’s memory alive; and to prove this – on New Years Me Raburu decided to mark his daughter’s 2nd birthday on Instagram.

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As seen on the emotional post dedicated to the late Adana, Willis Raburu went on to express how much he misses her beautiful face; adding that he still remembers the time he spent with her in the cold room – something that left his fans in tears.

Through his Instagram page, Willis Raburu wrote;

Willis Raburu celebrates late daughter

Happy 2nd birthday Adana. My angel. I think of you each time, I have. I miss you and your beautiful face. I will never forget it as I spent that time with you in the cold room and not even my kiss would bring you back! I guess that’s only in fairy tales. ???????????? I should have been celebrating your milestones but instead I sit here jealous of the angels because they get to experience you each day.

Pain remains fresh

Although it’s ever easy to get past the death of a loved one, Raburu says Dec 31st has become a hard day for him since he is torn in between celebrating the new year and marking his daughter’s death anniversary.

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Speaking about this, the dad of two went on to add;

It’s always a tough day because I donno whether to celebrate a new year or mourn you. I know you would have wanted us to celebrate you and so here I am. Make a lot of noise in heaven today let them know who your parents are! ???????? I love you.

And if you thought Willis Raburu has any blood towards his ex wife, Maryaprude – then I guess you’re wrong as he concluded his love letter to his late daughter saying;

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

Mommy and daddy will love you forever and always! ????????????❤️????